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GET THE BEST! LEAD ALL OTHEBS ! i EveryStyle&Price. Guarauteed TJncqualed for OPERATION. l ECONOMYj DURABILITY and WORKMAN&HIP Improvemeuts and Conyenieaces fbnud ia no ethers. Always! Be hable. POPULAR EVERYWHERE. Tor Salo la Every City and TW„ ia th United SUte Andh7J ¦ HU. THRESHERS, Traction and Plain Englnes and Horse-Powers. Q 0 YEAR8 ï-TÏÏSSS'SisnfïiS Ut lomwoment, or location, to "i v"iü -- braad uarraly givtm on all ourvod,. TE POWER SEPARAaHRS Complete Htoain (nlBU.oVl2.SjSi ïrartlon Engine imd Plnln jSSEbI over aeen In tho Ainer(n mrket ""we Four iaw of ijeparxtoni, f rom 6 to 12 buti psctty.ur win or Aorao jxmr. Twi. BtylcM of " Mountod "HormvPnwcni. ,UUU,UUU (rera.fortv-oir-riJ) f' 'iKtjintly on har!, from which ia bnüt the mTRACTION ENGINESSr íuíJt g, 10, ia llnw Vnmr. ¦ .„''"P"". tud Thrmhrrmen are lirvitert to NICHOLS, SHEPARD & CO. Buttle Cree'x, Mlchluan. EVERY ARTICLE The best of ils kind, Bouht for Cash From lirsi hands By competent liuyers, And guarantecj As good as represenied. Oaly one price to all, Marked in plain agens. All are invited to cali. Porrespondonre snliciN. M. S. SMITS & CO., Jewelers and Importers, Cor. Jetan ano Woodwarüve's DETROIT. IN. H. DOWNS g VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR I a ture cure for Coughi, Colds.M Whooping-Cough, and all Lungl Diteatea, when taken in eason. I People die of consumption iwp ¦ ljr because of ntglect, when the E timeljr ue of thit remed wouldl have cured them at once. Fifly-one ye ara of con-H stant ute prove the fact that no E cough remedjr ha tood the te6t ¦ üke Botctlê' Elixir, I Prk Uo. too. nd 11.00 pl botüfc For 8n] KTrrywher. B Dr.Baxter's Mandrakel HSittjerSS Will cure Jaundice, Vytpt psi, H Li ver ComplainU, Indigestión, ¦ and all ditease rising from B iousneu. Pnce 35 cta. per bottie. For 81 Errywhr. HKBTRY .v juii mi.vk ÁRNICA AND OIL ILINIMENT for .Umi and Beast. iThe mot perfect liniment eei ¦ compounded. Price 25c and 50c. For Stl Errjwhr. Health Is Wealth. I)H. K. C. Wkht's Nkcvk anu I!i;ain Tkkatmknt a npeclflc for H; terl i i '.iijvululont, Nerv: oas Headache. Mental : inorySpurmttorrhii', Imp mature U1J Ai"-. caiised by ovt-r pc, nr oTer-tndlf' fnc hicb leads tu mifn , 1 aih . übw (mix wlll rur" r oral ¦ aa. K ch boi contafi - muoth'i ireatmt'nt. One cIoIIhth 1it, or nix boxr fnr dllarK ; Bent bj mail prepaid (ji receíp "' price. Wo puarantef cix kraa to cure any ct. Wilh cach order reeelTed li}1 ng inrnix l.)xf-,aci'"inpanled wlth live dollarK. we ill eend pnn oor writun gaprantaa ti return the moui'.v tf tb'' treattnent do ttot efl'Tt ¦ ciirt'. OnarantMt la-ncd by Brown A Co.Sole Authoriied Agrntt lor Ann Arbor, Mtch. .IdlIN C. v otori, Cblraro. III. Frlzrllr & Co., Wh"lei.l Axaou. Detroit. Mich. HS8-104Ü TKI'III'.N PRATT, MANrPA'TlTKBR r ElEk auj Low Pressnre Boilers Df all kinds. s.H IKK PIPES and all sllKFT IKUN WORK. tu, Ut aad ¦{¦ went, betwwu Tlilrdunil Kounli st , IiKTKÜIfi MICH. Kepulring done. IiiveU auil Bollor IMate for üale. I ''


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