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Chinese Table Etiquette

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Ttng Lniifr Ho, an cilücitccl Chtaasian, w-rites u. (bJMwa; "Aoeofdlag totheteachIng of ('onfucius, no conversation ni 1 1-.1 be carried on at table. Thls preoept of Confucius. ili-s:iL'icr,ililc thou-rh it mii-i to maiiv, prerenta many aabaiTMaaMota at table, naiuely, one's beiiití interrnpted when he tries to speak at tablc, and the bolaterotuoesa with wblcfa tome carry on cuiivcTsatioii at table. ('liinrsi' etiquette requires all to b'Lria to Ml at the gaine time, but each one befbre he begins to eat ' -iifrally says, 'Let us begin,' whlch is acoompaniéd by .1 feature with the chop.-ticks. In Snllhlng diic's neal, the KOM re i umm, Ipui not the ¦¦¦ Trnrrii He laya then to thi).; who are still eating, 'Do not be In harte.' [t U coatoouuy foi tha eider 1 belp tlie yonnnr to those (lislies kiek lu: eannot rcach.ljiit in rcceivtng requiret bbn or her to rise. In sittinji at ¦ IhiiMM table neither one's body nor liis dri-s inut touch the table, and nest striotMH In regard t (mc's ]mli. ii cnturccil. It is not acconlinc to Chinese etiquette to !k around hen i-. saXing, inr to itere at oae 'inother. Remarka made " the (bod and tbeamacklog ol' one's üs are (I'm sorry to sayi alloualilr In ('liincsc etiquette, 'rhechop¦ticks, wlicn OIM is nol iimiijí Iliriii, must !¦ placed on the table close togetber, perpendicular to t apoon, Aooordhig to Chlneae etiquette, it is rada hr om to Iinih u) aooo; OM BHl liy to keep together witli the rest, thoush it is beooming l'or interior-, to tiiiih a litllc befOre thcir superiors, lut not a littlc ton late. RoadIng oí pertodlcala is st riotly forbidden, but latten are allowed it thcy are very inipor tam. One Tenr aeldom aika íor an excuse from table in China, luit every one gi


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