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It nsed to be ;i frrcat thiagto be a mlllionaire - tliat is to be worth a tjiil Hou - luit that was in )ie old-fathkraed Urne before tbe war. Nowadays millionalre are alnm-t common. Yon could hardly lire. a gun on ¦ aremie v ithout bittlug one. I TheAoss tttMHBre, po to speak, is. r eourv 'It, who can cornil :it l hundicd mtlllon thnt is all bteown. TberewM ¦ Hum uiicn Mr. 7uiderbilt applled in vain to liis iutiier for a few liuudred dollars to jiay oö" a mortage on a farm lie :is worklns on Staten Ishmd. 1 IaiiIii followinit liim lili prcttv Peoplo are not In me ím t !rivinr (firl (Duld mach oredN Rr anytblng, bal Mr la at least entitled to thecredit of liavinmadc all liis nioni'v Uimself. lic is bel ie ved to li uoiili about 50,900,000 nnw, and there aro men in Wall street who bellere he will yti overtokc aii(Jerbilt. The recognized naad "I the Astor familv luwortb nol lea $;ío,OOU,000 in htoown rlght, and the aggregate uealth of the faniily, onntiiiji iis si'vcral liraru-hcs woulil ptobably turn a hundreil milliun. Janiea I'. Keene, whó came here from rnia DOt viry long ;rjn, tu tcarh Wall street torn dk $ Uunijrbt to be worth $'10,000,000. Ëx-Governor Morgan is considerccl g(MKl for the same amount, and lias made DMMt ofit in Wall -t rol linee red (rom Alliaiiy. The liguros usually credited to Wm. È. Dodge are $5,000,000. Then rè óTóthere rated Froni that down to $2,1)00,000 and more tlian another scurc worth $1,000,000 at least.


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