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Herald: Last Satnrday was a busy day town - we counted about 75 teams hitchec up. The merchants had a big trade, aiu our village presented i lively uppearance Leader: A bain 34 by 80 feet, belonghig to M. Foster near this place, was destroye by lire last Friday evening. The building was packed ful] of hay and wheat; partij covered by insurance. Chip Basket: Several families are resting of T.nlr r.nvtndr. The ecliool felU lias been lowered and a new side walk luid The huckleberries are about gone. The Clielsea band went to the Grangers picnic at North Lake. The little folks have had a musical convention with chorases in cottume. Leader: On Snnday af ternoon.four stacks of new hay belonging to Dr. H. B. Gtea were destroyed by fire. The ruin was (ioubtless caused carelessly, yet unintentionally, as the lot in which the stacks lay, was habitually crossed by persons gom"" from north to east road. We hear that they insured, but have not yet learned at what stini. Herald: The game of base-ball, that was to have taken place last week, between nelsea and Aun Avbor, was a failure, )ur boys had the grounds niei-ly prepared or the coming contest. About two liours efoie Mie game was to have taken place, ur hoysreceived a postal, saying that tluv Duld not come lor a few days. Our boys rere dreesed, and ready lof business, and re tliink it was a shame to serve tlicm so. DKXTER. The Webster postoffice has been moved 0 Walsh Corners, NorthfleM, and the name chanifcd to Walsh. Le.iiler: On Wednesday Bonnett's K.B.C, ilayid the home club. In 3d inning's StebJin's, catcher, huit his hand and had to Cive up. Wadhans made a two base hit ndgotin a tally. Reealt M on innings 1 '¦' I in favnr oftiio .latirán,, „I..K Leader: Time - Momluy iiifjlit,; ]0:30. Persona;, two IJexter genis": First gent- Well Tve got á girl to go to he dance, but no ri. S. G.- l've got a rig, but no girl. F. G.- Well 111 give or take for two ollars. Sad case surely. Chip Basket: The Grangers had an enoyable picnic at North Lake last week, vhere music by the Chelsca band, speaking nd a good social time was had. Devine & Irish are addlng a hardware department ) their store. Mrs. Tufl's little girl feil ut of a window eight feet high but escapcd njuiy. Mr. Hall is going to erect a barn Íx6 1. Eider Clack of the M E. church at Jnadilla has gone on a two months trip to Kurope. MANCIIESTKU. All the farmera agree in saying that the ats harvest is unpreceedented, and that lie prospecte for corn are equally promis"g- Strangers frequently make the rcmark uit the north side of Exchange Place is iB.iuindaomest and has the best lot of USiness lijocka of -in v vil laffe of ju Ri iere on Monday night for Grand Rapids He may make arrangementsto lócate there gain, ïf not he will probably go to Texas r New Mexico. Enterprise: Rev. Mr. Jfatthews teiulered N icsignation on Sunday last, as pastor f the Presbyterian church, of this village, vhich was accepted. Next Sunday he will jreach his farewell sermón. We Wn that e has a cali to Indiana, where he will go. Chip Basket: The farmera are threshing ïelr wheat and holding it for better brices, ery little has been brought in. Next week aturday at the Baptist church there will )e a Sunday school institute. Tfre teacher's nstitute tor Washtenaw county is being ïeld here this week. Rensler brothers ave moved into a new store across the reet. Ju this store they have the only levator in town. The concert Miss Tair fave with the chlldren was very picasant. reen corn and cucumbers give Bridge¦ater boya and giris too inuch neuralgia f the stomach. MII,AN. The year before they took the census ïere were 73 birtlis in Milán township. Of iese 47 were niales aml (i finíales un Monday the first throHgh train fr.un it. Louis, Mo., to Detroit passed through lilan. It had two coaches and a palace ar. Chip Basket: Mrs. J. S. Itawson has very recently died. A great quantity of bricks re mannfactured here, all are contracted or ahead. The Presbyterian society have round for a church uonatud and several mndred dollars raised. SAI.INK. Our millers say that fiour mada trom lis year's wheat is far superior to that uide froni old. Chip Basket: Very few blackberries. 500 eet of new hose have been bought for nre urpose. John Sheckell went a fishingand n one day he roed in fit'teeii bass averagng five pounds each, and what is unusual or fish stories, he will swear to it. A treet sprinkler and ice wagon find plenty o do this summer. Observer: Old Washtenaw still mainlins her rcputation of being the banncr vheat growing county of the state, and ii'iï is what makes us tliink so: Mr. Ira Wood, of Lodi, threshed a few days since, nd froin 20 acres got 576 bushels of as nice vheat as you ever eaw. Thie is nu average f about 28% bushels per acre, and is ahead f anytliing we have heard of this year. ater - We are lnformed that 475 busueta f the above amount was the yicld of a 15cre fii'hl, wblob would make that field verage 31? busbels per acre. How is ïat for '81. TPSII.ANTI. Sentinel: At the opening of the next erm of the Nor:nal, the students will comience the publication of the Normal News, monthly devoted to the interests of the Khool. Ypsilanti : Mr. Taylor, formerly of Ann Arbor, now of New York city, and who is ell known here, as a íirst-class tenor iiger, will take part In the Pease benetit oncert at the opera house next Tuesday ve. Aug. 16. Commercial: Jacksmi maken a big haul D WatfatenAv oounty. Hon. E P. Allen, lev. Dan. Shier, of .Saline, Dr. Wilson, of .nn Arbor, and our old time orator, Bob. fnzer, ftddressthe temperancecamp meetïg at Jackson, Aug. 27th. Tlic licnnet base bal] club of Jackson ot the Ypsilanti boys to chiiM [eather boot the lield while they iiiad; :I4 runs, esterday, and as a reward permltted (he lome nine to score once Corey and Ilewtt were disabled during the "game." Chip B:i3ket: Many fences are being reicivi'd. ïh opera doum la to bc opeaed or preachlng until Octobcr first. Hon. E. ). Lay is visiting in Hiidson. Prof. Pease tas been gnintcd leave of absence for one ear, i benefit will he given hini before toing. According to La Fmnea Medioale, borax has been employed wlth ftdruttaxe In üum i boaraenfifU ad aphonla occuring udlenly trom the Mtlon of cokL remedj is recoinnifiuleil to singers and orators whnsc votoM luddenly bcome lost, hut wliii h by tbi-se iiK'ans eau bt' recovered instantly. A little piece of bornx the sic "t ¦ pea is to be slowly dissolved in the uioiiili ten iiiinutcs before iinfisg or gpekking. The reincily provokss an abundan! ecretiou s:iliv:i, whlch moistens the mouth and tlirout. This local act ion of the borax should be aided by au eijnal dosu ut uitratc of potiissium, taken in wnrin golution before going to


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