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WHO IS UNACQUAINTEO WITH THE CEOCRAPHY OP THI8 COUNTRY, SEE BY EXAMIHINC THIS MAP, THAT J[HE CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC R Y Is The Creat Connecting Link betwoen the East and the West ! Iti malt) line rum from Chicago to founrll slrtpinr Cor for sleeplng purposel. and Palact HlutTs. [KtsMng ihri'iiKlt ,l'liei. (Ut;iwrt, a Salie. Dimnu Cari fi're.alinii purposesohly. 1 1 ei lii'iic.M-.. MollTie. Rtick lslan.l. PlTenport, West feature nf our Pilare ('ars II a SMOKINH I.llert), IowaClt).Mamiici,Hnoklyii.(;riniiell, SALOON wheie jon nu ijjoy jour "Havaua" Ies M (the capital of Iowi). Stuart, Atlanat all Imurs of the day. tic. and Avoca: wlth hraiidi-s from bureau Mafflitflrent IronUrlrtffPS span the Mtislsslnpl Junrtlon lo Peoría; Wlltun Junctlon to Musraand Missouri rlversat all poluta croaaed l tlila line, Washington. Fairfleld Eldou, Belknap, line. and transfers ari-avoiiled at Councll lthltTd, Centri'vlllp. Prlnreton. Trontou. Oallatln. CameHannas City. Leavenwortta anti Atrlusuu, con ron, Lvavenwortti. Atctilson and Kansas City; ncrtions belng made lii l'titon I'[ts Wahiii(ttoiiUSI(fmirn.y. OiklM9a. and TIib prliilul H. H. cooaeutioaa of vllle: Keokuk to FaiinniKlon. Konaparip. lientii i r. crciit Thnuiicli I Ine ar a folln ti)!is[tort, liHlepemleiit. Klüon. ntluniwa, At Chh-a(io. wilb all diveriflng line for the vlMr. Oskaloosa, Pella, Monroe. and Ie Mulnps; Kusl and South. Ml. Zloii toKeumitguu: Newton u Mutiror; Iis At K(ILILWoD, wiUl the L.S MS., and P.. Molnri to Indlanolaand Wlnt-ret; Atlantlcto Ft. W AC. K Kdi (Irlawoll and Audulxin: and atoc to Harían AI Wasiiixuiua IIkiiiiith, wlth P , C. ASI aml Car.son. Th n posltlvely the only RailL. R. R. roal. whtrh owus. and operatec through line At La Sai.i.11. wlth III. Cent. R. R. fruni ClurKo luto t!ie State uf Kansas. At Peohia. wlth P. P. 4 J.; P. I' ,v r. . I. 11 ,v ThntUHhKxprMSPasia-niKT'rraliis. wlth PullV ¦ III. Mld.; and T. P. w Rls. Kai. halacCarattihed,arenineacli waydally At Koi-kIslanp. wlth "Mliwaukecand Rock Ixliwrcu iik'aro and Pkoiua, Kaxsas UlTT, Island Short I.Iiip." snd Mock Iil'd Pvo Rds Coumcil IlLurrs. I.kavknwokth and Ati At Iavlpüt. wlth tb Luvenpoit Diviaiun itov. ThruuKhcarsarealsoiuii botwecnMIlwauc M A st P R. R kce and Kangas City. ïla the "Milwaukce and At Wkst L1BKKTT. wlth theA C. R. 4 N.R.K. Rofk Islaud Short Lina." At Ohikkll. wlth Central lowa R. B The "ersat Rock Island" 19 maRnlflcenily At 1kb MoiNKS.wlth I. M. 4 F. I). K K rqulpiml. lts road led Isülinpljr perfect, and 1U AtCotxriL Hupm, with Union Pailnc R li irjikUlald wlth teel rails. At Omaha, wlth B ft Mo. R. R.R. (In Neb.) Whatwlll picase you mout wlll bethe plrasure At CoLL'MBUa Jt'XCTlos wlthl! i nf iijnyiUK rur uicaK wlnlr passing jvt tin aiiiti'j % Ui Central lowa K K v Ixautlful iiratrlesot Illinois and lowa. In ono of SU L. 4 pac inde H and o R Ril. ..ur magnlllcenl Uiiiüik Cara thai accompany all At Ivkoki k. wlth T.l.. Peo 4 War r Througli hipress Tralns. You ir.-t an entlre Louli Paf , and St. U. Kn.t N. W. R. Rd. nieal. aluuodaala erredla any first-claas hotel. At ( vkuun. with II. si. J. K. R. foraevenly-nvecenu. ai ith Atrh.,Toika A Santa Ke; AiitireriaiiMK the lart thut a majorlty ut the At r,r U P. R. Rds people prefer separate apartmenu for dlftVrenl i H. Wlth Union Pat. and Kan purnoses (and the. luiTueuse paasenver buulncas Cent. l. f thiilliie warrantiuK m. we are At Kausah City, wlth all linei Tor the Wet nouncetbU thla Coinpany runs Pulimmn Pat.ite and Southwcit. PULLMAN I'ALACK CAKÜ re run thronKh to PKOKIA. 1IKS MOl.Nts. COUNJIL itMIFS. KANSAS CITY. AT('IIIM)!4. .,! I.KA V KN WOKTH. ..'iii'HeU ïl" "'' " "' " irat Koek Kli.n.1 Koutr." arr ilil ly ¦11 Ticki-t Aeent in the ITnitod State mul amula. Fur iufürmittian not obtaiuable at j-our hume offlee, midi.--,. K. R. CABX.E. ü. í-i-r. .IOIIN, Vk. Pratdr n,l liixnl Huipi. Groenl 1V1 nd IV C1IICAUU ll.l. . . ntn-ft!


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