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Forms Of Lightning

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A flash of Hghtnlng i a rerr larga parí ofelectrtdty, - jur-t tbe Muñe thlng ihai ot hm ivin ii_v mi electric machine In a lee ture on natural philoaophy, the only dlffer anee bing tliat ihe lest machliie will no I park than :i yard Ion?, whih Basbet of lightning háve been eatimat ed to be --veral miles n lengtli. Accord mj; totheir appearanee. various nameaiiavi been given t these sparks In tliesky Ihougb in reality all tin seteral kind are one and the sime thing. On a w:mn iiim nier evening on; often si-ei the clouds "i the boriaon lit up with brflliant jrlcrws o Uhtnlng, uiiaccoiopanied by any saunil o thunder. To thi appearHiire the name ¦ "heat-llghtninr" lias heen givcn, and th( warm wemther i l MM In polnt of tact. the heaUihtiiin:,' II onl th:U ol :i lliunder shower so far off that the oltMivcT can tM Ilic t':l-ti. II' sound of thunder reacties liim, and the iu tervi'iiinj; clmiils veil and reflect the flnsl u tl til it Ix'comes a Sflow, íiihIcíkI of thp -hari s PMtk u-nally NtB, Whcrc the ll.isli Starung from OM poiot, out am dividís inio -rrr:il lias n ¦ the bum of "forked Ughtnlog." 'l'hi i u-ually teen when the dinrliarc i ncar tin vor. Siiifrle Haches bcarii orcrinkh-d Mpect aredenominated "chaintiffbtning," prohahly from their Mea blance toachaln thrown looselv on the grouDd. Agkln, hen teraral ditcfa OCCUr from a!nilt the sanie place at thi same time, and are m recned hy rain, 01 cloudi m u to light up the beawnt rlth : broad, brigbt jilow, the title of "iheel llrhtnlng" isapplted. 'l'hesc four oompri all the conmion fcirnis. 'l'liere is, liowever one rare DUnlfeiUtioD, called " liall-li-litning." In this iihenonienon a sinall glolx or ball of appan nt lire rolh slowlv alOD) mond, and altera time Middenly e scatterlng destruction around Tlicre are li-w instaures oí this on reoord and no very satisfactory cxplanalion has ever im iii d for thh cnrlous appearanoe


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