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Anu now ror one or two specimens of vulgarity of deep hue- vulgarities by whicli the mnraleaot' the country is deterioratctl. (hspositions are marri'd, and even, in tlie case ut all events of one that wlll lxnamed, thestability of the copstitution tself la tn h certain extent imprrllled. Amonggt ÜMM a very prominent one iR the appalllnffly habit of cailing every one, high orlow, tcquaintauce or stranger t exoepttng even the fair sex, by "pet" names. In the sanctuary of the family, and in thfit of hmg standing frienOship, the mutual aiMiess by " pel" Manies is a privilege accorded to affection. In thecase of ladiea it a freedom not accorded in ucll regulated communiUea to my of the other sex outeide of the family, uniese, perbapa, to men advanced In years, who, fiom lon' and Intímate acquaintance, have becoiiic, it rere, ilomesticated in the family. It may be that Uw ñames of public im-'n are eooatdand public property and that they have to puy tliis penalty of their prominent position. But it is carried among us to an offensive daree, whlch teiidi to rob the poppleof every aentimeatof respect or deferente. And tlie vulgarity is inteusified by tlie hineoua nades witli whicli AmericHn parents insult their children at an age when they ure too yonn; to resent it. Thus wc have " Qoaaes" and " Jackes" and ' Ikcs." and a host of other barbarous ubbrcTiationsof a barbaron nomenclature, tlio VOIy öight if ivhiph in prinf o otyii-vnlent of a powerful shock from a galvanic battery. A worthy Episcopal clcjíyman, in tryin"; to do battle against thls rajfe for uncoutli names, eame to grief, lic was batizin g fetnate fnfant. The godmothtr, wlio held the child in her arms, was a brijjlit little dauitiel wiui'a vcry pnönounced lisp, and when bade by his reverence to " name this child," aaid, as well as she could: " Luthy, thir." The roo.l man tlionght she said "Lucifer." Nonsense! I willbaptize it by no such name. John, I baptize thee," etc. Aml lotbé little girl went into the worltl uddled v.ith the nana of "John."


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