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I Ayer'sCathartic Pilis For ill the Purposes of a Funilj Physic, 1 Hlr i "out i venev .Iiuuidlee jW DycpepRla. Iii.lite-M.m VIMBHBRi Uynenli'ry, Foui sumí ach aud BrtKtl], II. nlIA Jar aehe, Kryalpelas. Pilea, WylB Khenrnntliim.Fruptloii lf_ :i"'1 sklrl Í" -Lr 3flM louanetu. 1.1 vit "iii- plalnt, Drciy, Teller, Tumors aud Huil Klieum, Worm, Ooot. lja ralKln,ftnllnnerplll,nnd purlfj itK the blood, ¦n thr m t congenial puntatlve yet purfertrd Thelr effU abuiidantly hu huw inuct ttiey t-xcel II othtr PUI. Ttaey re fe nd plwirt !¦ tukf, ht poworfnl to cure. They purite ' Ihi" fooi humor of tb blood ; tbey tlniuUte ihe sluaulíh or d]., urgDilntocIlon, and lhey impuri hi-nlth tud tone lo ihc whole bvug. They cure not only the every dy wpM 'ly. bat ferniiilahle nd IMIMMI dluweí. Moít Bklllfill )hyf Ician. moflt emiruint clergymcu, and our b-nt elHiMiii itind ccrtllloti's oí curuc perlorniod, and of gret bent il t di-rtved fnim thee Pllls. They re the stfeat nd hwt phylc for chllrtren, became mild 9 well effectutl. BiIdi; ugarooated, thuy are ey to take : and ning purely veecUble, they re eutirelj harm. lm. PKEPAKKD BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mtflb, Practical and Analytlcal Chcml-W. Stold hy all DrufrKirU and Dealere Id Medicine. lMO-1073-ef.w TUTTS PSLLS INDORSED BY PHYSICIANS, CLEROYMEN, ANO THE AFFLICTED EVERYWHERE. THE GREATEST MEDICAL TRIUMPH OF THE AGE. 8YMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER. Losof Rppetite, Nausea, bowe! cnstive. Pain in trieHeud.with a dull nensation in the biick part, Pain under the shoulderblade, fullneu after eating, with a disinchnati.m to exertion of body or mind, Irritability of temper, I,ow spirits, Los of memory, with a feeling of havlng neglected some duty, wearineu, Dizzinea, t'luttenng of theTïeart, Dots before the eyeaellow Skin, Headache, HestleMness at night, highly colored Urine. ir THESE WAKNI GS AEE URHEEDED, SER10USDISEASESWILLS00NBEDEVEL0PED. TU'iT'S PILIiS a1' ettperially adapted to mieli CAHN,on' iluMp t-ITvct Aiicharhaug of folinfr rh t afltoiilnh the mifTerer. They iHrrfnif Appetlle. and cauie the body to Titkr on Fl-h. tbus th VMtem It nuMrlibrd.ii! i ly UilrTonlc %rtlonon the llli:tl Ora-ana, Refutar %1mIs are prt! . ¦¦ '¦ l'rlei' St ctllt. S5 nurini Kt., N.Y. TUTT'S HAIR OYE. UHv II ir or Whiskkiw cbanjrcd to a (J loos y Iti a k by a slntcle attplicatiuii of Ihis II iiup&rtü a natur&l colur, acts Initutitaneously. S..IJ by I t umt,or stut y tiirw M icvij.l of fl. Office, 35 Wlurray StM New York. f Dr. Il I I'S KM I. -f Valaablr .¦fermMlun má k LaAi1 KripU UI taaffti IKKE m pplU.Uo-.f 10834 -)T11B(CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN HAILWAY Is the OLDEST ! BEST CONSTRUCTED ! BEST EQUIPPED I and henee the LEAD1NG RAILWAY -OF TBÏ - WEST AND NORTH WEST. It Is the shoitest and best ronte between Chicago and all polnis in Hortten Ifflaoii, loira. Diiot, Wyominj, Uitruil, Ciliforta. Orejón, Amona, Bah, Colorido, litho, MonUa, Horada ui for COUNCIL BLUFFS, OM AHA. IÍKXVKR, I-KADVIM.K, SALT LAKE SAN FRANCISCO, DESDWOOD, SIOUX CITY, Citar Sipldi, Dei Jloitos, Colaabu, ui til poiiti li the Twritoriei ml the Weit. iüo for lUtanlee, Onra Br, Oihksth, .arto, XartyMttt, Toni 1 Ut, Wttertswa. 6osrhtoa. Neeaih, Moaijh, St. Psl, ICmtipolii, Huros. Velg, rugo, BtaMek, WlBoa, LCro!Si. Owitoant ui 11 toiti la Klnaeiott, Cikota, Wi:c:ailn ui tïe Sorthwoit. At Councll Bluffs the tralns of the Chicago & NorthWeítern and the D. P. R'yg depart f rom, arrlve at and use the same joint nnlon depot. At Chicauo, close connectlons are made wlth Ihe UUti 8horu, Michigan Central, Baltlmore Ohlo, Fort Wijne and Pemmvlvania. nnd Chicago & rand I rank Uy'e, and the Kankankee and Pau nandlc Konte. Close Connections Made at Junction Points. Itl theOXIiV 1,1 K ranninK Pullman Hotel Dining Cars Chicago and Conncil BlufTs. " n'.'i",1"11 N'pepvn on All Nlglit Train. iiuroM. ..„i.. , ,..,jr,.,.. . II they do not read over the 1 htca and NorihWestern Kailway. lf jou wiih the Beet Travcline Accommodallons yon will bur ticket by this route PÍTANÜ WILL TAKIS NO (JTIIBK All Ticket Agent nell tickets by this Line 1,, o„ MAKVISi Hli;iTT, 1031-83 ld V. 1 S i.,.,,-l Han'gr, ChlcVgo. JINSP:Y & SEABOLT'S BAKERY.GROCERY AD FLOUR AND FEED STORE. We kocp constantly on hand, BRKAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, WK., FOR WHOLESALE AND KBTAIL TKADK. Wc shall also keep a stipply of 8WIFT A DKDBEL'S BK8T WHITE WHKA1 FLOÜK. DKLHI FLOUR, RYÏ FLOUR, BUCKWHSAT FLOUR, OOKN MBAL, FBKD, c, c. At Wholesale and retal!, a general tock 01 It O4 i:ill m PROTISIONS conatantljr on hana, whlch win be noid on a ream meterme as atany other house In the city Uutt paid for Butter, Bifirs, and Oountry Prodnr. Keuerally. laroooda dellvered to any part of the city witt nat extra charge. _ K1NBBY HBABOLT. jnbU -. HELP jDtk al (reatimjiroTementl Perfectly harmlesg to cl..t lies,. r skin. Try it Dbectfoos impla Eesultsmagical; savesnearlyall thenibhinK.' 103S-60 J. A. l'Oi.illlil S' LIVERY STABLE The bet and most ei'enslye in the city. HACK AND BUS LINE Rnnnlng to 11 trains nlght and day. StlLY LINE WHICH RUNS TQ N1SHT TRAINS. The best hack In the city for ladies alllng. Orders fllled prnmplli for all kinds of conveyancei. Particular Attention to Order, for Funeral., Cok. Mum amd Catiiahinf. St ASS ARBOH, m .w2 H1IIAN All klada ar Book-Hlndlnc done at Tbe ourlrr ofllre an sbart aotlre.


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