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Hiiirairif Notie. The euljarl of Art, wbich the public expeotp tu flod trealed, iu some form, io every uumher of ScrlbDer, i represented ín Ibe July number by two paper, by Mr. W. 0, Brownell. One of Üiese 1 tli.third of the ríe on "I he Younger of America," wlth conidrtlon or IHutrtlon of tbe work of Mr. Srgent, Mr. Bunce, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Tiffany, Mr. Volic, Misa Oakey, Mn. Whitmiin, Mira Bartol, Mías Knowltoo, and MleCatt. Tbeoiber dlacnssee the mucb talked of "Decoratlon In the Seventh Keuimcnt Armory," and la accompanleé by numrons nd delallod drawlngs of the principal 4lgH i" the Veiern' Room and thf the work of an aasociauion of artiats which ! likely to havc a d"cdi-d Inflnorcc opon interior decoratinn Ín ttals Polltlm i represented by a tlrat paper on "The Hcoplo's Problem," by Albert Stickney, Kq., author of "A Tros Republlc." The writer cooider the Boss sytem and the Machine (rom a historical polnt of view. In eucceedlng papera he will give ome suggestlons looklnit toward a remedy for the present itate of affaire. In ictlon there are the conclndlnz partê of Mr. Cable' "Madame DelpMne' and Mr. HoweU's "Pearfnl Reeponalbllity," anda scconri Installment of humorons folklore of Georgia, under the title "A Ralm y Day wlth Cncle Knmuit." "Dr. Dollinuer and the Old C'atholtc Movemcnt in iiermany" is Ircaled candldly by Prof. Georjre P. FMr, "I Ylo ('olli'tf. wlth dn portrait of DollinKor. An illntrated paper of special inlercut is 'The Sca -Home " (walm) by HenryW. Blliott. Of articular Interest to Philadelpbiana I Mr. Maurlce F. Kgan 's account of "A Day In the Ma'ah"- wich heini; the local name for the swampy NnlH of rail and reed birds on the lower part of the península, het ween the Delaware and Schuylklll riverí. "Au Old Virtflnian," by John Enten Cooke, lsaetndy ot the courtly tipo of F. F. V., whlch, he - raptdrypaMiaf into hltory. "Kallway, ('hurcii-yard, and Cnioicry I.iwn-I'lantlng" is a brief mid neïei!tive ii:nitmed paper by Samuel Pjreone, Jr. Perhaps the moet opular paper In the numher I Mr. Murlrcu' Illustraied and detcrlptlve account of "l'h. litttm otthe Mlssisslppi." Haiper'f Maaüine for July ie an nnusunlly interDOmber. Mr. C'haprtey coutribute a charm-crlptior. of Oporto and the Oporto vlneyards, wlth heauilful lllutratlonii. Mrs. Anniu üowelle Fnihi'itc (ic-.rilH tke lifo of Ixrd Iorne and Ihe l'ri cvs Louic at Rldtau Hall. '1 hic artlcle is Mustratf.l with excellent portraits of the Marquls and lis royal conoort, and views of Rldeau Hall. T. B. Aldrich contrlbutes the flrst pnrt of an article entlilcd 'A Day in África: ' a deacription of one day's advi ntures In Tanglcr, with Illuatralions. Samuel Adams Drakcs HVhite Moautains" series, illustrated, is contlnued. K. Masón contribntes a paper on "Old Dutch Mater"- including Douw, Metzu, and Mlerl, with portralts, and engravings from their paintlni;. Ana II. Waters gives an lnterostlng blographlcal sketch of Thomas Blanchard, the inventor of tho eccentric lathe, with a portrail. A patriotlc poem by Julia C. R. Borr, entitled "The Parson'a n„,.ht.r " iafiniiiTilinatniot '. v,odrickí; and Mr. Abbey Is represented by anothcr of his characteristic full -page Illustratlon of Herrlck's poems. (corge II. Holden contributes a sketch entitled "Hawihurne amonghis Friendf," containlng a cbaracterlstic and hitberto nnpubllshed letter wrltten by Ilawttiorrit'. Among the timely articles are "Railroad In Mexico," by F. B. Preudergest; and "A Bicycle Era, " by Edward Howland. Dr. S. Aasten Petree contributes a curlous musical paper, entitled "The Muslc of the Spheres." Tbe aerial Novela b] Miss Woolson and Thomas Ilardy are contlnued: and short stories are contributed by Edward Kverett Hale and Arthur Haetlng. Knebworth, the ancestral seat of the Bulwer Lyttons, is the subject of tbe opening artlcle In the July number of Llppincott's Magazine, written by Mr. William II. Kideinp, to whom ampie racllitle for the purpose were aflbrded by Lord Lytton. Tbe house and grounds, besldis tbe intireatlrK assoclationa thcy posaos, are among the most beautiiul and richly ornamentad in EngUnd. and the illuntratioiii'. which represent the principal rooms, the chief exterior views, the gardens, the mausoleum, etc, are finelyexecutedand exceedingly attractive. In "Zoologiiil Curlosities" Dr. Onwald continúes his entertaining account of "Uur Four-Handed Ri-liatives," wlth some piiuant Ulutnrtttione. "Pulmotto Leaves." by Rev. Robert Wilson, la a capital sketch of Charleston, S. C, descrlblng both IU permanent features and present aspect and conditlon. "HanchCure," by Alfred Terry Bacon, may be regarded as eupplementary to Dr. S. Weir Mltchell's papers on ¦CampCure." which appeared originally in Llppincott's. In "A Trip to Brighton and the Ooodwood Races," J. A. Dlckeon gives an account of ibe incidente and scènes of an Engliah race-courne, and of the journey by statie-coach from London, wlth pleasant gllmpees of the country traverscd. Mrs. Mary Treat's "Obtervatlons on a Colony of Slave-Maklng Anta' exhibits cloae st udy of animal life and wlll be lound both curious and entertaining. "Across the Huir," by Kebecca Harding Davls, la in her beat veln. The other short stories are ' 'Harcourt's V'llne Mango,' by S.A.Shleldx.and-Six Views of MlaaSUrr," by Elyn Duykwood. The serial, "Craque o'-Doom," maintains its Ititoreat whiledrawlng to lta conclusión. Wlth the present nurabers begins the 17th volume at Potter's American Monthly. It ia an zot tint magazine of its clagB, and each issne contains much that Is of Interest to the general leader. The publishers announcc the Iseue of a midsutnmer holiday number for August, they are makiugspccll arrangemenls to secure a highly lntereeting and attractive issne. Some of their best and most popular contribulorg have coaeented to furnlsh special articlea on tlme'y and seasonnble sulijec's, and the Hst of illus trntions ... - . -.„.i., ,omc of lhe vety beat apeci" mensoftheengraverVart. . Aing featnre of the number, Ihey would announce an ehaui„, artlcle on the subject of "Slik and the Sil k-worimT' the new American industry, contribu ted by Míhs NelUe Linidlu Enaltar, of Philadelphis , and whlch will hi' iiipplnmcnti-d ty a llke artlcle on the same sutiject from the "Women'e Slik Culture Asnoclatlon," whlch contemplate holding an exlilbition In I'hi.adilphia, In Oclober next, Tor lhe beat displays of silk cocoons. The articles will be appropriately lllUHtratcd.


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