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Circuit Court Proceedings

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The following cases have been disposed of since our last report, up to Thursdnv noon: Mary Mnrnlnane vb. Wm. Mrlntee mnd Euirenc Mclntec. Verdict, for plaintiff 15S.5U, OTer and abovc $79, previomly paid lnto court. Locke A Burch vu. Groas and Gro. All proceed Ing except levies by vlrtuc of executlon be uyuil tllIAns:. Int, '81. John F. Binder v. Geo. Wledman. Verdict (or plaintiffSïand coMk, which in auch caaes can nut exceed amouul of judutent. D. Cramer va. H. Klttredee and Jno. J. KItlebue. JudKoner.t for plaintiff I378.D5 aad conts. In. rt Edward Treadwell and Noh W. Cheever from an order of the probate conrt diaallowiuK the will and laat testament of Illram Aruold, decaaaed. Wlll and codicil anitalned. Contwtanti to have 10 daya to move for new trial, and % davs after that motion ahall have been decided to file and aerve blll of excepllinH. John e. Taylor va. John Q. Kllenbnah. On trial. AlpueusJ. Kelley admltted to cl tieush lp.


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