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kmong the wcaltliy pcople of New York aTC some humane hcurts. Scvernl {rentlemen have ereoted t:mk, and keep them supplled wltb In-water for the benefit of the public. Au toni is going the rounds to tlic effect I're-ident Huyes kipt a record (il the babtet he kis-ed duriiijr liis four years of pn-idcncv. They numbeird 1,968, aml he hMnt got the taste out of his iiKHith yet. The Uraml Traverse Herald Tery truthfully remarks: "Tlie Ohio prohibionists are goinfr to do all they can to help the h ¦iiKKTiitic ticket. Ttipy tam rinttimnioi a full ticket of their own and hope to draw largely trom tlie ranoblinii I" ""-1V uie will lieJp tlie ueinocrats - just as tliey do in this state frequently." As a hint to our I'anner?, inany of whom secm inclined to think stock nücing 8 pretcmlilc to general farmlDg, we will state that in Iowa there are 400 creaimiios, aiul the value of their nmcbineiy is $1,000,000, asiile tumi buildings. In ¦ few phiccs in .Michigan creamenes have been sturted, hut it is doubtful if this htate can ever rival the prairie states in this resjicct. rniancipation uay was more generaiiy observed last Monday, by Uw colored people, than ever befoir n tliis state. One thiiifr connected witli tlicir celebrations M very noticeable. None of the noted ¦peaken tdvertlaed wero present. All failed to appenr, very singularly. If any of the oonunlttOM had thonght far enough ahead to havo sngaged Sojourner Truth, tlie old lady would have been a big card, and have iliawn a OTOWd. It lias Ion;; toen ¦ wonder to thenations wliy FJpuiM had snch" covetous eyes on Nortli África. Now the secret is out. It is merely to fret up a corner on ink, for t vciitalilo ink. Two stn-ams, onc starting from ¦ iigioii licic tlusoilis ferruginous, tlic othcr from I ieat-swaiiip, meet and form the river, whose inky eonstituency is dne to the mixingof the iron and tliegallic acid which the two triboterj strea: speotively contuin. The Dominion of Canada h:is jnst been bavtag her census taken, and complete returns slu)v Iict to lnivc :i popnlatkm of ¦!,- SS0,53S, an Incnate in the past ten yearsof 880, 188. It will ba teen that tbe Domlnioa has a trillt' leM pofRllatioD than Nr v York, and ¦ trifle greater than Pennsylvania. The population of the several provinces is put down as follows: Ontario, 1,913,460; Qoebec, I,S68,46B; Nova Scotia, 440,585 New Bramwiok, 381,199; l'nnce Edwaid, 107,781; Manitoba, 40,609 g BrltWi Colambñ tnd territories, 160,000. How much there is in the woild ntterly auperflUQUS, i..,t,,w ,¦ Wehuter'a Ma. tionary coiitnins aooul Il'O.oiki words, vhilin conversation tlie English speakins people use only 3, 000 to 5, 000 o f thcm. Sliakespean; uses inore different words tlmii any other writer Ín tlie Englisli language. Writers on the stalistics of words ínfimo lis tliiit lie usos almut 18,000 dilferent words in his plays and sonncts, wliile there s no other svriter who uses so muny as 10,000. Some few writers use M niaiiy as !),000 words, but the grttó inajority of %vriters de not employ more than 8,000. Tli; Uattle Creek Tribune man goes for the Diamond Lake BtgKtta ith a vengeance. He says 10,000 people were expected, but there were not accommodations for 500. The bilí of farc consisted of: " Noodle soup without crackers; one pepper-box for the whole table; frcsh (very rare) and corncri beef rad nratton; boiled potatoes iiikI rabilare, uil, we shotild say, trom the Ilavor, boiled in the same dish ; sour bread; boiled rice; toffee without milk; tea, and butter strong enough to rapport iisWf." wcll, if a man was hungry, very hnnsn-, he wonldn't itam on that lay out, would hc? Ben is a glorious chance for our eommissioners of eniigration to fill np the stateIt is said that many of the emigrant! from BtQttgart, üermany, literally oome to thi.s country by thance. Theic is a society in that city, the nemben of whteh contribuía a fixed amoiint each inonth to a fund which is used to assist persons to cross the ocean. The names of applicauts fnrawht ancc are ]laced in a wheel, and tlie winnersreceive Ihe mom-v, which they obligate theniselves to repay as soon as tliey are able. Now ounm ssioners have only to "stand in" with the wheelsman, and onr northern cotinties can be peopled by the car load. All sorts of punishment is proposed for the cur Guiteau. Mary Clemer thinks he ouglit to be soundly whipped at intervals. She says that the sting and htnniliation of i Mond Hogging would be most wholesome to such as he. The New Yoik Indepi'iiilcnl tliinks he should be hun},'. Ilangis by far too ffood. Too easy. And auother thing, like old Sojoiirner Truth we believe that man has no right to kill his fellow-man. We are inclined to thlnk that continenient in a solitary coll in a civil 07 a military prison, with an occasional thrisliiiiir for the retnainder of his natural life would give him a chance for reflection and repentance. A Massaclmsetts paper gives the capital and income of the four (supposed) richest men in the world as follows: Duke of WastJones. _ , , mlnRter. of Nevada. Plu' ,000,000 100.IMW (KW Per year 4,000,000 6,OOOJM0 Per montti 800.000 400 00 Per day w.OUO 15000 IVrhour 450 6U0 lYr minute 7 i Rothschild. Murkav. f -Pital fJW.000 OW ÍKO.OOI.OÜO ¦'¦ar lo.UKi.iNiii 1S,750,000 Vr inonth 860,000 1,000,000 -r 'y -5,000 SM00 E8' hor 1,000 1,500 Per minute M 25 And ftddl th;it th " richest m:m in the world is tappowd to ba Mr. j. W. Madusf, who thirty-oue tgo tM a poor boy in Ireland." We very nmcli doubt the correctness of thb statcnniit, liowever. A. letter is pulilislicd, wrlttcn by J. W. BookwaltW, under date of August 17, 1880, tO tlie Jacksoiivüle, III., Courier, whidi contained thla ptragnpb : "I lmve ncver roted witli iiny ].:irty but the republican p:irly, nul have yet to cast niy fiist demoentit vote. Tlie fiist vote I ever cast wu for John C. Fremoot, la 1866, and the last vote I ciist was for UIv-ms S Qrmnt, 1872. I roted twice for Lineoln, and botli timo ft (liant. All the active personal interest I tOttk in politics went to tlie support of the repiililican party." And nowthesame Bookmltar is the democratie eandidate for gWMMl of Ohio. A pratigr fresh convert, we slmnld jodge. How om the oM üners, tlie dyed-ln-thewool Bourbons Mpport - 1 1 ¦ 1 1 a man ? Anión tbe luws pass! tito Michigan legislature at t last session nild X" M8, to amend an act t dedjm te holiduys etc., approvcd Marcli 8, 1SG8, prorldlBj that the first lay of January, called Xew Years day, the 22d day of February, callei Washington' birthday, tlic4tli riay of July Um -"'tli il:iy of December, callcd Christrau day. the IWth day of May. called Orco ration dity, and any day appointed by tlie governor of this state or the president of the United States as a day of hatlng MM prayer or thanksgiving, sliall fot purposes of presenting for payment or accept.-ince. and of protesting notiw of llic dishonor ol bilis of excliange, bank chwliK, and prwb sory notes, made after tliis act sliall tak( effect; also for holding conrls. bc ticated and oOHkhnd as tbe Mrst day of the week, called Sundays. l'rovided. tliat in cms .iny of the holidays sliall fall npon a Simday, then the following Monday sliall bt considi reil M the said boliday. Hardly a]ersoii live-, pOMMriüg any ear for ïniwic. lio has not been thrillcd witli that licautiful son, "Kathleen Mavourneen." lts beauty and pathos have often lead us to wonder who its author waAccording to recent developments it is suid that it was writtcn by N'icholas Croueli, a fmisher in a fiirniture factory at Haltimore, and a natlve of England. Ilis history Is a singular one. He bean a brilliant miisiiul MIMI as a violinist, niaking considerable fume as a performer, and being intímate wil h Itoaini and other fcWMHH nuisicians of the earlier part of thecentury. He came to America as a solo performer, and was quite suc.oes.-ful, accuniulating a ¦ fortune. Illness and speculation broaghl liitn to de-titution, and lic linally landed at Kichinond. Va. ; ¦" ir '¦¦¦lir auil inusicteaclier. During the war of reownoB lie serve! in the confedérate arniy, anü imcu severe injuries ui tbc loslng causo. From tlie lield of Lee's surrender lie iikkIc liis way, afUr a time, witli tliree ribs broken and ¦ haiifl badly smashed, to Backingbam Court House, Va. llere lie enUjix'd the service of a Mr. IVikii gardenOI and farm hand, glad to curn in an honest way a crust of bread. Froai this place he canif ti líiilüiiiorc, wliere he has remained ever sinee, working for liis sustenance with hands that once reconled the most ilelightful nielodics and won applaDM from sovercins.


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