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M. Estelle Norton, wiio receivcd tlie M . dagnt at the lust ( 'ommcncuinent, goes to the state normal school at Tora Haute, Intl., at a salary of $1,000 per jeu. Mr. C. A. Towne, of Owosso, from this year's graduating class, at the nniversity, has accepted a clerkship in the oflice of the wperlatefideot of public nstiuction, at Lansing. 1). Appletou & Co. have just issucil the volume of Prof. Hennequla'i French series, entitletl " Tractical Lessons in Idomatic French." The vvork ;ives an analysis of over (00 lilioms DOW in general use. The Htlatatorian at Tale tliis year u :is i (i'ini.ui, the ratodtetorfaui a Bebrew, aw3 the piiáe dcclaimcr a Cliinain.ui. Uut lien it comes to real classical culture onr nutive land is thcre. 'l'he pitcher ol tbt Yale base ball club is au American.- Chicago Tribune. Accordlng to Every Saturday a jolly crew of A K E boys have been (ishing : "A party consisting of the following gentlemen, all Ann Arbor univeraity students, are cruislng about Lake Kric In the ymeht Wldgaon : Mcüv's. Wetmore limit, p. L. l'arker, or' Marine City, B. P. Brodle, 11 A. Mandell, L.' D. Wight, F. V. Whltlng, C. 'T. YVilkJns, Jolin R. RosmII, C. T. Thpinpion, and R. T. Gray. They are c-xpcridl home next week." At a recent meeting in London to expnm .viiipatliy wlth president and Mr?. QnrSeM, over 500 Anicriians wen prosent, and In givinor the MRIM thOMOf "E. L. Walker atid Isaac L. Denman, of Ann Arhor," ere nniong the minibcr. Hou ficklc is faawl rroí. Edward I-. VTatter iiid Is:iac Newton Oeininon were the pepsous iutended. Cun't those EDglistaoperators ever get anything riglit? A meeting of Mie univcrsily tenate ral lield on the 2d inst, at wliicli time a Kewhat lengthy preamble and rcsolutioii was udopted expressive of the feelin of tliat body lor the memory of tlie late exGov. John J. Bagley. Attir sntrmeratlng tho inany excellent qnalitics of the dcceased, and liis ürm Mendahlp for the imiversity, the incmbcrs resolved to attend tlic funeral obsequies n person. Ernest K. Gatchell, president of the plKirmacy class of '81, as we have previously stated, has located at Atlanta, Ga. He is in Schuman's pharmacy, photo?raphic stock depot and laboratory, bal charge of the preparations, and is meeting with excellent success. lic is dead in lore wilh the south. Ia a letter to ye local dated July 29th, lie nyi "A word for lh soutli. Georjda, and espeoially Atlantu, is as far ahead of Michigan as anyone can Imagine. For comfort we are speeially blessed. If ynu couU! have had night before last, you would have thoognt Winter had come. Literally, with an open wln1 ¦¦ i m i i n i n wuttlá have peen coinrorotble, iis it was, one quilt f ai led to keep one warm enongn. AU our nights are wfl. cionlly comfortable for sound sleep. Today I was out on an errand and I took the sunny side of the street, it not being enough wanner to induce me to seek the shady side. For a fact, and with no blinded and projudiced eyes, the south as exemplified in Atlanta, is inore comfortable for me than was the north. I'd never live In Ann Whlle I could reach Atlanta."


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