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Aun will UOl liavc tWO daily papen afta all. The pottofflce iii be opeo July i r ] i froto v:;o tii!i:;;i) a. m., mm! 7 to 8 p. ni. No inoney oidei or reglstered letter Im-iness. John II. Ev;irt.s has bought tlu' Dezter milis, where h wi'.i !¦ tound aftef tliis date. Thew i. no bettei millt-r ia the ¦tato. TI átate ol Cha. ElUon wil! now km be M-ulcil up. it siipposrd, as a brother hai u-t arrived t'rom Engtatd for that porpoM, ll will i-ii.-l lilis district Í'.I-.2Ü tO have the vanott- school boMdlogl properly repainted t !i is nimner, ut leMt that is the contrael priee. The waUBof Kick's dcw blocK ímvc ¦.....!, cd tin' root and show off a tnagDlflcent sliuctiuc. It will Ík' ni; of if not tlic (nest iiliKk in the i-ity. Reeldenta oí the lilth w.-ml oomplaiu that Doproteotion ll affbrded them y Um pollee, and tliut the ojaarrelsome and criminal la-s( s rnii ranipant tliciv. Prof. lióse tarted Éoi Mi iww Seld f labor In Chicago las) nighc We hope i eertain Jadge aml twn or three of liis btack-ttearted asaoclates will now breathe Tlic teachan i" the publla Mhoob hare been re-lilred [or the coming y ear, and thelr ¦aktríei too! up $18,882. Theialary ofProX Pattcngil) has been ralsed :iK), aml ]c now receivw l,80a 'l'iic foüowlng offioen of Waahtenaw Indge, No. '¦. LO 0. I'., wew ehoaeti last Frlday Ten ing i X. Ö. - llcnnann Krapfg H. T. Morton ; Secy.- John MCleery ; Treas. - 1. Cramer. J'rof. GkwilBg, Of H:vana, . Y., will :i--i al the organ daring the service at the kt. R. i-lmi-ch next Snmlay. It will be vi'iiicmlici-cil wiiii what pleaaure the people heard him i few weeks ago. Win. Wade, preaidml ui the Detroit reform c;1mI), will leclure Kahinlay and Sunday eveningB, Jnlv 'l and 8d, in the Dexter reform clob%a)l. N' one ill jro away from his teetnrei diaappointed. ?? Last Friilay night, at ahout IS o'clock, the lire heil raag au alarm. The flre pnived to !e in an ash house, on Ann ¦tWt, neativ oppoaite the old Baptist chareta. Nu great ilamage was done. (' QroMoun, who has been In New Mexico for the paal eight months, five of whieh wen s]H"it In Las Vegas, has returned to the city smnewhat iniproved in health, bol tboronghly aatiafled wlth Michigan, le doeant enthuae mach over the : att The Daily of last Thursday announced a diMoluilon f the flrni of KomCnp, Taimei' ,. l.i ae. its ]iuhlishei, EtOOa and Leaat retirlog. The new firm ('. A. Tanner & Co., the Co., it is nndentood, betng K. II. 'l'anner, of Toledo, a bmtlier 0fO. A. Laai Fi'ulay niirlit the Ann Arbor eity '.'land, nni'er the direetinn of the gradnatinir ela-s (,t the hi'h school, trave Profa. Periy, PattengiUi Chute, Pond and Wines each a fine serenade, most of them aeknowledging the coin)liment In a few pteaaani rtmtrka. The foUowiog resident of tliis countv hare recently ralaed new barni : Jolm Feldkamp, f 8aron, 40x80; Miclmcl :¦. of Sylvan, 34x86; C. M. Nlowa, of Slmroii. KxM; Jat, Bwbaat, of Bridgewatar, MtelOi EMaha Hall. f Mraeheiter township, 30x10. The contract for arecttog Die basement walls of Mauly and Hauiilton's ncw brick Moefe hM Ix-.'ii ld t,. Walker Uros., and cirk m '¦oiniiiciiccd last Tuesday niorii11. Ai'trr MOM ehailgai In th plans and tpecMtoatloni the contract for the suün ¦trootUBB will 1; let. Rev. BiumU i. Pope, of Chicago, leaves home next weck for a tliree month' trip in the old worhl. He Is ncar end of hl neoal jnar! paatonte of 'l'rinity chureh, ud lí M wel) tiked tliat the offloit] boud liave advanccil h -alai y (1500 mori than he rcocivi'd the firrt year. At tlie semi-aniiual electtofl OÍ Otseningo lodge, o. .).-,, I. o. o. F., last Tuesday evenlng, the fttlknrtngoAoen irweehoten: VC. ïla„. Dow; V.O., Cha, l'owell ; reconlliif aacretury, C i:. Dariaom; panttnenl tecrHuy, V. .1. WHer; treasurer, C. -I. Dlirlifim. Installation next Tue.-day 'liht. Coantjr OtoA Clark lias remtred 127 nolary pulilir 0OBÜHkBa, IS Mug roceWed last, Toaidkjr. Of this nnmber BS have boao dellrwad, 18 ntaraad- hm of whteh are dopllcate- and the balance are on hand. ïliero art' eooaiaioM lor four men whoac wWr- i not U'm. u. Taloeit, Jas. K.-id, and John 1$. Clark. The h.av.nly pyrotechnics which were "ïtaptoy tal Tueadaj evenin-, were :il...nt (lic Indat Wt ever f, They rnajaMnoud arty in areaiDg and lated thr.Mi-li nntil ncarly daybrcak. Ven"r. Uk; Caiittjlan wcatlirr prophet, sayg tS ktm a li,.t, st.irniv .Inlv. and lf we aas Jajge Lh,rr„f y the" last tv dayi "I Juin-. li(. i:is liil aUtfk. And now conns tbfl Milán Sun willi (ik """¦. i'"t of aawse Oderklrk wout -ivt. tlir l)oys ,,way: -And n.ivv conirs a letter tnm Ann Arbor, laktag m lf re wül Ptoaaa gtm t„ ntmiI af the ladiea'of "¦at city, Han ..i tona af Madenta Um on Umi BxeunUn abont which pabUahad. Thejr ovfcJenUy mean bwinn Aitor tadaate The Byracuse unlvereity hm recenüyoon ferred the degree of I). D. upon Kev. .1 Alabaater, paatorof the M. E. Chaich thi city. A Dr. Aiabuter :in iiliiniiiu of tlmt instiUition Ofkwnlng, the honor i all tliu more maxked, and acceptable. Duane Doty, ex superintendent of the Chioago acboola, and ;i resident of Am Axborwhen ¦ boy, wantod t rent hlabotui in tliat city, last winter, alreadyfurnlahed white hls fimiily went eaat Ba caaghti cluip with Kcv." preflxed to bia name and cangfal B tartar at thfl same time. TIn papen tal] a long atory of how the dead beal workcil hit carda to bea.1 liiiu. Sumí' dt the Qowen ueed in thenuinerou- bwwtlful floral gifts preaanted to th high school graduatealaai Friday wen aoi honeatly obtained. We knowofoueplaa on División strect tbat was completely stripped of flowen the nlghl prerioaa, and hav beard of srraral othera. Flowei ateallngia a mean, conteinptiblc species ol Iliicvini:. and deservcs puniahmenl if tlic i could be caught. There will be no eflort to celébrate tin 4tli of Jnly in this city. Most eYerybodj will stay qoiatly at home und try to kee i'oul, though a few will o to Milan, MMni to Detroit to see Maud S., and others t Mancbeater to help the people erf that Omving barg tw st the tail featbers of Um American bald hcaded eagk and makc hei acream. WUtmore Lake will alaorecetre a goodly delegatlon. Xixt Siiiiil.iy tbs .Milán raform club will open np a s.i i oi meeting! at iliat place, In the tent, laating throagh the week, Prof. T. P. Wilson, of this city, beinn the lust speaker. We are Informad that Maaon Loog and a tong list of prominent speakers will be present daring the werk, and that the Toledo & Aun Arboi R. K. propoaea to take paaaengen at halffare durlng the weck. The papen throughout the state are dis ouasingtbe adnaablllty of giving op the annual enoampment of bar state malilla, and In lien thereof setidrog two or three oompenlea to the orktowa oentennial aexi Ootober. Sniiic are favorable to the atter project, wliile others are bitteily oppoaed tp it. The offlceis of oompany A do not seem to care tor encanipment while the rank and lile favor it. W. It. Davenport & Son, of Saline, have auned to jiureliase a Srat-claSS BteRDQ lire entine, assiune the entire care of it. and huild a house to keep il in. provided the bu.-iness men of Saline will only ral '" i i'" ¦¦ boa, aart, bdl, etc. The Obi laya I is hard to raisc the amount. li louk to uu ontatder as ¦ mighty good offer and one that the people of that villatgewü] regret to the dayof the reaurreotlon il tlny t'.ul lo ir.,n..Uv i.ri'i; The regular monthly meeting of toe pomological society will take place on the 81 of July, in the 'nasenieiit of the court house at - o'cloek p. in. Botfa ladies and gentlemen are respeetlnlly in iled toatlend. 'l'h( curenlio, which destroys all our plunis mii attacks ' ]n achea and pears. w 11 be 'is cussed ; also repofti on Dr. Conklin'i cur etilio remedy ; reporta on the Mentón llar kor meeting, by ihe delegatea prospecta oí the coming apple erop: trancportation oi fruit, etc., will 1! discussed. Before another taaoa of ovr paper aonu 1,300 or S,000 people will have stepped out of our fair city, making quite a hole In our popnlotion and busiiii's-, and leaTmg t nt oi the mosi qulet, peacefnl, beautifnl, .-mal cilies in this part oí the 'globe, for ; period of two montlis or more. .lust the place for a delightftü suiuiner re.-t by the overworked and bmy Inbabitant of our greal eitíea. )ur place wouid make a de Mgbtful ranuner reaort if the peopla ol öm large cltlea dld but know ita many attractioll. Laat Wedneadajr aftemoon and erenlnj the party that went from this state t Europe in 1S7S, had a reunión at Mrs. Fosti !¦"-. Of the original oompany the followiii"; were pre.-eiit: Mr. E. SamaOfl, fpai liinti ; Mr. W. F. Matthews, ManehesteiICiat Lydla Hopldna, Detroit; Mr. .1. W. Winsor and wife, Hillsdale; Miss C. Kcrr. Alliion; Mrs. Foster, lieaara. .Mack, E. E Beal and J. E. Beal, of Ann 'Arbor. At the banqoet these were aaaicted hy (rienda, maklng the number twenty-five. I and letters were read and nianv haltforgotten incidenta of the trij were again rcealled. "Champion of the West" was the name of a strawberry that John Allniaml, ol Ann Arbor town, had in this office last Wcdnesday. It was a reiuarkablc berry in that it meaaurad 81á Inchca in drenmferaace, 2 : Inchea in diameter, and weighed 30 ounces. If any man in WaMgaai; U Monsin, California, or any other state, can eqnal it, we should like to hcar from him. Mr. Allniand, knowing the peculiar atlection the CouuiER force- two of thein - have for good thiaga, lelt a box of the nicest atrawberries we huve -een this ycar, and JuaMce waa done them. Hany thanka to the donor. To show that we do ïiot stand exaetly alone on this questioü of paylng out the nioncy of the people to induce Unmlgra tion, we take the following from the Ml. ('leinens Monitor: "We agree with the Ann Arbor OotTRLBB that the new emigratfcff connnishiou is aomethiog unneoee sary. Michifran is doinjr well enoiijrli; ahe la rich, populoua, and in every true seuse frrcat. Her tanda are coming hito niarket nouirii, aha is growing with rapldity in all the naatintlaia of proaperiiy. There is no aaaaa la Soatíasg a great horde of paople into the state whom we do not want particularly, and who are niuch better fltted to tackle the prairiea of the far est. Au elegant autograph album was presentad to l'rof. Preston li. Roaa, on Wednaaday last, prefaced by the following kindly expreaakMi of raapeot, ayaapathy, and Iriendsliip. algned by the entire gradnatiog class af VI, of over '.M nemben i also by 50 of the olaaaof 's- w ho had been pupila ander him dariog the year, with their postotlire 7b Dr. JVtêton B. Jiote : We, the students of the laoutiaent of medicine and surery, uoivensity ol' Micbifftü, who, a roaf pupila, hve been broo(ht Into uiimiüU' ri'lutlon wfth uu and come to appreciatü jout cdnicat aud elllciL'ut leachiut: while knewyou, no in triend than teacher, hope that yoQ will regard our Ittmilmr elnatures as expreeglnp; ¦omttalng of oor eu-riii aml fiianiisslp eomethiiig of our itppri-tmtloD for the carelull palnlakiij you have bi spoa u, and the genial cuurteíy witli wliivh jron bave ever placed your talents at our commatul. Aod while we deplore tbe loss sustained by our Alma Maler in your resltrnatlun, we hennlly wlsb you that euccepH in oiber field of labur wl,ich yuur télenle so wcll fit you to actieve. Since our last issue a new astronomieal "treat" luis appeared in the bearena, in the shupe of a large comit it II in the nortliern sky, and though the dottdl have been doing thcir bc.-t to bhul oll the visión of it from the people, vet it has been viewed inany times bctween the breaks. Prof. Harrington has nöt been die at hts post at the obaervatory, and together with liis assiitant. Mr. Bchalberie, s-veral excellent observations have been taken. The oeleatial animáis atrnetura is said to be very niuch t lic -ame as Donati's cornet of ls."s. whieli many of our paople will distinetly remeniber. Prof. Harrington is neliiicd to beltere that tbli hn-talled tellow, wblob was di-coveicd bv l'roj.ei Ilenry, iu Europ-, ut : o'cloek last Thursl.iy morning, ( Kngllah time) i the same onc seen by Prof. ErOUld, on .June Ni, in Buenos Ayers. But such thlflga are a little difflcult of definlte pladng. It is the laigeat spei'inieii ol' the kind seen M mm


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