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CHURCH DIRECTORY. Huptist Chiircli. lUv. S. IIaskïi.l. I'astnr. P. M. .1.1 iHcr morning tendee. ¦ metting Thuraday evenipg at 74 o clock. i atholie Cburch. Kv. Katiihh Fiikli, I'nstor 4 p. M. Sunday School, ''i P. MO-fTCfti- 1 CIiuitIi. Kav. V. II. K i.kk, Puto' i% a. M. nd7 r. m. , School jñer montaf terrKH. meeting Thanday eeuing al 71 '. oYlock. Kiscopal (Inircli. Riv. Wyllys Hall, Rector. ¦ v ices, io', a. M. ml 7j P. M. Suaday School, ', p. at. llchgious services Thurdjr evenin g at 70'clock. crinan Metlimlist lmnli. Rev C. H1LW1O, Pustnr. Skbbath services, io'í A. M. and 7'í r. M. ly Kchool, at nine o'd''k a. m. „„.únt; 0 Wcilncsday. l.iithoran riiurtii. ith.v. Joma Niumaxn, Pastar. 104 a. m. and 7! p.m. sm.d.iy School .iller morning sirvice. 1 meeting, ThursJay ntmiüf at 7'i o', nck, Metbodiüt Kpiscoial Church. Rv. Ioiin Al. AB.vsriR, Pastor. ervicfs, 1014 a m. and 7 % r. m. Sundav SilnHil iftt-i m..rning srrvi.r. iv eveinng at 71 .. "' I'" k ulayïTcniii 64. l'rcslijtcriiiii ('linrcli. likV. Rll AID II. hTEKI., IV 1 , P m tn.4 -l; p m Suod v Sch '"I ui'l II )ii' cl.iss ,iUcr iiH.r'nnig m-i - l'i iv tinff, Thursituy evening at S o'clock. M.itiiii;. uu.t.iy ev con{ t%. l'iiitarlaii ( Inircli. Kik. J. 1'. SlNliKKLAND, Pastor. s..hl..a!i lervictti :it ioví a. m. rttt 1 7 r m. Sunday School at 12 M. Stuileuta' Uible Class at ojlS I'. M. Zions LntlWrM Clliirrll. Kt.v II. F. Hslsïh, Pastor. Sabbmth srrvices at o% a. m. and 7 r. M, iv School iinniediatcly after mtirning service. Keligiow services Wedncsdayeveningat 7 o'clock. BUSINESS CARDS. IBME A OEM., ¦üraduaic of Ontario Veterlnary tollege. Toronto, veteeinary" suegeon, (Jdici-, Nu. 5 Nonti MhIu SI.. Op. Court House, Treti „11 dbaaWM Di llorní. (atile., and Other AnimKle. Cali from other towrjn can ba made by lelfgraph, which wlll suvu mu h time. AN.V AKUDK, MICH. HKW5U WII.LIAW BIOi, BUILIDER. a 1 top : eoAsER rinudí a otiftoi si. A 'ín Arliur. lO'.'i 7:1 . II I VÍJ4SON, OFS'ICB : OVER BACH & ABEL'S. Kntrunri' hy Firut NaiiM'tl Bank. 782t WILL1AN IIERZ, ïïouse, Sin, Ornamenta! and Fresco Painter. - - o - - P.iperli i Qg, and Calclmining and wirk if every deacrípUon doin1 in the beet style, and warr.inted to kIvo satisfacción. Klic.i. i. I West WaMhlugton Mtrt-et. Ann ArlKir, Michigan. 638tf DEISTTISTl BSfcS? UAS KKMOVEU TO BIS NEW DENTAL ROOMS OVKR J.lí T. JICOBí' sTniil. 5(Wtf OSCARTÖ7 SORG, HOÜiW, 8ION AND nivihi, AI.SO I'AI'EI! ¦tWWIW HO. 11 EAST LIBERTY STREET. All Wurlt Done Promutly and Neatlj. 1020 8f 1 O TO WINANS Sc BERRY KOR MERCHANT TAILÜRINIÍ t'or the rollo inc rpiuionH: ;r work ia all flrt laia. il. Mr. Birry is lbo only cutter In Uu' State wbo can glví' yon a perfect fit uühuut trying un. Id. have thi' largett antortmeat In the Sute, haiiiL' over MI dlITer.nt stylee tu ielect from lo toreiyn and tU-me-ttic Woolent and WuritccU. Un. W - us.' none hot llrt-claDS trlmnUnKt, ;]. Wr :irc fall l per cent, hflow Detroit price. WINANS A BKRKY, No 11 South Main Street, Ann Arbor BEHOLD! ALL THINGS ARE NEW! Ni-w Firni. N.-w final, New Prlce. Ouod ae the Che) a the "tlMpUl THB (JITV TEA 8T0RK !n oonoéction wltti tbe 'd Plomer Bakery, at NO. 23 NORTH MAIN ST. N wlu-ru vuu ili flnl a A FULL UNE OF GROCERIES W mik" I'. aí, Coffdei and 8plce xpeclaltlea In the Irada, Kierythini; in the bakiux lije conetaruly on haml. :: TO AN7 PA3T 01 TH1 CITY. Thankful for pasi palronni;.-, c would ítill oliclt your favor. A. K. IIAI.!,' M. D. L. BKANCH. i.i:r tiii: itii Fire Insurance - $42,000,000 -Ttm Srcurity liil.l i.ruh-ition il' tlic pollcy bolderg. CHRISTIAN MACK l.'.-Vi'Mins Ulc íollinviiig lirst-clnss Lompa ni'-s. ni uliicli one, the -Klim, lias alone psid $55,000,000 lire ÍO8W8 in sixty years : :tna, of Hiirtford $ 7,400,000.00 Buotoii Undrrwrttm 2"h lila ;VO.0OÜ.U0 tn American, N. Y l.oudoii Ai-urance G'orporailou 15,8(101100.00 National, lian ord 1,2.. North ..-rnimi. Mamilar ü Ollü.UOO.tlO BrookljB ) ndurwnlurs AgeBcy, N. Y 4,üUÜ,IKIU.() Loesea lilwrallj adjutted añil promptly paid. PólUicfl Issucd at tli.' lowest ratesof premium. Hllsin MACK.


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