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A Story Of Disraeli

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m; Uaat Un large buneh ,.t botaowers wliidi ;irii v t-d trom adistanoe on nitrlit i.cioro tij . interment wa ni ny a air and preaevering enemy, witli whom Lord Beaconafold ;had been 'oom - pelled to malnt&ln a oontlnued wa'rfwe ever tfnce he vu Bral known to her m }oun; LMsraeli. The lady w M JTOBBg, too, at that time, aud very i.-iir. Her busband was Dlsneli'g most Intímate friend, and the that liis advlce had always been to forum the ni.irriayc In conseqOence of Mc wtu known hlgfa spirit and uacertain temper. Hut rhatman n love erer lUten"I to 11 friend's advice? The pair were Diarried and started for thelr continental boneymoon aoeordtea to tbc oattom. On return Dlsraeti pald a visit to his Wend at the beauüfuJ maniion he bad lurcil al nstiijation of iiis bridt a hO8e beyond the mwu be tben had at cortmand aa a beginner in the literair career of vrhich be livnl to beeoao fot -i hile tb e leading star. To .1 doae observer llkc DkraeD ii was -non eiuyto peromrethal all had nol ione qHlte m incrrv as the ntarriage bella whicli had so l.ilily iJiinitxJiui .,,, ,.u,i i.v ¦'¦"f ea the jreal authar unfolded t. Uifrlend a tale oí woe foundedoo t'aets of temper too terrible to rekte, to whlch Disi'acli, the liaclielor. eoald sec no icimilv hut b BeparaUon, ooavietlon Üial his Eriend had fallen Into trouble, and that the sooner he could manace to nel onl ¦'' '¦' " ' " i i ..,!„,.. that domeatíe foobiei trom hti wlfe'g temper vould won desLroy liis literary talent, and that, after a brUlfant debut, he would sink to nol liiiiLT. and that. from wlial )!¦ had alwayi beard, he thould think títere wouKl be suffleient motives lor tepaitttion, and that he would assist himin the pica by every means in hls power. 'I shall neTer daré to propon -urh a tep," moancd the QUtbaad in a despairinfr tone. "Oh, li lier to me; let me talk to her," 8aiu l)inicli, eonlidentially. -J have never vet been defeated by any woman." "At tliis moment the foldfng doors of thedmwin rooni l,iut opea with wrath, and before the peak,ew .-t..od the amraged wife in her nightgown, with her hair disheveled, and a dangerona tire In her i The room adjotalng ni her bed room. Bhe had beard every word of the eonrenattön, and rushed like u furv to the dafente of her domestlc hearth. Wtth a ahrill batüeery She rushed opon the enemy, and aeizng the hack of theeliair on whi.-h he w& aeated drew it from onder bta m the most expeditious uav of Indtteing liim to atoey the mute summona to depan lv indicated by pointlng her finger to the aoor; she was Buffocafced wHh nure and i-ould not utter a syllahle. The intrudei. sstoniahment, made bound toward lie d and ranlshed without the utterI i tingle word.


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