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Ayer's Agüe Cure, i-'OK TUE tPBEDY KEUEF of FcTor aal Ae. lattmiMwt re?::, Cha fltlt Te, Damt Apio, Pi Bobj y,7( 8l11 "i i=iec -.: whl:h íri ( M)H "Tf ;:::ai 'ta m i! liirin-. tbe I I W l_ ¦f '¦¦ i f # llble. The hk lirok.n ly It, ilc. nol n-l-irn, m.til the diwaie , tracteil gaiu. Thi haf made it an accepted rel!? ï ,. ' . fr"'" " ¦¦' aen '"'f"r' ' IW so lht M I ¦ l the Ijver .,d Huw, oeenrred Uro U bjon, It rem,,,,? expowd to malaria, It wlll ,:.M1 the ,, muD „d tect thcm frum ttacï. Travelcr and tHnpot, ¦ nis iu Fevtr nud A;nr lof jüties „re enabled to defy tl, The General DcbaK whlrl1 :'"nl 'ontlnucd expoKuii i and Mlanm, has no ppecdlcr remedy. Fo' :iu eïccllent remej, PHEi'AKED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Maa rractkul and Annlytlc! tftwlifc Sold by all Drurajjt, nd DeJett in Medicine, TUIAI, BOTTf.ES, 50 CÈri. CADWELL'S LACTEAL NERV1NE TUK 01 rOB A"'" ;..; ua LVUBA9O, tCTAIIOA, AND BSADACBJC Ilnn. OtOXVi V. ; ¦ il? Ma oi City oi lh-troü, Fl-Ii. 5tb, I LAHGE BOTTLE8, l.oo. ÍARRAND, WIUJAM ,,,„„ The Lteading; OF MICMl. V1 .. "l Dctr.)it do nol 1 j ¦ HEXN'S BftZAAR, h is no iue, íormtr íUmí of ib ALHAMEEA DOLLAP. STOSE, two well-known plao s of publ i.iteil under o . i-inriit, uncí wc ifcstre to Cal! ptci.ilat1 well select. Toys, Fancy Ooods, Jewelry, Plated Ware, Whitney Childrcn's Garríales, Velocipedes, Esprcss Wagons, &c, &c. Which wc will continue to scU at papular priecs. An carlv ' "licited H. HEYN & BRO„ HEYN'S BAZAAE, 92 WOOOWARD AVE., DiTltOIT, gltCH. (5TAN0 BACK: r JB9Ê Hnv.WiTHoiir You?mjF '' ; if:it improvcment ! to oiothee or (kin, 'J'rv t. DirBCtkmaimple; EeeultsmagicaljsaTeeaearlyaUtherubl 1(t(5iO J. A. POLHEHCS' LIVERY STABLE Tho bc-t nd aioHACK AND BÜS LINI RnnnlDg o all train nlght aml duy. ONLY LINE WHICH RUNS TO NIGHT W(. tol 5M I'i-lc in tho city for ladie calünc Otilm ,T..n;itly fur all kiuds of c Partita: Atteütion lo Crácrs for huú ¦ ¦ - . M D ANI CiTHAIIINE STS., A.V AKIfOK, - HICHUiM ' N. H. DOWNS VEGETABLE BALS&MIC ELIXIR Is a sure cure for Coughs, Colds, L Whooping-Cough, and all Lung Diseases, when taken in season. People die of consumption impy because of neglect, when the timely use of thia remedy woulJ have cured them at once. Vifly-one yrarn of constant use prove the fact that no cough remedjr hai stood the tesl like Down Elixir, Pric 36c. 600. nd tl.UO pr tulüfc For 8&ie Everywhera, Dr.Baxter'sMandrake BIitterS Will cure Jaundice, Dpepsi. I.iver Complaint, Indigestión, and all dueases arising froni Biliousness. Price 2 ets. per bottle. Tor Sal ETorywhw. IIEXKÏ áí. JUH.VSOS'8 ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENT Tor .Han and Beast. The most perfect liniment e compounded. Price JS0 an' S00' Tot Sal ETr)rwh. 101Í-87 Health Is Wealth. De. k. e. Wr"i Nki ittcturU-' iiiik 1 1 ' ndilf i-nce .iiddetti. " boiwillcur ; to"r!! moni '. One di.lliir .i hm, orslx ". ld on rcceipi" price. We vnan T rZ With . ordei r.r. i .1 by ui ¦ank-d itli Uve dollar, wc III end the 7( uur i-ittm ga r trentmcni . liv lirown & Co., Snlc Anthorizeri Arbor, Mich. JOHN ( . ' eUU, Chlcaco, III. Frlzelle . Atenu. Uetroit. Midi. 8-1W "ÏÖOOEWARD ! WK uil! ¦ I fiij(. Llver Complaint, ¦ wlth tion1 wlth. dille, and Ilr Coat'd. Ijirgc hoxpi". COIll 1! .mBÍ For wile by II di T3! m, by .lllIIN l MM bj mal '.rftof a S cint ftamp99H-1041Í - All kind of Book-Bindini do" ' The Comrler offlre o "hort ¦"¦


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