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WHO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE CEOCRAPHY OF THI8 COUNTRY, SEE BY ËXAMIMIWC THIS MAP, THAT THE CHICAGO, EOCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RT Is The Creat Connecting Link botwoon the East and the West ! It maln line runs frnm Chicago to Councll Slteping Carj for sleeptng prpoea, and MÉMV lilulTs, passing through .lullet, Ottawa, I.aSalle, IHning Cantnrv a' -nl Oni tlier OeneMO, MoUbe, Boe Island, MTenport, West priat feature of nr PaUce Can la a SMoKIMi Liberty, IowaCitj, Marengo.lirooklyn.Orinne.ll, RALOON where yon can sirjoy your "Havana" ie Moincs (the capital ot luwrw. Stuart, Xtlanat all hoitrs of the day. tic. and wlth branches from Bureau Magnlflcent Iron Brldges span the Mlsslsslppl Juuctlonlo Ivnrta; Wilton Junctlon to Museaand Missouri rlvemat all imliiu rrossed ly thls tine, Washington. KalrfieM EMon, lt'Unni. line, and transfers are avo(oil at Tourn-il Blutfa. i icville, I'ritireton.Trenton.Gallatlii. CatneKansas City, Leavenworth and Atrhlson. eonron. Liavenworth, Atehlson, and Kansa.1 City; m-rtluns belnR made Ih Union DepoU .'fl]liKtiitoSi!iiiini-'y, (HkalooSB. and KnulTlio prlnolpnl R. R. cooiirrtioni of vil Ie; Keokuk to Karniniciori, Honapane, lientïils ktohI TIi rc.ucli Une are ai folio w : port. Independent, Rklon. oiiuinwa. K..i - ai Chicago w ith all üiverKiuir line lur the TH!,kaloom. Pella, M.inroe. u! Del Holnes; Kast and South. M[. Juli tn Ki'i)niij;i: N,.wtiiiiiiM"ii". I. . Ar Rttntiwooii UlilUeL.. & M .S., aild P.. MnltifS to Imllanilan! Winti-rset; Atlantle to Kt. W. AC. K. Rds. "iiisv. oii and Auduhon; and Avoca to Harían At Washington Hkiohts, wlth P-, 0. A St. and Cartón. Thls Is ; only RailL. K. R. read. whi.h owris. and .-iai s a through line At La Ralm wlth til. Cent. K. R. r rom Chicago Intothe au "f Kansas. At PoniA. wlth P. l-.U.jf. IJ. 4 E.;I. B. 4 Througl. KxprcssPaisriiKrr Train, wlth PullW, III. Mld.; and T. P. 4 vV Bds. man r.n.u. i .,,.„¦ ,. ¦ ciare run ea. li wav.lally At Kook Ikland. wlth "Mllwaukeeand Kork ¦ ' ' ¦" ( " V1" '"I 1'k'ikia, Kansas city. Islam] Short I.lne,"and Rock Isl'd A Pto. Rds CoDNriu 1 ind At Davkkpoht. wlth the Dveniort División bom. Thrimn orun IwtweenMIIwanc M Ast r ït R aod Kansas city vla the "Hilwaukae and aiWkst I.ihkbtt. wlth the B. C. R. 4 N.B.R X'X', ls.'.;5n'1 Sno" Line." At (RINNÏLU wlth Central Iowa R. R. The "Oreat Rork Island" Is magnlfli-enrly At Dn Moihkr.wUIi I). M. A F, r. R. R. co,uipp-d. Itsroad lied Is. il perfect, and It AtCouüciL HLurrs. wim Uuloo Paclflr R 1; track is laldvvlth steel raiK At Omaha, wlth B. 4 Mo. R. R.R. ,ln Nel. Whatwlll pleamyuuraostwIMnrthrpIcavtirr At Coi.imuus JfNOTloK.wlth n.C.RA.N.R.K. ' ng over the At otti-mwa. with Central Iowa R.R..W. III s in.l Imva. In .nieof St. L. Pac, and ('.. II. aud u. R Rds. mir iiiaiminernt Uiiilng Cara ihat accumpany all At K kok ik. wit li Tol., Peo! 4 War.; Thruugo bipress Traína. Tem et mi cntlre Louis & Pac . aml St. I.., Keo, N. W. K. Kd. ine.-il. aK xl Isarrved inaiiHrst-:laahote.l, At CahbrÓk. wlih i. st. J. R. R. lor seYemy-oveionis At atchisok. wlth AWh.,Topelia Santa Ke, fnct tliat a majorlty of the Atch. A Nel., an.l Cen. Hr. II. P. H P1"' rent At I.kavknwortH, wllh Union Pac ara; Kan l'uriiosea {and the Imiuttuite pHcsengrr business Cent. R. Rds of thls line warrantlng il i. we are I At Kansas City, wlth all Ilnet for the Weit lOuncethatUllO)nlpa!lvrtlI, rl ,xan Palnct I and Southwest. COONVIL BLUFFS. KANSAS CITY. AT IIION. ,„ I.KA V KN WORTU. iiii if f I " . kown tli ¦ irt Hoek Ilaud Koste." are old by all Hokot Acpiit in the l nlted State and Caniulu. tor iiifurniHlion not obtaluuble at your home otttce, mddreHK. Tl. R. CABLE. 13. MT. .TOIIPC, ík h,i.i,ul ui] Oriunl Mn(;-i u,.nl IVk.l ud Pnf npl. oucai;. ti l. i3T-aï


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