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Old Cathie's Story

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'I ncvcr seed no fainily liko de ole I'rcii tías. MissMary; 'pears like folks im'i nice dis yer wiy. JIv Mímíi wa-s a rex'lar queeu." ¦Vlio was your Missis. Catliine?" I a8ked tlie pktuiesijue oíd colored wcuikiii. Wbo sat leaning on tlie liandle OÍ a gt; basket she liad just euiptied Ot cleuu clotbes. ¦ M tu, ln-t, Mars' Cunnel Premiss' tuotlier. ¦lt no nonsi-n-c twatker. e lii on de nln ifUlblp. and dat 'ir tH a ptantotion Bich as you don't see now-a-days. Why, Mars' Cunnel he own liundred and titty people, yas, Miss, and 1 was ol 'em ' "Were you well treated?" liat' we mis! well treated!" iiii.l liere Cathie iloss broke into a laugh tliut et her fat shoultlers to shaking. "fre.-itcl well! Man' Cunnell! dat ar" ole plantation? Lat me tell you, i.iv, We never kuowi-d wbat hard time hs till we's li "Out o' clos' go to ole MUms, .ui' dar siie gat in de big room, a cuttin'out de lilnc dof inter gowns and aprons, and de wltite clof inu-r uil o' tui "'Wliat, mammy I your gown a-weerin' out? Well, cali in to-uiorrow'n you .-hall hev ¦ new om" Dfttt de way it was dtr, and ncx' niornin', '"long! tlar's vuur fowa a-snifllinr tweet on de dye, m' ¦ -in.irt ban'kiTcInt'f to put on wid k.' "Or suppose I go n wid ¦ besdacbe. ' ui I tent to ilc dort, ir, an' pVp t de lml'ital, dat hebenly room ander de pifie lun: dar WMD't niilliii to lie dooe bot to takc medicine an' ijit well. "Dat was libhin', UDm M ijr. 'Ciar to heben, don't dar' to ,L,rt beadachw hen', Jliss ilay ; ct (00 mitch moneT," and the old woman shook iiur hiad with a Ingubrious coiintcnancc. "Tlien, on tlu! wliolf, yon don't care SO nuich tor vour freedom. 'Well. somelimes. Miss Mav, I [ 4wpretly onfaltbleta, an' 1 lookc back to foryplan, aa' my Man Cuunel PrentiM, wid longings a oaat ba mattere "I ieems to see my Olt .Mms', whOM head lain in deae ver anu tïist it lain In nnybody's. I reckon, for 1 were only thirteen when he were bom, an' de nu. my rauüdcr, jn.-t eoddled blm In my boul(lr; Iswt, MIm May, dar iieler was an angeli¦ :ir diilo, au' han lic grow up bii i llark as sIih's, an' h' ag tal] an' lian'suni ' ' ad, lie ukc mijriitv g I cat ' liis H!Oi)le, an u Jmlleliijali ,.„ nhaul to de Wd!, won'l say I doein't like frcwlom, Mi" May," ihe addtd, pii-kingat the basket handje, "but u fer to go to ay it'v h comoitablè u my ole Man1 Cunncl I'rcntiss' planution- " aml bevmx a great gb, shc ataooh her owa shaker bonnet uitli enerey. -wtiPTi MaWFrentiss cot marriod he married a lady, he did," the bann agaiu with that iinini-takaMe expressioa w lilch shows bow t'.ir back the thoiurhta have travi'led. "Lor1 waan! ihc s beaotv, wid lier Mue ui' vallar, gokten har None of your cajum in lier. but real stock and blood. No mean Wayi;Jat nateral and noble, nn' I tells you dare waant a servant on de place "Iieckou ihwu sa when Man'BaUUi wns bom. ['m ¦ rtoul umuan don, kooi' on 40, nul dar fu ;i jrineral rejojcin', ie, ye see, dat ar' was de fust ion. Bnt -. she kep' lier cye on me; jcst dWn't like to see me go to tle do', au' I cotild sec dar was sometliin' on her miad. "Om daj ib .iliic," says shc, 'eycrybody Is o happy." "Lor', Mis.-is," says I, "an' no wonder. Here you i, pu-tf to da Monter, and a beautiful boy come Ínter dia ver world of sin an' sufferin'." '"Yes, he must suffer, and sin p'r'aps,' sne said, under her bref like. "an' J slmn't bekere to pity liini.' "Well, Mias, iltin words struck me all n n chili like; I jest sotan' looked at her, an' lor the fust time I ne somethin' in her face 1 hadn t noticed of before. It was de glory "bhebon, Misa .Muy, fc gloi v Bb hebai ! 1",'fhe73 a" rejoiolng, Cathle, un" Pa; I like to see de Cunnel's people happy, but dey don't uone ob dem Icnow what 1 knims.' " 'I"m so sorry for de Cunncl ! Cathie, yon're a good woman, an' I've notieed how de chilleus loves yon. ,in' you has a good way ob g-ittin' on wid dein. and a good. timi, stronj: wil).' '" 'I want you to liab de chillen in yo' care ; ob COurse deir gran'ma, she'd keep eni tlll de Curinel finds somebody else to le a mudder to dein, en' even den- Oh, Cathie !' an' she feil a-sobbin' an' amoanin' on my shonlder. cii, mug nay, 1 wor dat struek in :i ueap I couldn't Uisver y3 or no, au' in' lieart tliuinp u it never did befor' ! My )re yonng mistriss ! 'Twa'n't but a week lifter dat dey carried her down lUln to ut her in de eofrln. ".Mars' Cunnel. be didn't takc on, nota bif. Even de Iittle chillen, black hu' white, crj-ing all over, but Man' Cnnnd looked still an' White ai slic sbe did. on'y lic breafed. "I never seed him shed a tear, Miss May, not one, but iie never got any other mistri-s for us. OU M -. -lie do eberrt'iusr i- slip did befor' Miss r.illy come, an' I bas de chillen to cure íor and "mus.' w il dem blessed Bible storics which I knowed Iroin Jübhua to Jtiriuiida. "And de years gone by an' little Miss "rowed beautiful. An' de boy, be wof a wild one, but do lovin'est fbing in de world. why, dey didn't treat me as folks does Iiere. "Dey didn't move away if I sot too close; dey git )n my lap, an' bang dar arms 'bout my neck, an' kiss me go much dat I teil urn dey kiss all de black off An' my yonng tfha, the rrow like her mudder day after day, an' Mars' Ciinnel, he jest worthip her. "Wel!, MUs, 1 wor makin' a whin for young Mars' de day dey briing her home. ¦i use me tor r-ryiii'; I never think ob dat time without a sorrowful heart. Dare wor lier long dress a-draiiijj, her hat off, an' lier ha'r, so bright, all tumbled down like ile wavering water whcu de sun shines on it. "Was she hurt?" I asked, intent, almost breathless. "Xot all ober, bress de I.ord, my poor patiënt lamb! but de back was broke, an' dar was no life, on'y In de brain. De fust words she say wlien d(y lay her on de flfed in her rldin' iiabit, was: " 'Don't cry, papa, I'm only going to see darlin' iiminma ¦ liltle sooner, dat's all." ry! why de Cunnel scream ! I never seed notbin' like it. 'Pep he would go out of bis senses. And all de peopli if dey's erazy. "(Me Missan' I'se de only ones dat did a thing. Yoti could hearde little oiga howlin' under de window like dey's so manr h mitin' dogs, an' de Cunnel jrwine an' asking de Lord what he'd done to be treated so, poor soul. "He growed ciliner before ïnornin' an' then he heurd de news from de doctor. Miss Lilly migbt live for months, bress de Lord, fur ef she'd gone den, 1 wooJdn'l glve much for Mars' Cunnel's brains. I teil y 011. n' so I uoated my sweet lamb, an' de i'ajum dat found her alter she feil. "Cajum; wliaf a cajuin:' I a.ked. "Vou spoke of one before. "Oh, a sort o' no-good white foliis livin' down by de swamp in ole Louisiana ; be ust'd to BOOM tO de house, and Marster Cunnel, he never grew tired ob talkin' w id him, an" he bate and despise them low white trash befo' dat. it was aometiine bcforu I undentood tliat she incant au Anadian, or French 'aii.i.Jiriii, M tliey sonietimes style tin-in selves, a pcupic who n geuerally called "creóle Fraicin," and who Hved lu the interior oí the .tatc. "Oh, Miss May. vou ncvi-r sec sicli ¦ slirlit m all 70 born dart. Dar abc wor, not gixteen yit, everyfinr gone- school, 'musement, all de bteasoni ob liti - jeat a-smilin', jest a-lookin' np all de time, M su re 06 oír "Ad' 8ie keep 1 1 1 talkin' 'bout her inotlier, an' plan rul sli woiiltl do np dar, jet as if itM wor gitin' rcadv to K to a - a Vursion, wher iba km-w iheVJ bare ertryflag plaaaan t a bout her. Ajj' de Cnnnel, lie st(ip]icd adÜB1 Út I-oid wliat lie'd done for, an'Jeat set dar and listemd to lier liebenly talk, and she only slxteen lesa than a week when she diod. 'She died, thiii ! and I drew a long breath. " 'Deed she did, et yon kin cali it dynig. ril bellere to niv hist day ih saw her muddei, for at de eiul she streu-h out lier hands, ariíl siich a look as come Into her eyes! BuSan Mmethtog sure I de ilt-ar Lord; how kin we teil 'f Well, defcr lanii, slip tok from erlla to cOOie, for de war bivke out, an" de Ciiniiel lost everythlng, all hla iiir plantatioii, and de ole MtoatM, lic went off ith beul brok, ad de Cnnnl, h Ml at Bhllobi ihot froo de haad, and young MiirsU-r - wcll, M 'I'e liml a liand u dat," ihe ml.leil with i gort of tnuiui'li; "he ione t (!¦ n' ii ii pt. k'Ii.t. an' all ali.i _- ol dein Itible toackin't I used to totrüe him. an' he say so li I,nr'. wait : "I :i liinin' account to give Lily, when dein goUl,m gatt-s swinjf open for to let olf mainiiiy in to her dear lainhs. Kcckun. .Mi--., we sha'n't remember all our woes an' trials, an" tribnlations; lt won't ! Dotttla' l uit. jubilee up dar, bres¦ a hord ! ' C.itliie took up her big basket and went out, butthe spirit of exhultatiou seemed to linifer in the atinosnlicre Uv had left.-


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