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The Mormons Again

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As the timo rapidly passes, cach day makes it moro aml more, certaiu that the Mormons In Utab intend resisting the Untad Si.u.s anthority aml laws, M far :is thejr nmy confli.t witli the peralta1 institution of Mormonism. It is stated that the government a short time ago, sent a Boston sentlernan to L'tah n, by secret tivestlgation, tlie ntimeiit of the Mormons, and their evideat intentions toward tlie government. Tliis man, the Cliicago ínter Ocean says. reportad to the president that "the Hormon leaders liave a comprehensive and deep laid scheme, which tliey are carrying out witli as muih accuracy and zeal as ever distinguished Jcsiiitism, to establish an empire or theoracy of their oh n, Independent of the United States, in the Wfst. They have ceased to concéntrate thtir forces in Utah, but by a systematic plan are ipewdlng over Üie territories from WyuakÊg to ITW Mexico, and tbe time is ndt far distant when an army of 100,000 fU be required to enforce the laws of tiie United States." The Couhier a few weeks ago, quoteil an assertion made by Prof. Coynty, of the .Salt Lake collegiate institute, to the same efl'ect, and at the time wondered why the government had never taken any steps to croata out this nasty excressence on the fair fonn of our republic. Now, it is knoivn to the governineut beyond the infinitesimal possibility of a doubt, what the real intentioHs of OUH law-breaking, lascivious peop'e are. They are speadlng out all over the territories, Mog new recruits every day from the ignorant nmsses of the old world, and increasing in numbers and power at an alannlng rata. They have larger farms, fartoriai and nianufacturing establishmentsof all kinds, and so have made thomselves entirely independent of the United States. Would it pot ba wcll to at least arrest the emigration to Utah. Isthere not some law to prolübit the emisaries of polypamy from iiducing the people of the old wnrM to coine to our country for the purpose of bi-eaking the laws et the lanl and the tawi of God f II tin-re is not, tfaen Aoald ba snch a law. One thing is also absolutily CerUin. The 'trong hand of the governuicnt nnist be bronght down upon these people. The longer it is postponed, Ike more poweifidthey becorae, and tlie more Ur wil] in' su-ijliied in ónnhlng tbem out. Ifthat caiinot ba done. Jf there is do power to prohibit the praettetaf of their peculiar and unlawfnl reltijion, why then. out them off and let tluni o l,v tht mselves. Don't let it be longer said that sneh a mu of vipers is harboiv.l and irotecteil bv the government of the United States. Daring the boa] yemr endlng Jone .'o, 18U, llie public debtof the liiitiil Stalen was radaeed 1103,673, 188.


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