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Kegents meet on Frulay at 10 oclock a. in. Miss Carrle Parrisli, '80, will teach another year at Pontiac. Remember the change of field day from Wednesday to Monday. The medical.class are to have tlieir class supper at Hangsterfer's next Tuesday evening. The plans for the new library building are now being considered by the regente, and will be decided upon next week. The medical alumni address will be delivered by Dr. J. H. Bartholemew, class of '53, on Wednesday evening of next week. The homeopathie . college of St. Louis is holding out indueemente to Prof. E. C. Franklin to return and accept bis old chair of surgery. Prof. Truesdel ha left the Pontiac schools because the school board rcduced his salary. Too bad ! F. A. Fltch, class of '77, has been promoted to the uperintendency in his place. Moss K. Perkins, '81, who has been one of the gentlemanly and efficiënt editors of the Chronicle for the past year, will accept :i position, we understand, on the editorial staff of the New York Tribune at the close of the college year. Many iriends will wish liim the best of success in the journalistic profession. Prof. Chas. E. Greene, holding the chair of civil engineering, has accepted a position in the Massachusettslnstitute of Technology, located at Boston, at an increased salary. The professor will enter upon his duties there witli the commencement of the next college year. Tuis takes another from the ranks of the faculty whom the public will be sorry to sce depart. It is quietly understood that Harry Richardson will take a position upon the Denver News as a reporter. If he does, we can assure the News people that they have made a valuable acquisition, for besides being a gentleman, he is a liyely, wtdeawakc youg man, possessing a futid of humor as well as good sense, and does not lack for language with which to express either. We wish hira the success his abilities will certainly bring hnn if guided arighL We have heard many express themselves as being glad that the bouquet custotn had been abolished for commencement, though some think the class have displayed poor taste in taking the matter into their own banda, Well, there is a difference of opinión on that score. If the class hadni done it, who would? If friends desirc to make floral gifts this action does not prohibit, only the request Is made not to present them at that particular time, making the tliing so conspicuous. Last Tuesday morning Um iiiedir;il studente were hovering about pnstofflee much the same as a school boy hovers about the irin,j.i'u ,,r.T..i.. Mím ,u't,.r ln haa been requested "to cali." They we re in ;i peculiar state between hope and fear, and when the Communications were received the happy or downcast looks of the recipiënt plainly told the story. Out of a class numbering 105 members eleven failed, nine being plucked OHtright, andtwo allowed to remain another year. One young lady student was removed by dcath during the year. - Learning that Willis Boughton, who will gradúate with the literary class of '81, next Thursday, has secured a position upon the editorial staff of the Detroit Post and Tribune, we can not refrain from expressing our gratification thcreat. He is a gentleman of conservative tendencies, honest, capable, truthful. He will always be found in his place, and possesses in an eminent degree that faculty which is so essential to a successful journalist, sound judgment. We are heartily glad to chronicla liis choice of professions, and shall expeCl IO „f l,im jn thp f„t„rp The young ladies society of the university, Eta chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, held their animal supper last evening, having some very neat and handsome card programs issued for the occasion. The exercises consisted of an address, by Jane Eyer; history, by Laura C. Hills; and a poem, by Charlotte Hall, after which were toasts, Miss Lee Bird acting as toastmaster. The menu was rich in delicacies, ye reporter noting that there was stowed away- on the program, blessyour soul, he wasu't present - under the head of "cakes," "lady fingers" and "kisses." Though how the latter could possibly be nicely flavored without any gents' tulips, or the former feelingly responded to the gentle and delicate pressure of thefemininc hand, was a mystery to him. But then, girls are mysteries, to the boys. anyway. The last field day of the year will occur on Monday of next week, June 27th, under tlie auspices of the -¦"") -lL"letic nie following is a list of prizes, the contestante to be goverued by the rules in force at the last meeting: Mon.NINO SK81ION. 1. 'Ten mile wlk 9:00o'clock t. One hour go-M-yoo-please 9:05 8. Boxing _ 9.10 " 4. Cullar nd elbow wreetllng 9:40 - 5. Throwlng Bledee .10:25 " 6. Qnarter mlle ran 11:00 7. Tnrowing base bilí 11:15 . 'Standing broad jamp 11:30 " 9. Indlan club swlnflng _ „...11:45 " 10. Drop kick „ 12:00 " AFTIHNOON SE89I0N. 1. Running high Jump 2:00 ' 2. 8ck race „8:15 " 3. Tog of war, 'Kt vi. '84, (15 men) -ï:40 " 4. 'Horizontal bar 3:00 ' 5. One hnndrad yards dash 3:80 " t;. iae mile rno ¦ ¦¦¦!¦ 8:45 " 7. 'Fencing 4 00 " 8. 'Bicycle race _ 4:45 ' 9. Consolatlon race _..6:00 " Diatribntlon of prizes .5: 1.1 " Flrut clan. The students of the literary department, who are pursuing studies in the post gradúate course of the uuiversity, have completed their theses and the defense of them also. Perhaps it is not generally understood that they are obliged to make this defense in public, any person appearing to quiz them upon their subject, who muy desire to. The following is the list with subjecte: Chas. K. Perrine, '78, Jackson, subject of theses, Tendencies and effecte of Erosión; Jabez Montgomery, M. S., university of Michigan, Herbert Spencer's Education; Geo. F. Kenaston, '80, Dartemouth college, Educational Doctrines of Jacotot ; M. Estelle Norton, '81, Ann Arbor, Poem of Beowulf; David Mackenzie, '81, Detroit, Civilization of the Indo-Europeans Previous to their Dispersión; John G. Schurtz, '81, White Pigeon, Bi-metalism; A. Q. Hall, '81, Cazenovla, N. Y., Innate Ideas and their Hclution to Iiational Cosmology ; Asa D. Whipple, '81, Fowlerville, Vision ; Annie Peck, Political Institutions of Athens and Sparta; A. R. Rood, '81, Lapeer.


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