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AYEE'S CHERRY PECTORAL Kor Mi'iM-Hiif '"' Tliroat jh l.iuijt. -in li ns oueliN. olí, hoopine nn{h. MronrriItU %-tlima nuil 4 Oii-.ii in p lun. -jyj whlch have wod'SÜ'J 7rMWMin kiiimi i., 11111,110,1?' i&flKa9 i ure-, thü Iiiiï,. woolïi ft confidence In ' mt rqualed t oihvr medici ne. li irili nikei the ino-t eifcct , rara 0) ' iii' i-. ' "M;. inrifi imiption, that cul: made tv medical i-ki !. link-rd, tlic ('herry Pw ha relly robhed Uu)M danmroai dim-am o( (ff terror to a inval vn & ffding oí jk. munity froin tln-ir painhil effactt, that lx we foaï ed, If the remed y lie taken in peason. Kvery Ui!? shonld havo It In th-tr rlosot tor the rt-adT u] prompt reHef oí Ha memlx-r. hicknc, uffeIw and even Ufe 1" s,in:d by thtt time] y prutectlon t? prudent phimld nol Decwct it. and the wlne win ui Kaap it hy yon fot the pruuctlon it affurdi iij-v. eurly une in udduu tttacka. PREPARED BY DR. J. C. AYER & CO,, I-owell, TIn., PraolUal & Aiialylloal 4'licmltu Bold by al! I)ruirct (ind Denlern in Medlclw UKW-lU7,'i-eliw Tlio Hieading Toy&riKyGcoisIoïï OF ]n(MI Wlnn claiUni lli. I i HEYN'S BAZAAR, Fonnerly Iïusscll House Bazaar, which is now tocated at 9 Woodvran) srenuB, foiwr siaod OfÜM old ALHAMEEA DOLLAE STOSZ. !vo well-known places of public patrón. ¦jfe have ivcentlv heen consol tdateti under oae Lint-nt, and we delire to cali special . tL'iiti'in to our lare anti wel) selectcii iine oí Toys, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Plate4 Ware, Whitnev Children's Carriages, Velocipedes, Express Wagons, &c, &c. Which we will continue to sell nt popular prices. An e:irly cali is respcctfullv soJictted H. HEYN & BRO„ HEYN'S EAZAAE, 92 WOODWARD AVE., DETROIT, KUCH. hki ;i A. H. DOWNS VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR I a cure cure for Coughs, Colüi, Whooping-Cough, and all Lung Diseases, when taken in teason. People die of consumption limpy because of neglect, when the timeljr use of thii remedjr would have cured thera at once. I'iflU-oue VCitri of constant use proveí the fact that no cough remedjr ha ítood the test like Doten Elixir, Fcic 3.1c 6oc. nd JIJO par boul. For SalA Ererywtaerft, Drxter's Mandrake 18ITTEBÜ Will cure Jaundice, Drpepii, Liver Complaints, Indigestión, and all diseases arising from Biliousness. Price 25 cts. per bottte. For Sal Errywh#rm iiKMiï 6l jomnoai ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENT I'or Jflan and Jleast. The most perfect liniment evet compounded. Price 25c. and 50c. For Snip Sïerywher. luía 07 Ureat improvement 1 Perfectly ha todotheeorskin. Try it. Direetionsaúpr BMaltsmagicalaavanaaxlyaUUieaH% W. THEMállí IllICE ill! OFÏ1CK OVEE CASPER RINSET'S GUOOEST STOBÏ. COK. Hl KON AM1 FIHICIH Norlli Krllloli ImurmuM ni (of Ijondon aiul Rdinburgh,) Oj.ital íi:í.iki,ip. Oold. Hclroll Tiro anl Hlarlne ín. " MI A-s.-tí HOt Sriii{ll-ld I11. inp'y. f"1 t'.ah AüseU $1,801,1. Ilouunl lMCo,,of Ne Vor Cah Arnet tl.mjm AKririillural liimiraiu-' í'omp') WATBBTOWM, NW VdKK. Ceh A8ct $1.2110,0110 Loases liberally adjustad and promptly p" jr - f%M I jm a %on loar tnitt J HrA í-rr' MILLIONS OF ACRES mIt. ralat. fursalolnthd Jk klliC COLDEN BELT A M of Kaniaa. by the iga 111' UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY, of as rlch Solí n the un er I"11' un. wlth Rood marketa emaf " For noiertpHve and TlluBtrated B teilh 31ap. .Sii Frrr, Addrett LAND C0MM1SSI0NER, Kanwu DIvW KAN8A8 CITY. MI880UB1. 1IH.V.W - ' STEPHEN PBATT. ridEB or link and Low Pressnre BoW Ofallklnda. BMOKE I'H'KS nd :: IKON WOKK. Sil. 1( iil ïl -Jl'BÍIT' w.-st. 1 tw.- 11 riiinhiiul Fourtható.,1"" EepálrlDg done. BlveUand tlollerl, aale.


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