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Commencement Week

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The pMt wii k lias been a very busy olie lor this city. BTtroUet of OMMMWW ment ireek mark ooe of tbemott important i'vciits in the year1 clrcle lor our people. ál usual our streets have swanned with strai: HM bacTHlaureiite uilrtia. iMlHIUld by 1!. v. 15. F. Cocker, last Sabbath afternoon, il is needlaai to iay, was a line eftbrt, and that univer.-ity hall was crowded with popl to beur it. The adüress will be l'oiuul in full njjoii the first page of this (iiiKNX Ficlil-dav.uhich WIM thllgw] froni WVdnoilay to Momlay, was rivcn up cntiroly, ijc-i-aiiH' of the IlDpleMkDt wcHther. Th i ticisrs ot -l:i - lay, 'l'uosilav. mvn "Í uiuisual merit. At 10 a. Ui. au oriuion was clelivcretl by C. Townc, opon tin tobjact of "civil service reform." The ttl'urt was one of rare exeellence and rafleeted nuob credit upon the spiakir. Thto was followed by the elan im-ui, ilelivcrod by I. R. CltMKtt. The dass hto¦y, by Alian 11. Fraztr, redtcd many deedt tod sjiread overaKwl 'lial ut tiTiitory lor i dass which bas always bean notad for (ttextrama qoiMnea goKl moráis and piety. IÜM Ntllif Stanley then rvftil tlie clatn propbecy, which lngealou)y won in the nu-mbers of tlie clkM as viiived through thi' lioroM-opi'. The farcwell addrCM by the tÊÊM . di'nt, Wetniore Hunt, okMed the morning , i'Ncicisi-.. The la-t paji-r and the cltjM poem will Braad upon the first -de of ) this issue. In the cveiiin class ]imc[ tion n uiiivcrity hall. and thu dancing in , tbc iaat dotad ¦ well-apaat dy la an enjoyadle marnier. WVdnrsday h alumni iluy, and tlie time was all taken up wiili baaÍMM BMtinjiS nration, pornis and mvptions. It ai DM oí' (he bufleU and liappict d.ivs f th estire week. The dun ¦ of 'fu. '"'. "7"i, aiul '78 -ají lifld a reuuion, and liundreds betonglng t othar cte- i iren pw ¦ni. STorer before hu tbre bora o )arg an OÍ aliliniii. 'l'liiirsday wltMMd tlie tliiríy-MVciith :i ti mía l oommeDcenwRl "t tlte uBlrenky. 'The iddreat i Cba gnánaltt wtt úettnnd b i:.v. .1 i'. N.-wniaii. D. D.,af9Tr Toril city, alter uiiii-h üm gtadaatm ( the litcraiy, medioaJ and phanwojr da parttnenta wre preaented wtth dlplomaa. 'l'lif alumni diiincr WU held at balf-paat "ín1 ia ilic afternoon, and In the evening tlie ir'Kleiit's animal reception wa jriu-n by l'n.l. Kiï.vc. dort ""'¦ of moet mico ootnmenoementf bvw IhM in Aun Aíbor, A table ol ut ttnttfl in refftrd tothegradnatnif.' das, ot' the litorarv departmeut will bc found :K t ! i f - t i oí tliis ] :i tr . i wiiihlt-r it tlic .fay profaWOT of l:iw aml twi) or tluci' of liis bOMB Iriciids n llic niciücal sta tl' WOOld nut like to Pi lii-vc tin' iiii'iliciil irr:i(liiHting clas of of thcir diploma tor tlicir kiml CXpreMioa ti and sympathy for Dr. Hntl


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