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No iu;iii can (lo a pood job ot uoik lina, h i ood sermón, try i law suit wéll doctora patiënt, or write :i food urticle lien he feela mtaerabta and dull, wiü itaggish braïn and unsteady nérvea, ani none should mk UM attempt n surh I coodition whi-ii it cnn be so easily and cheaply removed bya lin Hopffitters. BM Other column.- Albany Tiim - rom Food Bad ÜMÜth. Causes of Intoinpor.liicc. Let lis now review rapidly the principal csoaei of alcoholic Intemperam 1. Insufflcieacy ot material wants B id and Ul-veutilatcd home. Insufflrient and inuppronriiite elotliing; eitlier not calculated to keep out thecold, or so managed iiitensif'y the lirat. Insiillicient or iinheallliy food: nnabteto keep 1 1 1 llie vitality of the body. ltadly preparad or cooked food, wliirli niay lead to Indigestión. 2. Hítd and Un habita of lite. Want of aetivity. Want ofcleanlincss lo lionn-.. Wam ot i'lciinlinr in person. ant of cbange ofclothing. Wnnt of recreation. ";iiit of fresli air. BzOMrtra and eonstant exertion of bfain or Want of society. Subjection to BBbappT eironmstanres. KTrffri"1 - iutiulKiw i fVnrt. ¦i. Want ot hlgher alna In lili'. CoBitaal AHodation "itii lov-relnded persona, Exoesaivc loi wialtli. Meglect of the aiv. ii.n. W ant Of religioUS thoulit. Nejflecl ot developlng one'g facultics Tbese three, waní of necessitles, (ow Ufe and neglect of Setter aim f n Ufe, are tlic srreat features that inakc up Ihe óaus Intetnperance. Besldet, 1. Ailidteration and nnrostralncd or íl regular salo of alcoholic beférageí. Kiimford ('hoinicul Works. Tliis is onc of the prominent manufacturing concerní of Providence, lí. I., whonc reputstlon ís world wlde. It as organizad witli a limited capital, but by energetic, perseTerrng industry In the manufacture if their standard preparattong, they have irown to a magnitude wbJeh is little short of the marvellous. They nianufucture in enormotu qnantltles, Prof.Horeford's Phoihatic Baldns Powder, made (rom his Acid Phosphate. This Powder is packed iu Un !ns of ttie iisuh] .]f, nn.] tiim'I cora mu to thr dircetion? of Prof. Horsford, the al] known aiilhority olí bread. The ramea f the inventor and manufacturar of the rVjwder are a, guarantee ot Hs'eurieriority and healthfulii' lie trilling todogood in yonrown nj, David woiiïd not undertake to ilay the grlant in Suiil's annor. Bc had not proved it. Y nu may not bc able to rive Blble rt'iiilinjrs or conduct ¦ flTayer mening, and perliaps yon eannot cvpii tske a class in tlic Sumliiy .school. Don 't fret A wcil made loafof bread, ¦ baakel of elothes neatly mended, may be a meana of graoe. It ís ottcn one'i Brei iluty to keepwell, lirigl.t, nul retted for othert sakes. We need nono of ns be dittarbed f we eannot wleld anotbef! weapona, Butourown muit nol rust. - Anon. Mc Wise and Happj . It' you will t(ip all yourëxtravagantand wrong noUoni in doctoring youraelf and amiliea with expensive doctors or huinbug cure-alls. that do hann ahvays. and use nly nature! simple remedies for all your iimcMits - you will be rite, wel! and hapvill teil you, l Hop Bittors- rely on it. ¦ notlicr eolinnn. - Pp ¦The Doctor loll Me o take i bloa pil], but I didii't for I had lready been poisoned twicc by mereury. 1'lie druggta Old HM to trv Kiiiiicv-Wuit. md 1 did It na jn-t tliè thlng for mv jiliousncüs and conHIpaMon, and nmv I atn is wcll as ever" 'l'orpid kidneys and livcr ¦ the trouble, for wbjch Kl4ney-VVort íhvays provea to be the best renedyknovrB. - Hurtt 'nl Courant -iirTcring froni Impore blood, or rhoae haaltt living way, Bitnet a- minstera 01 tboae wno itudy oloaely, u 11 flnd n Kellows' Byrup at Hypophotphlte the naterial t build tbem op and tbettonlc to ;eep tlicrn tlicio. Ketter than ({iiinlnc. Feu constitutions can stand the continu¦ t piiiiinc. It b not only a vny speosire incdicine, but will ultbnately the patiënt to Kiocamb to Iti powerui intlueiicc npon tbc nervoua svstcm. 5ut if ynn want to get rid of Malaria and 11 Feven of tbat nature use the Lkw M;iaria and l.ivcr I'ail and Body and Koot 'huters. Tfce whole treatment for one ollar. For sale by drugg Kkip jt or Hand. No Farmer or 'eamster eboald lic without Rknkt A OHNSOM'a ARAJCA AM) Olí, I.INIMENT. It 8 Invaluable in aasrs of hortaeithcron innn r bca.-t. Slngers and Public Spealtèra Rhóuld ase )owns' Ki.ixih, as t removes boam nd increaaef the power of the voicc. If you desire rosy cbeekg and i l'air oonv ilexion, purify the blood by the nse of }axteh"s Maxdrake BrTTKit;. Kescued Krom Deatli. William J. Coogblin, of Somcrvillc, Vlass., says : "In the t'all of 1876 1 was aken with a violent bleeding ot'the lungs, ollowed by a severe eough. I was so weuk it odo time as to bc unablc to leave my ed. In the summer of 1877 I was adïitted to the city hospital. While there tie doctors aid I had a hole in iny lcf't ung as big as a hall' dollar. I was so lar ;one at one time that a report went around bat 1 was dead. I gave up hopo, but a 'riend told me of Dr. Wm. Hai.i.'s Bai,amfokihe Limos. I got a bottle when o my surprise and gratificaron I comuenced to feel better, and to-day I feel in letter spirits than I have in the pastthree ara. I write this hoping evcry one afflictcd rith diseased Lungs will be induced to take )n. Wm. Uall's Hai.sam für the ].: nd be oonvinced that coniumption can be. ured." Sold by Druggists. 1826-78 EaSt SAOINíw, Jan. 12, 1881. Ik. W. B. Mookk: Dbar Sir: - A bout the first of December was taken witll il vi-ry Bevere atlaik ut heumatism in both of my lotees. I was ecommended to use Duro's CakphorTKi Aknica. I oan cheert'nllv recumiend it to every one troahM with rheumtism. M. e. iiitADV. Physiciana claim Hops and Malt Bitters re the best. 1


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