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The Moods Of Thackeray, Dickens And Others

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Witli the bot advantageí, witli perfect wcliision and pvfrv ' the eoncentratioii mul nia-hf Hng of thougbt, authon are notoriously subject to straiifje freaks of humor, whicli render them intellectually proatrate, uttcrly unable to cotnnund tueir known and tricd power. The - of poetry N the ücUett of Mm, m vi -ryhody knou-, Imt tin; Muse (U Uien: be oiic) if iniise is scarccly a wliit more stauiKli or l'irliaps Tliackmj !¦ tin licst iiiuilcrn exaniple rf the raHrics ot thf moixl n w riten. Kor wickcogether lie conkl not put pen lo paper la ilo anythiDjr likojaslice U liiinself, and for tli iinxloitune Mr. Anthony Trollojtc ratber mifairly attacks liimon the score of inilustry. "L'ii.stcinltiist, tlc, changeable t parpóte" ure epitheta whte tinbrom at the greáter norëliat, merelj bcicausi'. hs lic aja, 'l'lmckeray "couM not hiuiaeli ui do au alhuViI Uik dy Hit Jiij ." "ItUe" epuis ií vulgar word to nul at a man of Thackeray'H genius and chieremenu. The writinf of booka likc l'emlemiin" aixl the "The Hftroomeano#p i ly be looked upon as a -'day-work" l the HOM i 1 1 wbiih :i blaoksinith's labor vouiil au )¦ oomtdered. Il such an uutlior was 'He, so was DickM, who frcqaently bad to v up bis 01 k in deispair, in pite of the stronffest itetenuination to ui&ater a bot i le BBOOd. "1 ani uttii 1 lort in misci v," be writfls, ata iimu wurii in m renzin wa me inosi vi;oroua, "and can do nothing. I have been readlng Olirer,' 'Piokwick' and 'Nickleby' to [el iny thooghtl tOgethW tor Uk: ne'w cllort, bul all m vain." Over and over npiiii he claims in hig brief notei to Mi. PmMer Mm "the lit not on liirn." and that lic niii.-t go lor a ridc r ¦ walk. Froni Italy lic wittM OM auUiinn, j iit as he mu about to tart upou a Cniistmas book . "1 have got my papar and iikstaml and ligares and om thjnk - I h.-ivc bgun to do o every uiorniiiff - with a Imsincss - like air of UieChrisUnsa lok." Agmln, latei-: ¦lam Hdly stranc, and CMMOt SCCtle. Vin will liavc lo! ol' lia.-t y notes trom nu whlta l hb at rork ; luit you know your man." f)ickcii as alay¦- 1 v i'v.-u-t in thr aruiiijreilicnt M liis wrlting-room, nd in oue ol 1cii,t froni a ttrange' place be mi bow be had to "alter dlspogi tion of the ïunnune" Ix'fore lie eould write a line. Even UUtoa ia Mld to liavc adniitlcd tlmt lii facultie! wero limcb si ronder at -ome tban 81 oitu-rs, ami urrrtfn u=prt tn dlct liimselt lor a task in poetry. eatlng ra meat to inspire vivid d reame II i.-i unt'ortunately true rhat h' resorted to even excusable stimalants, tbongli a long li.-t of other werc won( to overeóme the rtiyDeas ot tbelr Beofui iy similar Hymn Wrote gome of his looser poen ander the hittuenoe ot pin. I rtdge, De Qalncy and Sbadwell prodded Hie Mu.-e With opium; iilieridan. havilljf a jfood deal of tf)e Charles Í Sufface in hini, didgOd work with the aid of brandy ; Hen .Johnson was assistcd by "canary" and .Kscliylns is -aiii to bave been invariably intoxicated when ht; wrote. The aehievcmonts wbicb some autliors bave produoed at a Ingle sittingsbows that mooda have playcd au important part in üterature.


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