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OET THE BEST! i LEAD ALL OTHEBS ! EveryStyle&Price. Guaranteed Uncqualed FOR OPERATION. ECONOMY, PURABILITY and WORKMANSH1P. Improvements and Cscveniencos found h ¦ no others. AlwayslReliable. POPULAR EVERYWHERE. Fop Salo in Every City and Town in the United State. And hyJoil.N l'n-i nu i . Anu Ai I t, IUA 1WI-1OI 4 Battle Creck, NlichiganP THRESHERsT1 Tractlop and Plaln Englnes and Horse-Powers. ilut ('oaplrlr Thrcuh Fl toir i EStabftthM InthrWoiM. i I81 O rt VETADO '-''iin'lwil!tIlH. munaffenient, or location, ( " owir f " iAa - brutiti icurruiUy yivcn t uAoW yood. STEAM - POWER STiPAKATOHS Htram mIi. -t ... , A-oaIt. I ¦mex Tnul imi BnKiui'and rimiiKuiiiBea everseon in thu ¦ i i i :m niarkct A muliilmlr of aptrial lluro and impnvrvml, f 191 tofrethfr wittl luprrior quolitú t cmhIib :r2 jnairiai tot (JnAlueduf by IAÍHT 1i. : „}Wi}&XLixzrjLr'z ¦¦---¦ - ¦ vVmof "Moanted" : 7KAA nnn ''¦'' r s ' ¦" r.)iist.int1y on 1'iTvl, frotu whli'h i built Ule lu v urk oí uur machinery. TRAGTION ENGINES ArOMüAi, wntt and efficiënt ever VVf 8, 1O, ia liarse Power. ¦ Fnnnrni iin.l Thr.-hrrm.-n MtaMri M tu x t i iruto thu mMUi ThrëfSlug Miaüiiery. türe-ultni t-ut fp NiCHOLS, SHEPARD & CO. Battle Creek, Michigan. ioao- ¦ EVERY ARTICLE The best (f Is kim!, Boiiííhl Tur Casi F rom tirst hands H_ compettBl bajers, And guaranlct'il An niiil ís it'iiri'M'iilfil. Onl om priee U all, Bftrked in plain figures. Al! are invited !o cali. Cörrcspöndence soffciteff. M. S. SMITH A CO., Jewelers and Importers, Cor. Jeflfersün anA WooAward Atíi I "KTK'OIT. o: - N. H. DOWNS f VEGETABLE BALSAMIC I ELIXIR Is a ture cure Tor Coughs, Colds, ¦ Whooping-Cough, and all LungB Disease, when taken in eason. I People die of consumption simp-lf , ly because of neglect, when tht timeljruteof thii reaied wouIJB have cured them at once. FiftV-one veart of con-B tant ute prove the fact that fW cough remedjr ha tood the tesl ¦ like Dotvtll' Elixir. B Pric 88o. 60o. and Jl .00 per boUU. ForStla Brerywhara. ¦ Dr.Baxtcr's Mandrakel .¦BITTERST Will curo Jaundice, Dispepsia, Liver Complainti, Indigestión, and all dueases arising frum Uil iousnes. Price 25 ets. per bottle. Tor Sale KTrywhr. IIKXKï i, JOHJfSOW ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENT For Jftan au tl Ilcnst. The most pirfect liniment eei compounded. I'rice 25c and 50c. Tor Sala Eterjrwb.i 5. ¦ Health Is Wealth. I)K. B.C'. W li BRAXN TkkTMCT a tpaíUU fur il leri ou Hea Spermit'irrliH CHuxeil ' i-nce. I hoi wi!' ïlHillth'! tl'Ht for ¦'. prlce. We rourmii'. ¦ , Wnh ,-iich order rei ptnli'd witb (Ivo (i(il!r. i Dor wriiten ïnarnole to treatnienl d ¦ hy Brow Arbor, Mfb. .IO1IN l'. V. (tnrn, Chicara. III. tri AgtuHg. Uctruit, M U BTEP1 ÍEN PR VIT, 4NUrA(TUREU or ïïiih ani Low Fressnre Boilers Of all kin. Is. st. iKK l'll'l IIímN WOKK. -'il '. lu.i n Tlinilan.l M I ( ' I ï Repáirlnk-üone. RlreUand Boller Pial ¦ale.


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