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BjP cxpcnments in ule liy Proís. A. (írahiun Bell- the inventor of the tdapkonc - and Taintor, with an electrical apparatus, tMt Monday, it is claimed that the precise location nf Um hall in Üie preskletifs body was ascertained. They claim that the buil lies in the front wall of the abdomen imtnediately abovcthc Lroin, alxiut five inches below aml to the right of the navel. In thut location, the physicians claim but little danger for the president's recovery. The following is a description of the machine useil : "The appaiatus as heretofore used consistcd of two circular primary coila of insulatod copper wire, thrue inches in diameter umi halt .-in inch In thiclyirv a'fih'tfttf!MiíVi' 'Ticfweeii teven and eight ohmi of resistancc. formtnc tliu piimuiy coil, aiul other of K r :0 wire, giving more tlian SO ohms of reislaiioe, belng tlie sciomliiry OoU, are connected in separate metallie ciicuils. In the eirenit witli t li loi nier therc is placed an electrical battciy and a spring vibrator, the latter M tdjuKed as to inake a very rapid series of breaks of the circuit, sending 100 or more electrical pulsations over the circuit aml ironnd the irimary coil of wire per KCOnd. A hand rlepbone only placed in the circuit with he secondary coil, the batteries beingOOflïected and the vibrator set in motion. The econdary coil is placed so as to cover the rimary, and the operator, baring the telefone at bis ear, hears the palMtloni of he primary curren t sent through the vibraor with each motion of its spring, au laluivd riiirent beitig ]rolneed in the econdary coil by its eontigtilty with the irimary. Prof. Heil Incnued the lenslixencss by iisin only one coil in each eiruit, and by adding to the primary circuit a oondenaer similar In, form to that used for like purposes In connection with tlie Huhinkorf coil, and with certain nyttemi of telegraphy, and this crowned the efforts ot the experimenten wttfa succes.-."


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