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No Need Of Emigration Inducements

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The Louisville Courier-Journal :i fW ince publUhedan account of woman in TannfMor who rerantly gare Mrtli to glrl bables, at om Usm. Tbèy are all 8 ld to be perlertly lorrned, heulthy chlldren, weighing trom four to Bt posada each, md are Uring and doiog wtU. üow :i be tacl. ainl tin; ( iel-. lom - tt n putiilion 011 the tnith of t, ¦ .vi -rii iiK-rit ou'lit io ivc the faraily kioo of land in somc god OOUBtry, Utt I lea.-onalilr )cn-ion bmUk eren! atao potóla out ¦ ay M do awajr ith tlie expenM of u iiuiiation roinmissioii. Juat Ift tbcjaa mwlers for foreign emlgratlon tuWc unto Ihetnaelrct Tennis-i i' ics. Mille in the neeonntry and popúlale it. It woukl do away wilh M'veial -inecuie-, and at the sanie time Ojixe OUT land to our own people. We wniiMn't llave to liire oinebKI' to imliire the ]iauper elements of EoTOpe to come and Ure "itli HM, ifthcy woulil adopt this simple plan.


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