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Infernal Machine Warfare

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Considerable exciteraent lias prevailed in England and the l'nited States recciitly. over the discovery of :i lot of "infernal machines" 9hipped from this country, with Üie intcntion of destroying the shipping of England, and blowtng np all sorts of Enílish pioperty. A man iu Peoría, III., prutends to be the manufacturer, and u-lls the Mwapaper reporter, that he lias a perfect right to manufacture tliese machines and that there s no law to prevent liim. The plan is one perfected by theFenian leaders and others, and has for its object the total destruction of England's sliipping. In speakingof the machines, I". W. Crowc, the pretended inventor, siiid of tlicm : "Thcv were of zinc interior in which the clockwork and explosiveswcrc pckd. The cloek operted awith a spring and tfter six days' running it liberated a hammer something likeagun trigger which struck a piNWMOII OM) iin.l Igatted the charge. The charge wmtwtl of an ounce and a li.ilf of the siilmitc ot' lver and a pOMd and a half of dynainitc and would destroy any ll(k of buildings in the rorld. Thu whole thing wewhed 40 Muñds. Any wartkre was goxl eaook for Englaoa, Who ilid not condnet himoralili' warfar' htíiself, and could not cxict others to do so. If ghe didn't do justice to Ireland eveiy BriUth hip would be sent to IbC bottom uniii peoplc no tonger darad embark In them. Kvery governnient building would he torn down and a y.-teni of Mrrorian wonid 1; bogun." Ba 1 1 i 1 1 1 th:il tln're are many of tkflM infernal machines already completed, somo in Franee la cliarjre of tru-tworthy patriot-s who woulil BM tlieni quite frcely. They had already grently worried the British, had destroyed Manchester postofflce, the Victoria docks and exploded machines at Halford and Glasgow, at London and Liverpóol, and Infllcted an .'iggrcpate loss of CM),(XMl,flOO. C'rowe 8 s:id to have U easy, dignifíoil maMOT and was n no w:iy excited at his horrible recital. It strikes all matonililti. ttiln lm cltlwni of tlie nation, that the re must l.c a law to prevent the consummation of this horrible work. The wholesale slauffhtcr niutiaawl. would be as Hable to kill off aYawricana asEnglishnicn. The plan scruel and barbarous, and we beüeve tlint the attorney ganen] of the United States will llml une way to crush it out. Such things will hurt and not assist the Irish cause. I rehuid non has the sympathy of the people of the world, but she will not retain it lonjr with such men as Crowe enlisteil in her intcrests.


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