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Don't Be Helped

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Dr. l'niue lias very little sympatliy to waste upon youug men who get tlicir education by forced loans from relutivc-. lic to ati earnest fellow who wants n education, but cannot att'ord to pay tur it: "'riic ivay of the woild now is for you look ubout anii set who will help you to get it. That is not the riiht way. Look abont and iee' what you can do to help yoanelf. Grind your own ax. Support yoorself by honorable industrj-, and earn your bread wliile you improve the dls and end-; of time in sdy. Wlien you get ┬Žomething ihcad use t to support youraeU whlle you learn. Ten tliousunds of men are now terrlnx Iheir generation with useCnlnesa and honor, who never ask anybody to grind au ax for tliem.1' This i sensible dvice. The young men of tliis countr)'. 8 a ''Ule, sre helped altogether too miich. If they have the right stutf' in them thcy can et the eduoation they neel without begging nr bonowlng.


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