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The Late Thos. A. Scott

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Atthis time J. Edgar Tboispeoo bad bacome the c(iiiii:iiiv's rhief englneer. T:ilkinjr one day with Dr. Giren, former oollectoroftolli M ('olumbia. and then boldtnc a contrae! with the Paaaaytraota raUroad, lie asked if the latter coulil recommend to iiirn i man to sel as itatlon agent at Duncansville.on the Altegbany mountalng,then the terminus of rowL The station agat wu ui bare chaire oí the transfer of paasengera and freight between the can ol the IVnnsylvania cómpany and those of Ilic state road. "Therc was a young man awd to clerk tor me at Colombia tbat would suit you flrti rate," replied Gr. ;iven. "Whari Iiis name?" uked Eng'un'cr Tliom paoa. "ThOIDM A. Scotl." "I will tand word to liim." And be did, and by tekgrapb, too. Kr I liompson was gltting nct day in office at Harrtoburg, hen in walked attranger wliowasa plctim of manlv tieaiity and who bre about liim a breen air of imlr.... .., .1.ImIj Ih.ik .,...1 .„c . ation chteftaing had no fbr hini. Ilis lang ycllou hair (traaxred ovei bia dionldem, a wide-ljrimiiied sloiuli bal was pefCb ed on the back of hil baad, liis pants wei e Ineked in liis Imots aml liis han. Is were explorlng tin.' very depthfl of liis pock "Yoong man. wliat do you want'"enqnlred Enginat Xkaaaa! looklng aeonnd andgazinjC at Hú pictutt. "I helievcil you telographed for me," the reaponae, in a réry clearbatraspectful tone, Wt with no appearanoe ol embarraaaamti. "Wliat ia your name?" "Thomaa '. Boot) " "Are you the young man Dr. Given re.onimenilcd?'1 Yea, sir." 'iiie obief angioeer, aftw a Im aml earnest scnitiny OÍ Uie long hair, the big hat. the boot encaaed pants aml jioeketbidden band, satd raddenly and bruaqoely "I don't think you will suit nic." "Tbat dosen't maku a darned bit ot diff'ereiiee." rejliod the fair rouns man with i.len loeka, not one wiiit abaahed. "I mude lip lny inind to come down her sm way aud try you for a month. and it I nlted you to stay, and it I didu't I would mlstaty aoon teil you ao. Q I day, sir." "Iluli Ion there,''ealled out Clilef Thompson as the youff bmb wae walktag f rota the door, )irol)ably demonstrating more ([uickness of detennination tban M ever afterward dlaplayod, "Came backherai I SOeat I will try you for a month," and be Uied hhii for many years afterwai-d.


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