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Fatal Accident

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I.a-l Monday BOnilBg anolhcr d- th was caustil near this city by tlie Grand Rápida txpret. Tliis train wliich is at this station ut 1 l:-l) lrnin thc w e.-t. ran over and in-t:intly killed OllTW Hiril. jMt at Ü curve. MU roiK rt of I he Toledo A; Aun Arbor junetion. He liad livedon liis tarín, near the track otthm raad, tbóúl twomltea trom tlie city, íor over forty veáis, aml walked tlie li:uk nearly eveiy day tor tliat iBngtta ol time. Dftring ÜM pMt winter he luid been troiibled with bis lieail whirh liad . nniT---' r-": ' id tliis it is iren erally concedí d. aeeoiinled lor bis uot lltaringthe danser Hniils. -Tlio cntíineer claims lo hac 1 1 sed eveiy incaii.s in tí ower to attiiict tlie attention OÍ the oíd geni lemán, but that he did not appmacli of train iinlil it was rifíht upoii hini. The deóéaaed mi niau aiiout ity yearsof tad Imvw ¦ wiU - wlth whom be bai nol lied tor severalycais - and 11 fainilyof two childrcn, a boy oí 14, and a gtrl OÍ 11). tlie lalter haviu livel with her motliei sinee they iiut"d. and thc loinifi n with lits l'athei. Tin: estale lett Uy Mr lürd ol a farm iincneuinbeied. valucil at $9,00% and (tnhilbodjWM fottlld a eerliticate of depodl iu Ibe Aun Albor MVingl bank for 340, aml $m.S0 iu cash. IIi.s uatch til biitlly broken to pleCM and Stopped within a hall 'secoiid ol 11 o'clock. llis body WM terribly bruisc-d, inany of the bono bein broken two or (bree times. The jury siimnioned by Coroaer Clark, tltÜllg al tile de.ol ni Ihe bodj o'clock and th' followlng eidiet was rendered: "That (lliver Hird cune to bis death bv belng aecidentally killed on the .Michigan iffan central railroad, lx-tween the lirst mile DOS) west of Ano Arbor and the depot, beIngstrnok by angine No, B. All aeocttry signáis wcre iven henee no blame can be attached lo the railroad. Furtliei moie lald accident took place June 'JT, 1881, about the honro!' 11 o'clock, a. ni." Bi)(ned bv Amlrew Bell, B. I!. GkUe, C. A, Chapín, Isaac Crawfoid. Henry C. Wilinot, O. W. ( Iropwy, jurón. That our readers may know how badly !he deeeased was injured. wc gÍT8 below the te8timony of Dr. C. Georg ; "Fouiul tlij Deck broken, the llrst bon ofthe spinal column was literally sina.-ln -d ; no externa! marks over this part. Tlie left thijfb bone brokén au inch below the liip The ripht le' broken over tho anklcs: the left elbow loken ; the ribs broken on botfa ili's. DeaTh ITOi cause d bv the fracture ol The body w hen struck was thrown into the air sonie ten or lifleen ieet, fallin. in the ditch at the side of the track. Many of our MSB) to til i il k that the deceascú took this inethod of conunitting wielde.