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Toughest Story Ever Published

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A correspondent of the I,ouisville ('ourer-Journal tells tlie following story of Cornwallon-thcHudson, well knowii M a summer boaniing place : 'I once kncw a vcry ridiculous thing to happen tbere. Several yeare ugo I was coming down from Poughkeepsie by boat. It was a bright inorning 11 midsummer. and we stopped at Cornwall to take aboaril the few gentlemen thnt went early to business In New York. Instead of 'the upual nuniber thcre were a great many pcople wIki rughed aboard in various stages t in dignation and disgust. It was an exodus and we soon learned the cause. Thenight before bread was made up and set In the pantry to 'ii- .' Bad time curae and all rttired- all at lea „t kitu.11 whicli prowled abont seeking a conifortable bed. Kitty got intuthc paiitry, and tindin the pan o bread, whlch áhe mistook for a nice softcoshion, laid down thereon and wentto sleep. The soft dongh yielded gradnally and slowly, but surely; poor kitty was enCUlfed, the batter closing over it and leavng no sign. When ropriünji canie the briad was naborí and lirought in warm for breakfast. Imagine the vi-nv - all the boarders wated at the table- when the loaf was lavbMl iK'ii ! 'J'hey all left in a bodv."


Ann Arbor Courier
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