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The i c " ..i gxporti ni mercfcandiM ovar Importa, for tbc yeair tndtng Muy 81t, last, was 9SM.789 BM, atrain.-t 169T0,80l tur tlie year previou.-. 'l'lic city tí St. firril lias liad a law enactcd lor [ti henelit. which the toeplngof traniiiiiiií; eatabtUbmenti telony, and hm havr all been closetl up. Tlicy hang tor inurder iu Arkansas, i one da 't pttpw tbc paai werk brougbt intclHgcMcc ut tlirct' delibérate martüsn n tlmt ttkte, wliilc (éareaiy a weck pa- es bOt 'ne ir tWO erentl Ot ÜM kind are gireo to the public troca that localtty. 'l'lie aune day'i iiler, spoken dt al)oe. alaO tulil of tWO mantera, i"'ili prnnedltated and iu cold blocxl, la l'eiiiisylvanLi. and yet ciipilal ptinMinieiit .- the penalty lor niiiider in that state also. Lt'l liave ÜM reeiml all aromid, and see what is tlie best luw to preveut tlie takin of linman lite. Tlie endino of tlie prisoners' reunión WU a sad ill'air tot MM wlm t.k part u livilie. One ('liimiei' .1. I):ivis, Of M he afterwardl a his natne. " De Hiel," liad heen drinking on that day and weni t the place herc. lie livetl, in Detroit, with a brother-iu-law, sanwd Alonw Barren, and with a club htruck him ou thc bead M tlmt death MOO re.-ulted. Hiirrett lived alone witli _tlnce children. liavinj; parted with 1 1 1 - . u ie tome time previom. The cmse of the troable s diroaded In mystery, but probaldy greu ont oí ton e aüeution pald by Davis to Barretti oWest gkl wko s alxint lilleeii. Dalla (M huielf np.


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