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Clan Cup Basics

Fri, 07/08/2005 - 8:48pm by eli

Next season, (but not necessarily pre-season) Clans will be teams of four players.

In single-player events, all points scored by a clan member will count towards the clan's total score. In team events, clans break up into 2-player teams, and their scores are added to the clan's total score. In Mario Kart, this will be modified Grand Prix scoring, in Melee, I think it should be match points, without negative scores, but a bonus for each match winner. Event winners get big bonuses.

You can have subs in your clan, but only 4 clan members can compete in each AADL-GT tournament (i.e. no subbing in ringers or specialists).

Clan Champ of each tournament will be decided by points. No point bonus for being a Clan Champ, but all Clan Champs get into the Clan Cup at the Grand Championships in December, even if they're not one of the 4 highest regular-season point-total Clans. With me so far?

Okay, now get this: There will be a clan point bonus for referring new players clans. If you can get another new player to come to an AADL-GT tournament, your clan will get a point bonus, and if you get a whole new clan to signup, you'll get a big bonus.

So, what do you think? I'll work on a table of all points and bonuses. I also think we'll multiply everything by 10 to make it more interesting.


i got noah i mean black shark to join. do i get a bounus? also i will get wenbo to join so thats 2 players. wow so winning events will give u extra points. what if your 2 teams in the clan have to face each other in melee but that probably won't happen. all u melee players watch out cuz me and galen got that team title and one of us has that single title. in december last year tp2 was undisputed mario kart champion. this year will we have an undisputed mario kart and melee champion as 2 different people?

i think i know some of the suprise games that are gonna be on the gamecube not on the sega. yeah where is the regestration its only 11 days b4 the tourney.i think the top 4 clans in december will be the trouble monkeys, duck and leinads clan, tp2s clan, and miniblins clan(but not neccerily in that order). even though tp2 and his brother cant make it to december they can have subs.

o yea and black shark when u said about the madden tournament when if they wanted it to be part of the season they all said yes. well thats cuz its a madden tournament and not a mkdd tournament. if initially there was only madden tournaments and u ask the ppl at those tournaments if they wanted mkdd they would say no but thats hypatheticlly speaking.

[img_assist|fid=97|thumb=1|alt=Trouble Monkey Clan|caption=Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.]

sweet picture. i noticed that i can paste other pictures too. is there a point for clans in july?

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[img_assist|fid=97|thumb=1|alt=Trouble Monkey Clan|caption=Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.]

o yea and does the suprise round count towards clan points or just for prizes

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The strongest mele player in the state. She kicked me and my friends ( leinad & Tom) butts when we had a little home tournament. She would end a 2-min four-player free for all with at least 12 points. She vicious and cold-hearted and never loses.

And she love creaming Male Chauvinist Pigs that think that the only game girls play is DDR.

wow noah this is sad. hey will ur clan be at the july tourney. eli while i wsa at the library and art fair i stoped by ur office but u werent there how come. lol me and my friend ugo wanted to play some gamecube. o yea and he said he will come to july he's ok at melee but he sucks at mkdd really bad.
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Personally I don't like the multiplying by ten. I don't think it matters that much though. I think that the clans will work very well.
According to this new system can I not have someone that's not in my clan race with me on co-op in Mario Kart. And if I could would we each get points for our own clans.

I agree with with tp2 that we should be able to co-op and team battle with people not in our clan and the multiply everything by ten doesn't matter it just makes everything look more impressive.

[img_assist|fid=97|thumb=1|alt=Trouble Monkey Clan|caption=Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.]
everyone but pichu and ness and jigglypuff and mewtwo.

You only get referral bonuses for gettting people to come who haven't been to a tournament before this season, Sravan, so you'll have to recruit some new new people if you want bonuses.

You guys really think that we should have a clan system, but that teams in team events can be from different clans? That would be like having two-man bobsled at the olympics with one guy from the German team and one guy from the Estonian team. If you want to be in a team event with someone, why aren't they in your clan?

I can be convinced on this one, but you're going to have to work for it. I think the stories of each team match are less interesting if teams are cobbled together, and not representing a single clan.

As for the 10x, it's just for fun, and a nod to a time-honored gaming tradition of arbitrarily inflated scoring systems.

Sounds awesome. And I like the x10 multiplier. I have 2 questions though. First, Our clan will only have 1 player at the August tournament. But we will probably make all the others in full force. We can't get three subs for just one tournament. So what's Ian supposed to do for team if he has no clan members present to be on his team?

Second, what happens at the clan cup once we make it there?

Third (I know I said two, but I thought of another), you said the winners each time will qualify, but will the top 4 highest scores overall qualify as well? So if one clan gets second at all events, they would presumably have one of the highest 4 scores overall, but not win any events.

"There is no spoon." -Neo

i might be able to find some new new people but they probably wont have clans. like eli said what is the point of having mixed clan teams for those events. maybe u guys want to do it because they are really good at mario kart and suck at melee so u dont want them in ur clan. but duck who would be ur partner if u dont want it to be someone in ur clan. i dont really care if the x10 thing is there but if it is then i can go and tell everyone that i scored 50 points in a 5 minute melee match. and as leinad said what will happen in the clan cup and what if there are more then 4 teams?how come nobody answers any of my questions. and for the record im not teaming up with anyone out of my clan for melee. me and galen will get those 50 points anyway.

Leinad, Ian may not have trouble getting temporary clan members at the tournament, he should be able to get at least 1 sub to be his partner for the team events. If so, than that team will be playing for your clan, and the teammate will too, so they'll still get clan points.

I'm not sure yet what form the clan cup will take, other than I don't want it to take too long, so it's going to be a little cutthroat. Because we could have as many as 8 clans qualified (if none of the single-round Clan Champs are top 4 at the end of the season), it may not involve much qualification play. It will probably involve Kart and Smash Brother elements, with a surprize finisher... more on that later.

Speaking of Sur-prize rounds, I know it will be a bit of a crapshoot if it's a complete surprise game... the advantage would go to people who have played the game before. How about if I give you a list of about 20 games, and you can know that the sur-prize round games will be picked from the list? Would that help, or shouldn't I bother?

I shouldn’t have a problem getting subs for august but don’t expect the super high scores in team events. Dang, so many people will be at Band camp.

Madden should not be on the list because we have already had tournaments for madden and it will give distinct advantages those that competed in them. Plus there are many other mini-game style choices out there that allow 4 players and are much more hectic.

So do new people we bring to the preseason count for clan points?
Do girls that we bring count for extra points? That is they compete in the tournament.

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn."

Y the hell would it be unfair about Madden? Any retard could learn how 2 play Madden. All u have 2 do, Eli, is make it a 2 minute drill tournament. It is fast, easy, and fun. Duck, u r so retarded. I mean come on, extra points 4 girls 2 play. :(

What the hell is "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn"?
Sravan, u should be careful and not get infected with "imbisilis retardendis." Duck sure is carrying that around.

Well black shark it seems you weren't here for my flame on Sravan for insulting my tastes, but you just calling me retarded which is as original as rappers rapping about parties you could have come up with something more original like "you Stupid son of a drooling whore and a monkey." Or did the explosive diarrhea of an elephant enter your gene pool permanently making you and your family all mindless cursory creatures only fit to win DARWIN AWARDS. Oh and "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn" is a H. P. Lovecraft thing oh let me guess you have no clue who he is you disgraceful human play thing. And my name refers to the action not the animal so watch what you say about me. Have a nice day.

I never said the other person was going to be in any clan. There are reasons to team-up with other people. First off you get 4 chances in every round to score points even if they are less. Plus in bracket systems with 2 teams if they are seeded in the same section you automatically eliminate half your clan before the finals. I am perfectly alright with competing against my own clan if we are in the semi-finals or higher but early friendly fire isn’t fun it is just a hindrance. Now with 4 separate slots early friendly fire still means 3 chances and also in the event that all 4 make it to semi-finals or finals it allows your clan to corner the market so that no other clan gets big points in that event, of course this hinges on the point system. But I will decide what my strategy is when I see the point system and get confirmation on whether seeds will be completely random or if Eli will make sure not to have teammates kill each other.

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn."

How do u multiply by 10? Sravan, don't be stealin' bonus points now. U did not set me up on a clan. I did that myself, thank u very much.

Alright, subs open up a lot of questions. Trying my best to organize them all in to one post, but additional clarification is definitely needed. Also, I will be showing off my basic html skills by presenting the questions in an ordered list! *gasp of awe*

<ol><li>Is there an extended clan of equal members or are members designated as "primary" and "substitute" ?</li>
<li>In either case, if extra members//subs show up in excess of four, are the extras allowed to compete for their personal success ? (Note: that would be a great reason to allow teaming outside of clans)</li>
<li>What is the maximum size of the extended clan // How many subs can you have ? (suggestion: six//two subs)</li>
<li>Will the entire extended clan receive a Clan Cup prize ?// Will subs receive a Clan Cup prize ?</li></ol>

BTW, given the new sub thing and depending on the answers to these questions I'd gladly be a sub for some of the full clans =P

Eli: Yes, that would definitely help. It's probably way too many to rent them all to try and practice up, but it would give us a general sense of what we need to be prepared for. Having a practice round or two at the tournament in addition would also be great.

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why. would. you. get. extra. points. for. bringing. in. girls? also i think we should have NCAA instead of madden.cuz theres more education involved. i dunno where im going with this. but seriously NCAA. why is your name duck? i wonder that too.

wow. i have a lot to say. first of all noah back off of duck. 2nd i wont get the points nayway but i told u about axis. 3rd we wont do madden cuz the majoraty of the people dont want to and it is time consuming. 4th y would any chick want to come to one of these game tournaments unless its DDR. 5th y is ur name duck and y is daniel leinad. o yea i just realized that leinad is daniel spelled backwords stupid me. 6th eli that would be great if u made a list of suprise rounds games so we would have an idea. in conclusion noah u dont want to start dissing duck. trust me i know...

Sravan, Duck is saying all these crazy things, and his name is duck, sounds like some retard 4 sure. And also, Madden is not time consuming when u have a 2 minute drill tourney. As I said before, fast, fun, easy, do I need 2 spell that 4 u Sravan. And another thing, Madden would be fun if u guys all didn't play MKDD and SSBM all day. I mean, MKDD and SSBM are fun an' all, but Madden is the best. O, and joesmo, I like the idea of NCAA, I like NCAA as much as I like Madden.

OK, chill. Madden two-minute drill will definitely be on the list. The point is to mix it up, and sports are a huge part of gaming, like it or not.

And way to go, jlgelinas... you broke the stylesheet. =)

1. Subs are definitely SUBS. They are not primary members of the clan. So long as 1 primary member of your clan is present, you can have 3 subs. Subs have no claim to the clan cup, no matter how well they played, but your clan can use subs at the clan cup, remembering that only 4 clan members or subs can participate in any one tournament (i.e. your clan's roster for that tournament is set). The whole point of the sub system is not to penalize clans for their members having lives. =)

2. Being a sub at one tournament has no bearing on your ability to compete individually, as part of a team, or even subbing for another clan at other tournaments. If you are subbing for a clan at that tournament, all your points count towards that clan's score, but the main prizes are still for individuals. Non-clan teams can compete, but if you want your team points to count for your clan, your team needs to be clan members or designated subs. You need to pick a 4-person roster at each tournament, including at least 1 primary clan member, and you can only earn points for your clan in team events if both team members are on that 4-person roster.

3. I'm not going to limit your sub roster. I want the clan play to be as exciting as possible, and that means removing as many barriers to clan scoring as I can. Subs can sub for multiple clans over the season, but only one clan per tournament. Clan members can only sub for another clan if their clan is not competing at that tournament.

4. The clan cup prizes will likely be a set of four. We may have token prizes for subs, but nothing major. This is to encourage people to form their own clan as opposed to being a professional sub.

There will definitely be time for people in the sur-prize round to practice the surprise game before it counts, but not much. You've got to be a good all-around gamer to succeed this season. Oh, and we will have much, much better bracket building this season, and we won't have clan teams face each other before semifinals.

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we should just keep one clan team on one side of the bracket and the other on the other side.did u guys hear about the terrorist attacks in london. my uncle lives there and we knew about it before he did lol. u guys seen war of the worlds and batman begins those are 2 great movies. i like batman better. i love that scare or fear gas.

What part of CHILL do you guys not understand? I've said it before, if you've got a grudge, settle it with a controller. Playground name calling demeans us all.

Knock it off.

once again everyone starts the 2nd grade name calling and eli has to come and stop us. noah u hsould be ashamed of yourself. WTF DO U MEAN WE PLAY SSBM AND MKDD ALL DAY WE USE OUR TIME MORE USEFUL THEN U WILL EVER. sravan calm down. ok now i am calm. madden IS time consuming u were at the tournament right? u have to do a lot of matches in th esuprise round. anyway like eli said at the very beggining what items do u guys think we shouldnt use? i think we should keep all of them but just keep it on medium so we can see more action then party balls. this time can someone PLEASE answer one of my questions.

I am now done with all the name callin'. I only did this just 2 bring the tension high. I just wanted u guys (duck especially) 2 get angry and I just want 2 say that I will beat yo' butts in SSBM and MKDD. It is all to avenge Madden and 2 make u all pay. I will be there on July 30th. I will beat u guys. Especially Duck(still a dumb name).

okay, first off, black shark or whatever your name is, just shut up. You're the biggest jerk on here and I'm actually starting to like Sravan by comparison (no offense, Sravan). You can't type, your name is black shark and you're calling Ian retarded and make fun of his name? Nice.

So, on topic, I am opposed to a list of games for the surprize round. My reason is that I don't have the time or money to rent any of the games on the list and practice. It's supposed to be a surprise anyways.

And Ian, don't worry about the first tournament, we'll have no problems qualifying.

Oh, and Eli, the website keeps logging my out. Is that a problem on your end or mine?

"There is no spoon." -Neo

I am so pissed right now! I just came back from Toronto 2 minutes ago and I see that my brother, Julian has made it look like I said all this nasty stuff. Duck, please excuse my brother, he is the one who is retarded, not you. I am sorry to everyone that my brother offended. I still wish we could have Madden though, my brother is right about that. A 2 minute drill tournament would be nice.

Ok, I see if that was your brother it's fine. One question, though how old is your brother he seems eleven by that attitude? Eil please remove my insults it seems you can only edit for a limited time or so many post back or something but i can edit every other post i made but the most recent 2 of mine. Oh and i can't wait to meet this brother of your's he will be surprized to meet me.

A list of games isn't in the heart of the sur-prize round so i say nay but having several practice rounds should be given.

at least the name calling is over. so i am trying to predict the outcomes of the preseason tournament correct me if u dont agree. for the single mario kart the 4 qualifiers will be joe, miniblin(if he is there), tp2, and duck. if miniblin is not there then maybe derek vandilier and if he isnt there then either me, galen or leinad but all of us should get in the top 8. for team mario kart the 4 teams will be joe and derek, duck and leinad, miniblin and his friend, and tp2 and his brother. for single melee the 4 ppl will be me, galen, tp2, and probably mini blin. if not him then maybe duck. team melee the 4 teams will be me and galen without a doubt, duck and leinad, tp2 and his partner, and miniblin and his friend. i cant predict the prize round cuz i dont know what the game is. leinad no one is going to go and rent the games unless they are really desperate to win. the list is just to have an idea of what the games might be. most of them i probably wont reconize.

i forgot the clan winner but since eli said it might not be for preseason i didnt include it but i think that the TROUBLE MONKEY CLAN will get the clan victory at the preseason and im sure many of u will disagree. first is cuz i know all of us will be there and the vaccinated monks will be in band camp except for duck. wait a second that changes my old predictions too. so another person instead of leinad will qualify in the top 8 but i dont know who that person will be. maybe duck's sub. for the team either duck and his sub or me and galen yay. all the other team MKDD ppl will stay there though. single melee wont change but team melee might because i heard noah was practicing a lot but he might not have a partner so i dont know. back to the clan victory o yes galen and i will score many many points in melee which will all be happily multiplied by ten. joe and derek will score a lot in mario kart which will also be multiplied by ten. but of course i could be mistaken and the only way we will find out is by being at the tournament it self. duck will score a lot points in MKDD and melee but i dont know a lot on his sub. o yea just like leinad i have a quote too. this is from liar liar
Max:"my teacher says that beauty is really on the inside"
FLetcher(Jim Carrey):"that is just something that ugly people say"

Sravan Tom and leinad partner-up togather. I'll most likely be teamed up with the 4th member in our clan. Also i belive all items should be on. Sravan you do know the Pre-season doesn't count for the clan cup.

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i thought that they will be at band camp sitting there in their uniforms playing their tubas for hours each day. joe that is a hard name to spell but yea i will just call him van wilder.

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what did we agree on for score display and no 1 said anythign about my 1v1 suggestion for the elimination rounds in single melee. what are the prizes for the pre season and will we be having clans then. wli said not neccesarily pre season.

I think we decided to go with score display. You want to know why no one has responded to the 1v1. Maybe it is because we already had that debate months ago and Eli gave the final decision to go with 4 person free for all. The 1v1 avocates have stoped bothering.

One thing on items though if we have everyone have names on then it completely makes the invisibility cloak or whatever useless because you have your name pointing you out.

so no names. just remember which character is which person. will all these events be in the axis newsletter. and if people choose the same characters remember ur colors.

Eli is getting more Melee disks or already has them because there is no why to do a melee tournament in under an hour without them. There will be commentary for the Season but not the preseason.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL that fight was funny. ducks a lil potty mouth. tsk tsk. and sravan i like ur predictions and all, but its VANDELINDER. NOT VANILIENER OR W/E U SED. IF U CANT SPELL HIS NAME JUST SAY VAN WILDER.
[img_assist|fid=65|thumb=1|alt=alletts Creek Model]

"The whole point of the sub system is not to penalize clans for their members having lives. =)"


Also, yay Ian for another amazing blaze that contains no "four-letter" words. I also agree with multiplying by ten, simply because bigger numbers look better. Also, whoever this "Black Shark" kid is, he needs to be taken down a peg. Unfortunately, I will not be present at either the preseason tournament OR the August Tournament, so whoever you are, you'll have two times to strut your stuff, then WHAM!!!

Also, to Eli: Yes, you may have pizza and be playing video games, but even though we will be sweating out sweet ***es off, there will be ***girls*** there. Hot girls. Trust me, I don't care WTF American Pie says about Band Camp, there are some HOT girls there. Seriously, Leinad can back me up on this.

...HOT Girls...

Another note, Eli, I will try as hard as I can to get that MK:DD theme song remix to you, it's just taking longer than I thought because I have lost the adapter that connects from my keyboard to my MP3 player. But, I'll get it to you ASAP.

Well, that appears to be all for now. Until I can think of anything else, so long everyone.

Oh, and since everyone seems to be quoting stuff, I shall play along as well. But I'll make a game out of it, because it's a Tuesday evening and I am incredibly bored. I'll post a music lyric, and the first person to identify the artist gets a point. Whoever has the most points by the end of the season will get a prize. Unless none of you know any of them, in which case I will laugh at you all for your lack of knowledge about good quality music. (extra point if you can also name the song from which the lyric comes)

First Quote (This is an easy one):
"This is Ground Control to Major Tom."

David bowie's Ground control to major tom. And Tom most black shark's posts were because of his little bother(why he doesn't just log out I don't know)so don't completely hate him if he is up to the competion then we can rough him up in game.

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn."

Melee disks/memory cards shouldn't be a problem, I'm fairly sure the majority of us have one and can lend it to AADL for a day &lt;_&lt;.

And btw it's David Bowie, although it's not like trivia games over the internet are completely pointless with google toolbars in 9 out of every 10 browser windows these days. =P

How do you subscribe to the axis newsletter?

EDIT: Oh, and I've been thinking about the melee scoring system, and I figured that it severely biases the tournament to clans that are better at kart. Suicides aside, the grand point total in a melee game is 0, compared to 34 for kart. Even though you aren't penalizing for negative scores, in general 3rd and 4th place in a melee fight will be getting jack squat, a score reserved only for dead last of 8 in kart =\

u guys eli already posted the scoring system. he said that we will be using grand prix scoring for mario kart and the amount of points in melee. I DISAGREE TO 0 POINT SUICIDES. they should be -1. 0 point suicides mean that if u have a lot of damage u can just SD and u will bet rid of that damage with out a penalty. the only thing we dont know is the bonuses that eli was talking about. he said big ones for event winners and small ones for match or race winners. but since there are no clans for pre season(im assuming) we reallly dont need to know that stuff right now. im gonna add on to tom's game. "and runnin runnin and runnin runnin..." this one is EXTREMELEY EASY if u dont get this then may god have mercy on ur soul.

I will make a detailed post about the scoring system soon, and that's an excellent point (no pun intended) jlgelinas, I hadn't thought about that.

We also won't need your discs, guys, we're buying 8 copies of melee and we already have memory cards.

And, you whippersnappers, [w:Space Oddity] is not called "Ground Control to Major Tom".

if the upcoming tournaments are in the news letter then every1 who goes to the library will want to come at least the tenns will. basically everyone who owns a gamecube has melee so we can expect a lot of ppl for the melee tournaments. im afraid of the "pansees" if u know what i mean. no one on axis a pansee though.

Hey all the weak melee players that will come will loss badly and the majority will come to 1 then notice they are outmatched and never compete again that season or they will keep practicing and actually get better at it.

Eli sorry about the Space Oddity thing It was a simple mistake like how Baba O’Riley is always called teenage wasteland.

Here comes some real geekiness.

RSS is not HTML; [w: RSS (file format) | RSS] is a form of XML that is used to provide feeds of regularly updated pages in a standard way. You read RSS feeds with a program called a feed reader or a news aggregator, although some newer browsers (not IE) have RSS support built in. Basically, it's a way to read lots of news sites and blogs very quickly, and easily know when they've been updated. RSS is indeed part of the [w: podcasting] equation, Tom; it's used to deliver the audio file of the podcast.

Basically, once you have a browser that supports RSS, clicking an RSS button will subscribe you to that page, and you browser will automatically retrieve updates and summarize them for you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled flamewar, already in progress.

Oh, and check my link, Black Shark, maybe was the game called something other than Gassy Spaceman? I assumed you made it up. =)

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what if u dont have an RSS thing on the bottom? will we be playijng games on other older consoles like the n-64 or sega etc.?

You know what I said about the cloaking device forget it I just found out something very interesting. Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh

And thank you Eli for the extra geeky info.

Oh and the wildcard is a very nice thing to have it gives the people that were just edged out earlier a chance to compete and rounds out our tournament. Last year there were like 8-12 no shows from people that qualified so we would have had a very underwhelming competition without the wildcard adding a few choice competitors to round thing out.

If you aren't limiting the games to gamecube play a PC FPS during the surprize round. FPS' are games that require truly cultivated skill and just an enormous amount of raw talent. Anyone can become good at Mario Kart with enough time, but FPS' take honed reflexes, high awareness, and good mouse control. I will have to admit that FPS is my second favorite genre right behind strategy. (Strategy (Not Pikmin 2) would be fun too. You would need a game that could be played quickly, which would be hard without a rusher.)

<br />
<br />
The Wildcard tournament was basically for people who weren't good enough to qualify otherwise. It should be a seperate tournament or at least have a budgeted time slot so that the pre qualified could come later.
<br />
Quote (Actually a very rough quote): "I'm here for the joy of Mario Kart" You can figure out who said this.

We won't be playing any PC FPS this season, TP2, for a few different reasons. First, there's a big difference in the cost and complexity involved in bringing in my SNES in for the prize round, and setting up a 4 or 8 station PC LAN. We don't have the equipment. Second, we need to tread lightly, especially in the direction of more violent games, and FPS games have a high potential parental freakout factor, and none of us want that. Third, I don't like FPS, and it's my tournament. So there. =)

I'm not saying we won't get into that someday, I'm just saying I can guarantee it won't be this season.

Also, we will absolutely have a wildcard tournament at the Grand Championships. I always want to give as many people as possible a shot at a prize. However, we will have everything much more tightly scheduled this year, and we will announce what time each event will start in advance, so if you don't want to sit through the wildcard tourney, you won't have to.

Why not Pikmin 2? Pikmin 2 is awesome. Just because you don't have to research the pikmin before you can use them doesn't mean it ain't strategy. I REALLY LIKE PIKMIN 2.

FPS on PCs I would say no to that
1 for price PCs aren't cheep

2 FPS aren't innovative they always have a Cliché storyline with the same basic guns as every other FPS the only way they improve is though graphics and physics engines they are all the same basic game.

3 “FPS' are games that require truly cultivated skill and just an enormous amount of raw talent. Anyone can become good at Mario Kart with enough time, but FPS' take honed reflexes, high awareness, and good mouse control” So your saying that Wait I don’t get what your saying first that you have to train a special set of skill then you say it’s all instincts. I have considered there hasn’t been an amazing FPS since the original Doom because I haven’t seen multiplayer levels with great snipping spots since then. The big emphasis in halo is run and gun the only thing I have heard about snipping is them running around shooting a snippier rifle without using the scope. I am sorry but it isn’t snipping when you’re running around. Oh and guess what the Majority of all kills of insurgents in Iraq are because of snipers. All these new FPS that come out are horrible because all you do is run though the game shooting whatever moves. And a further note “Honed Reflexes and High Awareness” lets see my Dad and his friend who ran arcades played a game of MechWarrior with a full control set not a Controller or keyboard & mouse but a full control set with pedals and gauges the whole works and they took down<strong> 2 Air force fighter pilots at 18 frags to 1</strong> so is that saying are air force doesn’t have honed reflexes and high awareness no it’s saying that those that are the most experienced at the Game are the best.

Yeah I'm just asking for trouble with this one

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