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lr. Breakay and dauirhtci. M.u, started tor tbtir home in Aun Albor on Tui - Maaon ('ounty i ¦;!¦ l'eoplr s:iy t in-y want men to practice wliat they prcacli. Btit suppoae b mm preaches tree love or neeiidiarisin ? rien Spring Era. Theie we re (i9,C'OO pounds of wool purchased by Fout dealen In city on Thurtday and Friday ut au average prlce of SS cfiits per pooncL - Lanalng nepubll("ui. Qovarnor Jerome iet Callaghanllowell compilation bil) (.lie; it was ptaiiily unconstltuüoiKil, and the rallroad iro; l)ill die becaose il was impossible to curry out. - Lansrng República!!. It is to be hoped tliat the luccewor to Ueiitley in the pension departmcut at Washington will stand m tirmly between tl legal shyater and tbosa eutitled to pensions as he uld. - Adrián Time. Takilltf up a stalile Moor last week. pre paratory to the removal OÍ bil barn, EJijah Qibbs, redding ncar ('aro, uitli the ¦1 bis liired man and doj;. kille'! B9 full irniwii rats.- Vhhi l'iom E. C. ítUMell, of tliis city, sheared this spring, 1,761 poumls of wool t'roin "Jiiíi íneeg, and aoU it laat week to Gtoorgn I-inan. lor .'!" cents per nound. Wh there's no profil In wool f -Ingham ('ounty N'cw s. The legtslaturc in making provisión to anotber laaane asyluni did a wi-c tb ing. 'J'liere are twoiiow in the Mate and iioth are m full that it is almott Imponible any Iniane panon taken cue of. - Manotee 'ff M. Straw hen are bagtunlog to ripen. and tra do not care Imw ininy samples uur readers have at Ui il otli.e: they are nioi e prefeiadle to corn talks, liavinj: a riilier Bavor and lay eacler on the ttomach. - Hberman Pioneer. The hireil lawyer of Win. II. VanderIjilt lor -(nalor ot' NVu Voi k. That sounds liad. Ilis backer is the ricuest man iu the world. With sueli a tn-in no meaanre woulil bc so coitly luit he would compaM iwag4ac 'i'iuies. Mis l'oml lias a ino-t DMOtiful tl'iral display in her door yard, it belng an oleauder tree of no smnll dimensions. On Mop day last there were 118 Bowen in mil blooni :ü], rver:d liuinlred buds upon the tree. - (iiincy Jlerald. The scranible will now beirin ainon M linms for the loeation of the nnv itiMiiif asyluni. The coinmis.-ion which has charge of the loeation Iti flrst meeting lo-il;iy. and their work will be no enviable llowell Republican. . ot HaStingU, bas been to iugtou, andcooiea back serene in the bellet' that he U to be appointcd secretary of the tenitoly of Xew Mexico. This is a Ofl Mat, and Qeorge tliinks he can tiill it alily.- Detroit Evening New, Wool s comiugin rapldly, prioea rangIng trom 84 to :l!l cents. Farmers have drawn their wool lor '"i miles ir molelo reacb market. and tben ri'alized thrce or. i"ui-iii, ni r""'l mora tiuw tivey could have gol at home. - Lansiug Journal. Kx-Sc.relary Schur. in Satuiday Enning I'ot, warmly indoises the honeWy, capability and official methoda ot ex-Conv mualoner Bentley. And yt he was tnrned out to aplicase tbc clamor of mercenarv and corrupt claim ageilts. - Iiay City Tri biuie. The Vicksburg Monitor s:lVs that town -caiccly areragei oae drunken arreet in a year. Some of the r.ansim: chronics, who gel aiound every 80 day, ought to remove there. Any place whe'rc they could avoid arrest would be a paradi.-e to tliem. - Lansin Republican. A thirtecn poond pickeiel cauie down Dowagiac river Thuisdav Uut, gol frlghtcned as t run into the Iliinic, al Warner i Co.'l machine works, and fiopped out on land bere it was pieked up by one ot' the employés and .-oíd io ti,,. Continental hotel. - Dowagiac liepnbllcan. have alrcaily beun to -windje Siiginaw edlton by telling them copie of ol.l -tv ti siaiiieut as -anipl. - of the new revisión. They never flnd om the dif feicnee until the minister drops in to aak for the fiiat it iiiims Insertion of a strawiicny faaUval uotlce.- Benton Ilarbor I'alladium. The ooi m;ii!.it. bal taiily opened n thii villaje this week, and although Uie amounl Hiready miirkeied does not exceed Ihc expectation of tbc buyers. yct about lo.ouu pounda have been parchaaed at pilcea ranglnfi from :;u to ::.", cent per poinid, aceordlng to tbc quallty. - Holly Ad c rtiser. S c eudorae moat heartily the Farr Ifquor bill recently pawed in the Michigan Icilislatiue; only it is not ttñugnU tnoiígh, There ought to be a death penalty Iraj upon every man who mannfactnres, ordriuks. We believe this elause would add materially to ts ellcctivenc-s. - Centerville Hepiiblfean. 1'. I!. Kicbardson, of Tnscola, informs us that he has just made a -ale ot two hejlcr calves, dropped April 1, 1881, and one yearling beifer, dropped Ajiril, 1881, to parties living near Detroit They were all full blood Ilolstcins frOtn his impoiii il Mock. and brought the round gum of s-.;. i Pioneer, , a ,'''nl umi fragrant, indeed, the lovely bouquer ot nowem n .1 t„ tu edhor'a wlt'e last Ifonday afternoon by Mi.-, .lames White and wc return to our Irieud niany tlianks for her floral gift. Stiet thoughtiul remembrancea often chi ¦ 1 the weary Ir art when one t qji I.ukc Citv Journal. Probably s writtcn for the presa by variotUi i 1 1 (.] i % Iduala on different Bubjects. whieh liml tbeirWay into the waste basket! would ba u intereetlng and mirtb provoking as that wliicii te ííiven to the pnblic. EfepeciaUy woold thii be the cue If the iri irles wen i ƒ xiiitil,: of the COpy. - Dowaiiu: Bepubliean. I be (iiMiioi Journal Ims reaebed tl beenth year and is uil puMMied at home. It has Mlg sílice heen reenen il cl OB6 Öf tlie lust COUItty papers in llie -ate. Robt Smiiii. wbo runa It, is au abie writer, ¦ man ol exoeUeul qunlitii s, and i i in every waj worthj oíl he has attaiiied. -M' uni I'lea.-ani Eoterprlso. Our foreman ia turning farmer. He turned nut ot 1 1 ï - little bed Tnesday inorninr, walkud ïiearly huil a to liis big bed - piitato palen - iml tlien and tbere, not bavlng bad his brtakfast, pnx to hoe, and ilid hoe. three hundred billa of of otAtoes, aml then returned in time for brealtfaat - Midland Republlcan. The odor of some of the eijriirs that rct helwe. n the teetli ol ome of our yonthtul smoken rery itrongly wzgeati that a new oe bas been made tor oM tlioea and - ot leathel' licrutoloic thrinvn out the back iloors of our sime ibopi and barIbopa, wilh a little -Strap oil" thrown üi tor fiavoring parpgaea. - Ett Joeepb Rpublican. The postmaster ot Kalainauo gpenda the most of his time in Colorado, and the cltlxena are betrlnning to think his Mlarr of ;{,(KKI siioiiid iro to nmt man whii w i 11 stay at home and oversee his husnios in person. But Burrowi says the present p. m. suits him, and of course his wishes are of more consequence thun the peoptes'. - Dowagiac TimeWoOL and Wheat. - The wool market hus heen quite active duiing the past tew days. the prires ranging from ::í to 30 cents Thnnday and Fridiy, aceordlng to (iiantity, most of the wool being taken at 10 eents. Mr. I,. Westlall has piircha-ed nbout yo.uoo pounda np to Tburaaay momIng. Hut little wheat ia coming in. Our buyers are paying $1.11.- Corunna American. The Kdison rlectric lifrht company of this city have appüed to the coiincil for a charter,(raoting them the privilege of running theirwires ander the streets of the city. The reaaonsble reqaeati of any company aotlBg ill BOOd faith shoiihl certailil' inted, as Jacktoo shouldnot bc kept beliind other cities in respect of bnprovements by any interested partlea. - Jackson Citizen. Warden Grafton, ot the lonia priaon, has retlgned, and report that Major E. C'. Watkins, ot' Rookford, Kent eoiiuty, is to succeed him, From lotig personal scqaaintance with Major Wttkuu. we fee! jnstilied in ezpretng tlie opinión that .leroini' ciiiildn't have found a better man tor that particular po&itiOD had lie looked the state twice over. - Big Rápida Pioneer-Magoet, Tlie board of Mperrteon have come and irone. Their chiefeat deed wen the eleetion ot John Dawson, Baq., to reprewnl them on tlie itate board of eqaafization and the ttealing of twenty dollars trom a printer. The tonner act we eommend, the latter was but au act of mallgnant batred. It is soinewhat Ooniolioc to know that even the Journal eurscil thom forsodolng. - ETaitingi Ban net. Tbe Aildií i-ase now doaed. Addta ptld ui 1 1 tbe term o( ihe decici , a folIowï ',77.''i); notes secured bj i n i 1 1 _¦ : i ¦¦ -i t" tiood, Gale v Co., on interest at 7 per cent., one-third payab tember 1, 1881, and balance September l, 1882; Addis block subject to mortg 000; farm and other lan Wm. Addis' notes at 6 and 12 monUi 600. Total, $33,000. Qrand Rapids Pol In ome iiiiiiys some editora are likc si me i nWlc - aken wbom we hare soiite where had tbe pleasiire of hearing. For lustance, when tlicy happen U My aomolliing liirli mrikee thein u md or iirc-iiiilily fan 113 itiiiue to 1 the 1 1 rom time uutil the Uole cumniii&it) is moTed uiili womi Bhaken with taugtiter. Tbere is notliing to Impreaaire aa repetí tlon. - Three KI vers Tribune. Andrew Covell lelt it tbe Hemld office the l'onn of 11 Dakotu note Üial lii brotber sent liiin froui Seatlaiid, Dakotii. Amung manj ol Ui1 obtlgationj 'M the lignei w ïiicii sinctiiiiin tlie levylng apon b uit oi clothei and food ior the hniily for paymeot Anotlier ane In caae thí note is not pald at matarity bluda tlie tlgaer u on c-.irn bread and aorguum mo until tbe denuuida ot the note are sal 1 1 camaeh Herald. B. 1'. Amlcrson. of Rldgeway, was aotne time ago time tlpped oTer and hort while croeaing tbe Butler rallroad. Tbe thlng ion o' rankled in bil "bozzurn eiuce. He li 1. therefore, ued the 1 ment brothen 10 ihr circuit oourt elaiming $8,000 damages. K. l. Wood.ol TecuipM.I1, uill trj to li'iw iliat Aii'li 1-011 has a casi, wbile R. A. WalN will cínica vi u1 In niakc u jury liclicvc Ihit A11 cisiiu li;is been dreamltig.- Adrián I ' The niiinncr in liiclt the BtBte li ttre has arranged t new representative dri.-ti il: Ereelj críticized in tliis pari ui the state. Kalkak:i OOUnty in ;i district wit li Vctmc!. ï.akcuini Hlataukee couuties. Kir luterests are aboul as mucli Idenllfled itli Lirtee ooonty n kbat of the United States and Patago&ta, ami'it i erli!i-iit that si. me one made a blunder or else _:! in 11 Hule gertymanderinjr, lor wnat purpoM will be mw hrter, - Kaïkasklan. ABXng tlie quotatioM oí the priee ot wooi n twenty-odd towns of the state, wc find none equaj to the hlghest rate pftld here, 88 cents, and in otitonetown, Dow. is the average prlce as jreal terday 37J cents were pald for inanj .'i"i tu ;!i; was tin' average price pald. Perbaps 60,000 or 60,090 poundi bare heen bonghi su ia:1, tlie bulk "i1 tlie erop beiag ¦ et in the 111:1: ket Bu buj i ompete, and wool Is cominir from mnch


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