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Kstate oí H iraní Whedon. OTATK OF MK1HGAN. t uuiity ol Waenteiw. At a seeeion of the Probate C.mrt for the CojntH Washtenaw, holden at tbc Probate Office. In tb'"' of Ann Arlior, mi Snturday, the foortli J Jane, in tlie j . ir one thoimaud fiiiht hunoreo efghtj-one Preient, Wiliiam D. llarrimaii, Joop' 'in thé matter of estáte of Iliram Whe. deceaMÍ. Ou readJn? and Illtnit the petn Yerlfled.of Willitm W.Wbedon. prayini.' 'hui UMUDinent now OIl nle in Ihlü conrt, purportllH the lct lll aud temawent of naid di'Ccai'i'u. oJ ', be admitred to probate, and that adminlitrttl. ! with ihe wilt nnexi'd, muy be grautid to Jo ' Jacobs, or ome tber nnlublo ppison. „ [ Theroupon lt Is ordrred, Umi luwdaj, thf "- day of Joljr next, at tra o'clock in th ¦ atMtiu-il tor tbe bcarinv of Mid petlU I and tliat the drvli, letatfeo, and netrt ¦ : law or wid deceaned. and all otber pen tutiTi'sti-tl In sald eslate, are rfquired to app ut a -rpiiiu of xald court, tben to be holden al ¦" Offlca. in the city of Ann Arbor, and "" cause. Il iiy Oten !)., hy the prayerof the uetliw" should not te unintd. And it is further orde" that said peutfoner Kiie notica to tlie 9" intcreelfd in tiald entate. ui ttie D.'lidency o MW petition. umi the hatrlns ÜMtaof. )) can lar ¦JW of tuis order to be published In tlie Ann Art Vouritr, :i neusuaper prlnted and cirnilaied '"?, county, thre uci esatve week previuaa tu "' ui li. Miin.'. (A copy.) WII.l.lAM I). IIAKRIMAK. Judteof Hrobatt. WM. O. IXrTY, Probate Register. 1WS ¦ Netlee to CrtMiltdrs. STATE OF MICHIGAN. Connty of Waêntenw' Notie is benbi i.-iv. u.that by on ord.-r ofincrw bate Court lor ('..uiiiy of Wasl.tenaw. inaiietai" smh dy ol Jone, A. I. 1S81. ix rao"! JT that date w.r.-aliowed for credlton M present t" claims aK.iut the etate of Um MMire late said county, deceasod, and that all credilor ol decee.J are reqtill.-d to present tbulr clalnu) to Probalt) Ooort, at the Probate Office In the iW Ann Arbor, tor examiuaticn and ullowance, , o Ixiore (ba 'th dy of December, ueit. aua 1 sacb clnlms will be heard hef.ire mid coiirt. ruewtay, the i-iitb day of Bpteib. Towday, the. eixth day of l' ¦' ' o'clock u the foreooon of '-cli ¦! id day. Dated Aun Arbur, JuuvUt'i. A. D. [",. i 1042-45 Jude of Pr ! pOFKINö AND CASfiS , FULL STOCK A't MARTIN' AU promptly attandedto


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