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The Sweet Girl Graduate

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"Coukl I sec the editor?1' ghe asked, looking around tor him and woBdering what was on under liis table. "'Eli ! yes, Vin hini." responded the editor, evolving hiniself ;iul ulpplns a OOïk inti) lus c.-t pocket. ¦¦Whiit outl do t'or yoa f"1 "I UB a student ut Packer Instituto," responded the bluahing damsel, 'and I have ritten a little article on "üur Bchool Days" wliicli I wnuld like to have published In the Brooklyn Eagle, it' you thiuk it good eDOUgb. " Vrtainly," replied the editor, gazing wit h nnconacious admlration npon the beautlfnl face before him. "Does it commenee 'Our s(;liool days! How the word Ungen In nreet cadenees on the itrlag ot raemoryf1 Is tliat the way it runs?"' liy, !¦,'¦ responded the beaming girl. "Then it goes on; 'How we look forward t itiiii tlieni to the time wlicn we shall look back to theni !' "Huw did yon knou ?" "Never mlnd," wtd the editor, witii ia ing siiiilc wbicb bM endeared him to tlK-ritizens of Brooklyn. "After that oom 'Sosunshiny! So guUded wlth the plew ure 11. .il ..... i. ?orti, i...,,,,v tlioy liavc tlow ii intn the innnitalile jiut and rom,, to ns n after lile only aseehoes in the cavmofsweet reooQectton.1 Is'nt thut it V "It certainly is," answered the astonished girl, nuliant with deligbt "Hok did you Itnow what I had writteny" "Then it chañar trom the planiaglmo and becomes more tender: 'The sbadowt gather around our path. The rem of trieudship are witherlog, but muy we not hope that tliey will bloom again as we rcmcniber the affeetion that bound us and made ' " - "No. you're wrong there," and the soft eyes looked dtaaappolnted. ' "Is It 'Hope on, hope ever?' " asked the editor. "That comes In further on. You had it nearlyright. It is 'The dun shadows closed around us. The tlowers of friendship aru sleeping, but not withered, and will bloom agatn In tbe affectlonate rememberanco of the ehuins that bound us so lightly." "Strange that mistake, "said the editor musingly. "I uever missed on one before. Krom there it goes, 'Sclioolmutes, let us live so that all our days shall be as radiant as those we have known here, and niav we jihu-k hiippiness from every bush, forgettlng neyerfthat the thorns are below the roses,' and pityin those whose hands are bruised In the mareh through life." "That'l it !' exclaimed the delightedgirl. "And then comes Hope on, hope evti." 'Suie's you're born '." eried the editor, blusbtag with pleasurc. añil once more on the r:-;lit track. "Then it runs: 'Andas foryour teaoher's dearl" "Ves, yes, yon are right," glgffleil the girl. "I can't see how you louud me out. WouW you like to print it?" and her face assumed au anxious shade. ¦ ( crtainly," responded the editor. 'Til say it"s by the most pronüsinfr young lady of Brooklyn, the daughter of an eateerned citlzen and a lady wno has always taken high social rank."'' "That tinishes the school commenceinent at one swoop," sighed the editor gloomily, as the fair visión tloated out. "Cairt Bee hOW I made that blunder about theshadows and rosea Ad friendship. Either l'ni setting old or else sonie of these girls have struik out something original. Here, Swipes, teil the forenaan to put this slush in the uext taxsales supplement," and the editor feit in his hair tbr the cork, and wondered what had haimened to his


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