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She Shooed It Away

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l'hqy were a partf of Wur couplcscomin' over on the steaiñtmt BanceliCb Uut Sumlrtv and the pietticst j:irl ot the fiaban looked 11 f at Mount Tunalpali and aid: oh timt horrlil, horrid mountaln ' I bad tlir mo-,1 frightf ui adventure up lat uiaeai i heurd of'. a wonder my huir dkln't luru white." "Whal on eurth #as hr ' i iiorustd the "Well, yu aee, I waaup tliere witli a private picnii party, and I wandeKd i mj selt ab'Hit a mik', picklnHoti awhiie f s:it down to rest in a lonely canyon, anil Ix'tmi' longl lieard a qiiper rutIing9oimil in (OOM hasties rij;lit Uhirnl M I knew at onoe, sonu-how, tlmt it w:is ;i i.'ilv." "On and you all alone!" shudili red her eapnrt. "Nol :i soul withln i mile of me. I was n-t .:iialy.('il with terror. Idldnt dare to -tir, hut in ¦ I iieiird tlie least conilos towardc dm tbrough the thicket." Oh! ill'iliinly liri'ii tlicre,"said a younp man tiieatliing very lmrd. "I kiicw it was no use to try and run, and 1 had lieard oiuewherc that leurs touch Sol --Mitmy md held my breath." "Or.iclous!" 'tv -iion the jfreut brute walked lip ma licijaii sniffing me all over. Oh ' terrible!" "Slimilil liave tliought ymi would bavifailllci] " Oli, I ilidu't dare to." siid the herone. ".fus! tlicn, [ lüppose, tlie party ru.-lird db tiid racuêd tou, mm tlie appallcd aodietioe. "Nu, liiey ilidn't. l'nttv HMM 1 iel tin -i pulün at tl' my hal. -i, lid tb i hl' a" "Wlial, tlie -Mi. "Oh, il rasn'l a grizzly. Il was oastj OMOOW. BlftjIISt Mppooe it had been a griizly!" Bul the aadienee reftiwd to "up md tbc ] i 1 1 v looked like ineral


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