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The Big Album Presented To Mrs. Hayes By Illinois Ladies

The Big Album Presented To Mrs. Hayes By Illinois Ladies image
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C'llii alo. Jone 9.- The huge album oí si rolames, contalnins 850 page each, presented (o Mr R. B. Ftayee by the ludieaof lllinoi-, jus! out of the bindery and will sooii bc reatly lor delivery. It li beautlf ully designed and illustrated. Iuinscription run-: Trom tbeladjesof lllinoig, who admirad the courage Ure. Hayes has ilisplayod In tho adminfttraMon of the Execntrre Muuion Qodmni tluutbc Inflacnce oi berigBl and benlgn cflbits muy be fclt morend mure as aj;c follous age in the lifo of thi. ;i-eat Republic." Mark Twnin's aatograpb raadt: "Total atatlnenoe II m excellent a tliinR that t cannn b canied to too great an extent In my pastion tor it 1 i-ven carry it so fui totall y abstuin trom total abgtinence itslf." James Freeman Clarke, Klizabcth Stu.irt Phelpê, .1. O. Holland, Lucy Laroom Mn. .James K. Polk, Behnrler Colfax. Chief Juittoe Waita, Metan. Kamscr. Cari Schut. Drv.ns, Miiyaard, Judges.of the supirmc Conrt, gorernon, composers, authors, ooBfrwnian, bnttneai and profetStonal mi'ii have put their 8íiiatures OpOB It8 pages. It 11 believed to lie the most complete and worthy lettimetilal of the kind ever gotten up.


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