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Pat's Bondsman

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From the Youth's Companion. The top av the morning to ye, Father Rny, Ye sees it's inesill'as is sober the day. lt's Hst gitting out av a schrape that I be, And Mike, that's inc b'y, he went bondsman for me. Shure I was in court jist a fortnight wm,Twas whin I was over in Flannlgan Kou And I had a right with a nelghbor or two- They said it was murther that I was up to. But sliure it was onlv g Kit v row AihI - H mea I am whin I think iv it nov , But onc of the spalpeens tt-ll over the st.iit , And they said 'twas metllf as had lielped hitn down the re. io they brought me his honor Jedge Shaw, He's a mighty hanl one to come down with the Jaw ; Anti the heart in my bussom couUl hardly kape still When he rcad'Palrick Flynn, for uttemptingto kill." And I trimbled atl over when he says to me, "Have ye got any frïendsMl go bondsman lor 'Nary óne, plaze yer honor. ' lei 1, then he said. In a voice that I reckon would most raisethc dead - "Prisoner at the bar, as ye can'l get no bail, am owthorfzed now to commit yc tojall." i.nd then, llowly Virgin ! what eUe sliould I ee But Mikc waÜUng straight to the Judge, and sez he,lS he took off his hat. what was torn in the lim, Av ve plaze. Mister [etlc, Vbebnndsman lor him. ain't got no money, but I'll go his bail. And av he runs away, ye can put me in jaü. I ain't got no muther, she died long ago, lIhI 11 ft me to take care ol fat her, ye know; And what wud she say if ye put him in jail Cus he hadn't got no one but me for his bail? He's good as can be when he's not drank a drop, ml ruavbe If somebody asked him. he'd stop; ïe didn't push Bill ; I was therc and I sce - Av ye plaze. Mister Jcdge, let me father go free.1' Saints bllss Üie child forever ! The Jedge sez. scz he : "Mv h'y, I 'quit yourfather, and both av yc an freti The baïl is all lumcient ; it natisfies the law"- "Hurralif spoke out the peoplc, ''tlircc cheers for Justice Shaw !" And the Jcdge had some tcars in his eyes, I allow, When he walked up to me and sez he, with ¦ bon : "l've let ye otV aisy this Ünw, l;itrick Flynn, For the sake av that youngster don't come here agin." fto i v k. .. i. _ r-i-io now. ver Kivercnce Ray, iu account oi the b'y, and lm iober Éne aay ; t ivas a bad schrape, and l'd niver got iree, Only tor Mike goiag botulsnien lor me.


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