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Bradlaugh And The English Parliament

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Ir. Uraillau: ¦ trying to makt a martyrot liimself for the pust few mouths in uttfiiipting to taku liis seat In the EngIttb house of niminns. lic hal heen oülad the. Col. IngeraoU of Englaad. Profettinf to hclicvc in the iKistencc of 110 God. asd eren denyu'i; tbc extetence of :i supreim iicinr, hc ; mi Image of lus owo and uamed t honor. UpOD being elected to parüaiii. nt, lic :iiil t luit lic could IlOt lakt the cuMomary oatb 011 account of lack of belief. Bellevlng n oo Qod, he was too honorable to sve;ir by One. Twice or Utree times be entered p4iliamcnt and deniandieat, but every time the qpeakei ordiëad the sergeant-atarma to ïimove him from the building. He then returued to bis constituents and ' ui his part, he tinally carne to the couii ihat bis honor would pennit him to tuki' tlic rc(iiirc(l oatli, and was wiHing to swear by a Gfód n whom he did not beHeeUng with uo encourugeinent, lie proposetl ao fotoa way in. Tbt ollihowevef had been onlered to forcibly prevent bh the halls of parliament. IIu minie ;in attempt to enter, but was pre ven teil Drom .¦icromplishing his uïsh, lUght in tbc afïray. WIkU furü ir will tüke in regard to the matter we can not surmise, but the qiuwtjnn bethcr atb(;i.sni mut be BOCOlded the right of standing ou the plane ot polit not is, at present, bebig dl by certain Joumaltsts. Au American eau ansuer this qnestlOD In one way only. Tliere is a deeper (iiiestion than that invol ?cd in the action of parliament in refusing Bnullaugh a seat among tbem. It is a lioiior in tbis a.-e OB tl"1 Báuá of tbe members of parliament theniscWes. k tlM iniotion of our readers whether it is honorable for the othcr members of ]);irliament to sit with a man who can be iuduced to take an outh nhich in his mimi has no validity.


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