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STSVKN8- In thlt city on toe lst in.'., f typhoid f.'vcr, Sarah. (l,mi;hUT of J. and S. dtevanr, ged II yearrand 11 uionili. Anotbir form var the rlTCr, AwiiitiiiL: ij- uu tlif other slde, Another guardián angel Oor wayward feut tt iruide. Sweet Sar;ih, mr child companlnn, H oared to the mnnsiouH atmvi-, And lier happy face no more we'll -ei-, Nui nare her boundlepe love. The golden bowl tg hroken; A d imnd the llkcu cord ; And the houI on ani-1 pintona la wafied to lts rieh roward. Bilt our dear one bas gone to ber hom.', 'io the land where the ancl. dwaïl, And ttiongh we'll iadly mWe her, W Wuow that "It is well." FLORA. UJHKIrr s. CAKH. Mr. Hai riet S. ('arr, ifu of Ür. l'nrr, of Lima f bom in Colmnbi connty, New York, In 1821. She was marricd to it. ('arr at New l.iluiiion. In Ihe same cuunij, Dicemher Ni, IMS. They carne to Michigan in ihv ipniw oí 1848, and thf clocior took ap lils rcaldcnre io Lima In the fall of 1S30. Tht reeling of uodearnteui (WMratod fbr tin: bul thlrty tif Mis. Carr, now diecurni'i! in her l(inlii and moral ton of chrucier is oven iuto tlie clrple of li.r acciuainunce in l.lDia and viclnity a a part of thail vrrj Ma(' Uu Um ifUTiioon oj the lSth of May ¦ med to pauetal and ordsrl spliiTu of npirini il Illu to congenial to I er i.ixte an fwllnin Stricktn with the third atUck of paralysin, ¦h diid suddunly, IIuí aodlng a uurlod of bodlly mUtíiii; that hu wlth foriliude and n tl' 'i' tuf the nrt lour vearM. stie wan m.-ik aml ri'tiriut.-, loved umi Mtoemed by all. Mrs. Carr nn iiMnr-tk in In r isaooiatloui Ijy uuiiir-. nnd comUaoi ith thl waa iiidcr. mmliul nd iiuiiormity, whlcb KtHinpi-d thelr ruuliitlng iinprürn on all he done. "A place lor (TWtblni and uverythlni; in itM pUra." A will rwnlktad hooM mi h.-r iifllht, IÍ coDducted on the plan of scodobj, the principia oi virtue and noml ïmeirritv. Kalbrloiu liy nature hut nol rrjfulated by creed; or iecturt inNm. sh-loved huniaulty and vu in synipaihy rila tk afindhorwh Ie oul inoorpor.ilBd ïoudi a divine Inw in irkieil hc saw hr rellgtou dmv io her hin'mnd, her fainily nnd tu world, Thl made Mff kTSIM lo ml coDventional form-, and it WTcd to ouaeentme har social aud ctotueêtlc Ule non l.wiy irh her famliy frdc Sh.' balleved in lln-f trli-inicy of pm)or, loc ii vihr.ited a a)in.tln-iic end tüal vu in unlty wnh ibe pirlt world. Il alao Barmoolsed hr thoocbli wlth nature. I will lllustrati- Ibm by the charuot.r ol her Inner lire wlth a piiture tlmt would dra forlh hw aiimiiatlon The üoldeu .un wn aotrlng an.l w.'iternsky wu vnanued b} lum nona c'on.l and mimalve .llarn ol (uldaa Itcht. Alona, l muM biipikh.' ba to ),- win all uutiirc, tv kuecl um)ii Ui urci'ii lurf al her leet, rnlrv baranna in adomilon and her volee in audible pr.iver. Il ;1 BualfcaUtton af divine lOTflioaaa. aad f b adOMd tka OBa roo conld paint süth a .-ti-p,' of hi-uutjr aml lorellneaa. In ihls lier ¦onl raachsd yui ijoud the conflut-H oí earihly llfe to Iliil lair iiiorn.r Inml tUtet tOOtlu bjr il hinnouy all bo edi to enter, where theBulrii will pn in relusmeAl amt twrleolloii hd emriute (. -; .1 atiritciion and ipirltnaJ .im-im in,,i:.