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How A Frog Grows

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¦ llore in the animal kingdom lathere so favorable an opporttintty for peeping intn Nature's workshop as In the metamor:n, worm wlien XiMl'MMef. and remotas m Ihf lirst toni1 dajl Of NI lite, haring neithereyv nor cus, neattUa, nor respiratorv organs. Il crawls, and it breiithes tlmm;li its skin. Alitr a wlillt: a neck is grooved Into the Beabi and is suft lips are bardened irn i bornr lic:ik. The diflerfiit organs, on e aftar tmother, bud out; tlien :i i'uir of Ijnmclilns tr'"= allt' "l lal a nritl linibir tail. The worm luis Ijcf'our ilays more k baok into the liodv. wtiüe In their place others corae mucb more oomplex, arranged In vascular tufta, 1 1 in cach. yet tinv, too, hare thelr own (lay. and are absurbuil, togotlier wlth llieir iraiuework of lone and cartUagB, to !¦ succeeded by an enürely dtmreut breathiiig apparatsa, the uitial of a second correlata] group oi rad cal chances. Lungs are Ucvelop!d, the inoutli wiuened, toe horny beak oonyerted into rows of tectli. the stoinach and the intcstines preparad for the reoeptlon of animal food instead of vegetable. Four limbs, fnlly eqalpped witii lni and ihoukkr bon eg, with nvrves and lilo.if] ] out tlirongh the skin, wliile being now supplanted by them as n nu of locotnotion, Is earricd ava ]iicccincal ly the ubsorliants and the animal passes the rest of itt Hfe as an air-breathing und a fleah-feedlng batraebian.


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