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A few issues back the Coukikh nggajted tliat in the oririinization of associations by tlie editora in the various congressional districts might lic the secret of a mmmmAi] state orgatrization. Below we quote a few xiru3sion of opinión by prominent joiirnalsof tlic .-t.-it1 respectinr tlic HOM. It will be notlced that the idea suugested that the oOBgnMkNUÜ district societics art as primaries to the state association, is (iiiite ,„.,,„, ¦ i „ 1 1 ¦ - - - ""'."¦ "The Aun Arlmr C'oruiF.n thinks well of district preai orgsnlsattoiu, and nugata that InrteM of the lmqonslble and useleM bod; called the Michigan press association, there siiould ye a state press organizalion COTO potad. Ut moint)crs dected by tlie district organiaüous as rcj i tiuivrs or dek ntea, with specitic objecU and dutics. Tliat i I MOribn sufgestion." The Haibor Springs Kepublican, after quotíng our articlo eutire, endorses it in tliN nianner: "The tbora ugge?toiig are quito correct, and as it Ims beooma so popular late yeftn in tliis ooantry tor áll classes or pmivand industries to form soieties, why not editors and publishers? In our ojnnion the time has DOBM wlien well disposed editors and publishers should perfect a tboroogh oijMiii.ation of some kind, if notblog mot f tlmn toprotect theniselvcs in lluir bnaineM. Bad Innn being ruined by a lot f InexperMDOBd fellowi trho liave engaged in the liusiness in manv places and practice cutting down prices for Work, not knowine in inanv instances what a fair tímate tor oertain work shoulü be - submltting insigiiiiicant bids, etc., i the face cit' tlic ItltTltt Also, iriim iH'infr annihiIimI-, Imt ever stand reaily to cUIlll tull des fox thnMÍTea. Wu beller every man li"iild reeeive i just noompenie fBr tiis labor and no more, and what the law allowa. We are la favor of anonrajiization of this kind." The HoUj Register approves: "The Aun Arbor ('oi:riehís of theopin ni tlmt to makc the Mate praa usociatíon eminently Rucceuftily aml beneflcUl, tn MKWiatlOD should be formed in each congre8tlonl dlrtrict, and that onlya ccrtain namber oí delegktei shonld be ent from Mcfa OH to tile Mato assoeiutlou. 'J'lic idea Menu feuible, oertalnly." The Qulncy Heñid speaks of tlie nioveinent in this vaj-: "An onjanization liy Miburdinate associationg in eongreKiOM] districtsof editors for mutual aid and improvement, has been staited In Michigan, The (itli district have already oríranied. the 7th are preparing toi,iso. The Aun Arbor Couhikk tarnestly endorses a like movenient for toe d dUtrict, and Tuesday's ('ohlwaler Repttbli il-s unon Míe snhiwíU ¦ t..M. The Republipmi culis tlio attenllon of lts brathren in the l dlHlrlct to the subject ; tul proposea that somcthlng should be done for onc In our seetlon. The powtr ot a primary oriíauIzation llke thls to sirengthen, encourage and develop wlil be great; and lts effect wil! be morequlckly howunud permeateall thejournulKiiH.rc tully ttiiiii asíate ornanizuticn wlilch gathera a lew and iloes nothlng. Whü will move in ai district? 'l'o test th ihbm of the editorial fi-aternity of the M distriet, we will NMWtr the Republloan'a queatktn, by DomlnaUns the editor oftliat paper M a coininittee of one to BkOTfl at once n stich a mar.ner as bis judgment díctate la eallin"; togetbar the brethrenof tiie sanctum. Please proceed brother Aldiieh, and the .'id will anyour cali." I muer sees good in it: " The Aun Arbor ('oukieu is in t'avorof dUtrict preas aaeocattiona, tuggeaUag ihat the Mate naodattona be formad i deleoliosen from the district organizati.ins. Wc tliink the snggestion a good poe. Soincthing ooold be accomplNhcd in that case at the state meeting. Let the district assooiaüons make recomniendation.s and seml delegates to jut them in force by the idoption of stringent rale, lf publlahera would only stand toffether ¦ sucli an usociation." The Mt. Clemcns Munitor't takc kindly to t : "Aproiws of tbe propowd organization of a publishers'assoeiation in this congicssional district the Arm Arbor Coühier snggests tbat iMndttlOBl of that kind be formed in every tonressiomil district, and these be made tbe MUI of a powertnl state organization. Tbe latter to be composed of delégate! trom Um di.-trict.s Wedo not sce that Iron ciad metliod of running a ¦tat aMOrlatlon bas any advantages ovr the preaent lyatein of a maas conrention. In view of tbe faet that preaa associations, ande trom tlicir social features, don't amount to anytliing, il would seem that the less restricted they are the better. 80 let us talk not of oaocnaw and dele-rates, but rather come Irecly togetbcr as of yore. Some of the boys will be ready to preach eloquently on tbc fïuitful tliemes of legal, ratea, patent medicine, and libel laws, and all will be in shae for a cood time. 'J'liis. as we have intiniated, h the dikt ïcsnlt of press meetinav. The Monitor acknowlédges that the state association "don't amount to anything," ainl yct prete that it should keep on in the okl wny rather than to attempt any new methods of iiifiisirig life and energy. But our article was merely to bring out the feeling of the press upon the subject, and we do not care to discuss it. We should be glad, however, to see a powerful state organizatioii. One that could effect needed reforms, and wliose intluence for the good of the craft would be feit all over the state. In unity there is strength.


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