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Jimmy's Pig

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I don't wythatl didn't do wrong, but WBal I do -ay i tbal I mi-ant to do riglit. lint thal don't make any düereBce. li 1 try to do my very li - tlifii soMictliiiiL' bappena,and I un Mamed lorit. Wlicii I tliink wlwit adisappointiuj; wurlil tilia i', tull ot' IkiiiiIk) canea and all jorti ¦ -. I feí l ready lo bvn iIt wal II In thi' beginniog; tliat i il it hadn't Ih.vii for lier it uoiikln't liare bappemd. Qne Bnarttj -lie and 1 #m uiting in the fronl parlor, andjshe waa looking out of the wlndow and watcliing foi only ítie wild he and tliat she wa Just lookii il was goin; to iiiin, mil solcinniinj.' hci i tliouirlits. I bftri int askud her ln oíd bIic id oouidnt Travers hayc been her fathaf ií he liad nuurteil mother, when Id, "Der me, how tlrctom thal boj ioh and naii. for (rradoui Mkel" I said, ' Vh:ii i k?" SoihegeU up and rivi-s me the ObMrvcr, and "TKore'sa beantiful story about agnoil lo read I and kt-rii siill ii' miÍi know how, and 1 nop it ill do yon gome good." Wetf, 1 read the Btorjr. It toid all about i boy, WhoBe ii.iiih' Unió, and til fatber waa poor and so he kept a plg tliat ci)st liiin twenty Mvc oenU, aiid when UP be -"Id l fot lliirty dollar-, and lie brooght the mooey to bu father and Mliil : ' ¦ Herí', liltlirr Ulk tllis. Olí, bOW liaopv 1 uní u help yon when you'ia oíd and n i r niunO ! ' And lii., tathcr barst luto tear, bol 1 doni knowwhal fr I wocldn't liursi luto toan mueh it' aaylxly fíivr me tblrty dolíais -and taid. "Bless yon, my noble boy yon and unir IWeatpfg liavr savi-d me Ironía ualciy grave, or Bomethlna liKc that. It ñas a real rood story, and it ruadeiiic ¦ i-, ni!; iik''WI-c. r i rpntvrniiiai I wooid ni a llttle new plg for twentv-Bve eeota, and keep it till ItgreW np, and tlien surprise Cather witli tweuty-ulne dollar-, and kp oiic f"or niysrlt M a icw.ird for my good condact Only I njaae up my mina nol to let any body know bont ittill aitet the pig shoijd I' grow n up, and tlicn Ín u the tamil v would all Ik; delfgJited with my " thoughtfnl and jcenerow act ! " lor tliní's wliat tile pmpef tM ¦lanu1-' act The nest day I went to Farmer Smitli. jot liim to glve mo a titile pig fornothitijf, oiitv I Afreed to help non wed ïiis garden all rommer. [tiratabeantiAilpig, ;ii)oii; onr baby, only ltwaadeal prettier, and its tail wm elegant I wrapped t up in au old shawl, and watched my chance and urn' ' op Into my room. wktan is on the tlunl ttory. Tlwi I iwk my tniuk and cnipiicii i, and bored -ome bolet Ui ii fox air, and put the pii; iirit. I bad tintx -t tun ihat eTer na, all that day and the oexl tl:iy. taking care ol that dear IKUepig. I gave bhn one of my coats tot a bed, and tcd him on niilk. and took blm out o! Üm tnuik cvciy liulc while lor exerclse. No body kom ïiiti. my room reryoften, excepi the girl to make tbc bed, and wtaen me came I sluit np the trunk. and -lir nevt-r uitleful of the verj lr-t mud, and put il In the corner of the room for liim to plav in, aml whcn I licard Bridget coming 1 incant to throw the lied quilt over t, M) ifcj wouldn't lutpecl aoything. Alter I had him two day I hcaiil niotlicr saj, te me I In-ar' vciy ciiccr ni'i.H'.-. i-viTv ih)w and then up-flttin." I knw what the matter a. bat I ncvci MÜd anything, aml I feit M bappy hen I thoughl liat ¦ g I boy I uas to mi-e a pitorniy tlcar f'ather. Bridget went up to my room about eigtit o'ekwkoaeerentBg, jostbefore I was to heil, to takc u [ my clean elothea. Wi ere all siuing in the dinini; room. hen We hird her hollar as if MM WM hehifr inmdered. We all ran oul to gee wlial uks the luatter, and uere huif way npXhe stalrs, when the pi;.' came down. and npwt the hole family, and plled them np oa the top of himself at the fnot of the ,-tairs, and before re gol up Bridget came down and feil over ii-, and sak) slie had ju-t openeU tlic yoang maatbèn tLrunk and out jtimps the' ould Satan hlmself and ahe "ut we the prleat ¦¦! ne would be a dead woman. Vou VOOldnt lielicve that, thougli I told them that 1 iaiinii Ihe pig tO 8cll ' :ind 2ve the monoy to fathcr, tin y all 9aW that tliey liever lieunl of -ueh au abaudoned and peremptory boy, and father said. ¦¦('ome up-8tairg with ma aad ril ¦ nn'r M r, ,..,, (Ti. a Iiocl.-e t.-ji't il tpen." I dou't knmv hat becaiue of the pig, tof he broke the parlor w induw and ran awav, aml nobody ever lieard of him iijiain. ï'd like to st-e.'tliat boy JaUl ilon t care how big he is. l'u show liini that he can't go on tettinggood eamples to innocent bo u itliout sufferinsf


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