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Battte Creek, MíchiganV MAMÜTACTTTBKBS OF THE ON'LT OESUnOI THRESHERS, Tractlon and Plain Enginos and Horso-Powors. Hout Complete Thrrah er I'oetory j Estr.bllRhetí In (hr World. S IC4O rs f VCADC .'.¦....¦in.,...,.,i.l..u-.,..Bil.'.u J I CHIlW nou, without chance of name, JL, mauaiiement, or location, to"lack vp" th Uroad warranty given on au our goodi. RTEAM-POWEÏl SEPARATOH8 sne" C'oinplelr Sicam OatÜUtof matchtcstjpialitie. Finest Tructimi Hikhii-hhihI Plain jigtiiea ever Been in the American ïoarkut A multitud of Kprrtal features and improvfWmU for 18M1. tiirethi-r with iperior qualüi ín oorutruction and material not dreamed of by other niakcrn. l'our Bizefl of Sepanton, from 6 to 12 faorse capacity, for item or hort power. Two Btylea of " Motmtod n Horse-Powern. 7Hïn f(Í(í Fcet of SelKCted I umlxT fÜJyf,JJJ (fromtitreeiöirixyearaair-t, constantly on bnnil, from whích ití built Ulo iucomparablo woo-wurk of our inachincry. TRAGTION ENGINESft Strongett.mott durabl. and efficiënt evr L9Bl vod. 8, 10, 13 liorso Power. I ¦ƒ - - - - ,rri FnrmrrH and ThrenhiTmen arfr invit&l to lm Mug Macbliicr'. NICH0L8, SHEPARO & CO. Battle Creek, Michigan. TUTT'S" PILLS INDORSED BY PHYS1CIANS, CLERGYMEN, AND THE AFFLICTED EVERYWHERE. THE GREATEST MEDICAL TRIUMPH OF THE AGE. SYMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER. oi fippotite,Nausen,bowels nostivo, l.with a duíl sensation in the bnek part. Pain under the shoulder: e, fuljness after t atiiiK, with a disinclination to exertiou of boiy or mind, Irritabihty of temper, IjOw spiritB. TjOsí ofmemory, wíth a feelingöf havlng nejelocted aonif' duty, weariiieBS, Dizzirv í'luttermK ofth Hoiirt, Dots km, Meadache, Kest: neasat mght, highly colorod Urine. IF THESE WARNIN GS AKE UNHEEDED, SERIOUS DISEASES WILL SOON BE DEVELOPED. TTJTT'S PTXLS 1'1 fsiM-rially ndapted to Htirli doM tlTVcts suliiic)iange of hnUng a to itonlili the Miffmt. 'l'lu'v In rrlu' t !¦ A 'tlt'. umi cKiise the body U) 'l'iikc m Fliftli. thlU oystem ia ¦iourtli4-l. and by thi'irXonlc Artlónon the Oruikiii. Ittifiilar Stoot uri pndurmi. l'ii'. . n ni-, 3.lVWiirmyít..Jl.l. TUTT'S HAIR DYE. Oma Y II ai it (ir Whiskkus chAoged to i (ílíhjsy lii.AiK ly i n of tbii Dyk. It i iturui color, acta Instan taneouatr. i ¦ f i. Office, 35 Murray St., New York. fPr. ItTTl URI tl -f "11111 Ini.rnmtl..n an.t k l lul l(.ffíU ill tumrl HtïK uu mytli-lUu.J 1032-M PRICES PEOPLE CAN AFFORD to PAY. ad uewwl ¦wküIiiihi) of Bttkgroundsulid ;n INSTANTANEOUS 'GELATINE' WOEK For Bables Pictures. Best Card Photographs, - $2.50 per dcz. Best Catiinets, - 6.00 " 220 & 222 W06DWARD AVE., I DKTROIT, - . MICH. Ml


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