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Newspuperaare not only greatest levers to power, bui tbelr oondemnatiof] is equivalent to ruin. No man can tocoeed in tliis day of Intelllgence who dtedalni the power of the newspapera, They u-e valuable ilike to the morehaut who wants to advertise, the reader whodesires to keep op with last-movin eveota, and tbc whole world Deed alwayi it goud and effectlve teacher. And as we advance newspapen jjrow beiter and more Independent, Md non ooMCtontíoiM, too. Tin-v bluri out witli coiotnendable fninkncssthe faults and misdeed ofgreat men, are the true criterion and lexicon ol the timet and the chroniclcs j from hicli future liistory will bo made. iSo wben tlio newtpaper teil us ltarnum' greal enterprtoe i "too niuch of ¦ maximum crowded Into a niinimunr - that it that the "Menagerie is the most perfeci evershown," - that the "prewnce of ( liang, tlie ChlneH K;IIlt filis room," - and that "'it is the best thing of the kind ever sim la America" why, we believe it. The New York Ilerald, Sun. Timo, World, Tribune and Post say these thil gt, and they ure reliablc. Barnum'i latest and bigsel venture will be at Anu Albor, Tmvday, J ily li'th.


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