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Important To Pension Claimants

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The following circular has been rei ¦ froni the war departmenl, and in betialf of the many interested, we publish it entire : "There being now pending in this dei:irtnient great numbers of volunteer pension claims which cannot be satisfactorily verified for want of information which missing records of discontinued volunteer commands would afford, and it having transpira! in many instances that cAtWI of the late volunteer forcea have still in their possession or under tlieir control books and otlier records pertainlng to their corps, division8, brigades, regiments, and compaiiics, tlieir attention is cal led to the fact tliat all such books and records sliould bedepositdl with this office, and they are earnestly requested to cause the same to be forwarded without dclay to the Adjutant General of the Army, at Washington, Dis triot of Columbia. No expense, other than postage or proper expresa charges (when packages exceed four pounds, the limit for mail pareéis), can be paid by the government."


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