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The Ague

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Once unon an evening bleary, hile I sat me dreamlng dreary, ín tíie sunshíiit, thinking Over rhlntfs that passed o dajfa of yrc, While I nodfied, nearly sleepíng '.v carne a soinethíng crece Crecping upward lrom the floor. ""lis a cooling breeze," I mutRred. I F rom the reglons 'neath thc Hoor; Only this andnothlng more.' Ah! distínctly I remember - II VM in that wet September When the earth ;nul overy meinber Of crealion that it bure, Had for weeks and mootht been soakiri In the ineanest. most provokioy, l'"ggy rain that, withuut jokin, i had never seen belore; So I knew it must be very t oíd and damp beneuth ttie rioor- Very cold benvath the Hoor, Sn I sat me nearly nappiiiL. Ín tlie suiibliloc, siretcliinn. i ping, Witli ¦ feellng quito delightud Wlth ihe brt-ezes 'ncath the Hoor, 'Pi 1 1 I felt me jfTowinjf colder. And the streldiing waxing bolder. And inysell now Ice t ing older Hdi i thao 1 felt belore. "ií that my joints were stiftei Than they were ni d i Stífftr tlian thcv'd bet-n bcfre. All along iny back tlie en Suon ave place to rustlitig, ieaping; As it couiitless frozen demons liad cuncluded to explore All the cavitli ilnU- 1 wtxt me aiul my nclhcr srarnienU, Through my boots oto the itoor ; 1 hen I lound mysetf a-shaUng1, Gcntly shaking more and more, Kvery moment inore and more, 'Twas the agüe; and it shook me Into heavy clolhes, and took me Shaking to thc kttehen, every Place where Uiere was warnith in si' Shaking till the china rattled Shaking till the moráis battlel : Shaking, and with all niy warming, Feeling colder than before ; Sbaking colder than before; Shaking till it had exhausted All lts powers to shake me more, Till it could not shake me more. Then it rested till Uie morrow, When it carne with all the horror That it had the face to borrnw, Shaking, shaking as before. And frotn that day In Sepiemlu-r Day which I shull long remember - It has made diurnal vjsits, Shaking, shaking; oh, ao Shaking on my boots, and shaking Me to bed, if nothingmore, Kully Üiis If nothing more. And to-day, the swallows ílitting Kound ray cottage see me sitting Moodily within the sunshine, lust outside my sileitt door, V aiting for the agüe, seeming T.ike a man forever dreaming; And the sunlight on me streamin Casts no shadow on the Hoor, Fot I am too thin and sallow To mike shadows on thc floor, Xautfht of shadow anv more.


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