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Au Awakcrs lor tlie lrovcrhially IMill Time at llie Grcat DRY GOODS HOUSE OF MACK & SGHMID In order lo eloaa mu mfr lamner geoda uiul bc rcady Tor tlie rcccptlon of lall gooda, re Imvc mude MreOBtag i . I u il..n. Soiid BartralM Ib Bren Gooda. We eai tac artee oa 3,ooo rílí rU""'"!" "'.7" M ' l0 oills fro1" M Io ' eeattaad ironi o lo O eenU. II yon un iluso soods, come lake lliem m want io Sel rid orthem. Some lovely DreM " ó V r "'ala Soild BarsMm )¦¦ Black líre Ooodt. Solid Buf&ain in Mlki and tetina. I, soO yari Blaek DreaiSilktal íeenis, rereTScenU ? V"' Wl' '; ; "' 5 ""' were 's"-540; l-ao, ere 1.50; n! ' ti' l1XcríI " J l.f ywta Colorea Milk, 91.OA; Jobber' prict , !.:{. iNfow i j onr chance lo buy iilk. Don't mis lilis. 1,000 rarda lrc Glafkaau, cal trom 15 i 12 1-2 cents. Solid K11!" "' .""VV a"d Uí"yt " l1" d"u" in lritCN io about kalf. !.hÍ 1 1 . iC' etO' "' í1"" cxlremcl 'ow prtoei iliat everyone lionld al least buy a yoarN upitly. Solld Hgrgalat in DomeaUes: Bleaeke and Brown Cottons, Ti.C. T,:J ' ailM7" "Vi1 M,Iir""í." li Barvalnt in Paranols'. Xl., Í 1 -V'hM ;';¦'¦ cany llicm over lo anotlicr jeason. fcoiid Banalaala ladlea'aad cenU' Baadkerehlefi, laccS Scarts lichiis, and peal redaeUoHa in Laeea, laolndlas the lm portations In Spanlata, Preack, Vermlceila, Und" jw "ecowet, Joretan, Valcncicnes Iaeea. nllks and satins, wlll be sold rítala thc next SO dafr All goods mentioned above will positively be closed out at prices which are much less than the cost. MACIS &


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